Increasing Your Conversion Rates: 50 Tips for Ecommerce Sites


 Increasing Your Conversion Rates: 50 Tips for Ecommerce Sites

Are you a store owner looking to increase your conversion rates? If so, then this blog post is for you! Here are 50 different tips to help improve your ecommerce site and boost your conversion rates.

1. Make sure the most important items are in the first few pages of product listings- this will make sure that the visitors see these first and spend more time on your site.
2. Highlight products with features such as “New Arrivals”, “Tried & True Classics”, etc., in order to get people interested in new items without overwhelming them with too many choices.
3. Keep things simple, if you have more than two colors and/or sizes of a single item, do not offer them in the same box. Rather, give each individual item its own box which will encourage people to consider the feature set on different products separately.
4. Only include one image for each product and keep everything else to a minimum. If people see product features or benefits that are not clearly visible in a picture, they will probably skip making their purchase.
5. For men’s or women’s products, make sure your product images show only one side of the garment (front or back). Otherwise people will get more confused about what they are looking at and purchase the wrong type of clothing!
6. Use captions and phrases such as “Discontinued, limited stock” to get rid of products that have no hope for being purchased.
7. Try excluding certain categories from your main navigation to show visitors that you are aware of the items that are not one of your store’s top priorities and don’t want to waste their time.
8. Offer free shipping and handling on orders over $50, but only for customers who are buying more than one item since people rarely spend $50 by themselves.
9. Show customers estimated delivery time and let them know what kind of shipping method they will be using (i.e., USPS First Class or UPS Ground). This will make sure that they know how fast they will receive their order and will not have any unnecessary expectations.
10. Make sure that you have a phone number or contact form on your site for people to reach out to you with questions about products. Or, if this is not possible, try using live chat or a call center so people can ask questions before making their purchases.
11. Always include pictures of the actual product when showing it in use. This will help the visitors imagine themselves owning and using this item and make them more likely to purchase it right away.
12. Make sure you are using the “Add to Cart” or “Buy” button. Don’t be afraid to place one of these on your homepage to encourage visitors to buy right away rather than leaving the site.
13. Try providing an incentive for making a purchase, such as a coupon for 10% or 20% off if they spend $50 or more. This will help them spend more money without trying to appear cheap in front on friends/family/etc.
14. When offering items on sale, make sure you also offer free shipping on those items so people feel like they are getting a deal even if they are paying the normal price for that item .
15. Only have one type of shipping option. If you are shipping a lot of items, you should prefer to ship them in the same box (to reduce confusion).
16. Check if your item qualifies for free shipping and handling by using a free shipping calculator on your site . At the very least, make sure you show which items qualify for free shipping in order to avoid annoying your customers with hidden fees that they probably won’t notice anyways.
17. Selecting a free shipping method such as “USPS First Class” for all items is not very user friendly, especially if your customer is from outside the US.
18. If there are items listed in different categories, try categorizing these items by price so that the shoppers can easily specify what kind of budget they have.
19. When selling multiple items, only check one shipping option at a time and make sure it is the one that will give you the best money-back guarantee.
20. If you have a few products which provide a deep discount for a certain amount of cash, don’t select “Free Shipping” as your shipping option since this would exclude your top customers from getting their purchase on time. Consider giving them this benefit when they spend over $40 with you.
21. If a customer orders more than one item from your store, exclude the shipping fees from the shipping calculation. If you don’t do this, you might charge the customer a lot more than necessary.
22. When showing prices on your site, make sure to use a currency that makes sense for your customers since not all of them will be familiar with the currency you use.
23. Use an online calculator to check if a certain item qualifies for free shipping or not before finalizing your order . Otherwise, people will end up paying for something they don’t need and would probably be better off without it.
24. Always use a phone number for customers to reach you if needed. If you have a contact form, make sure it is displayed prominently on the site so people will know where to look for it and won’t have any questions later.
25. Keep prices as simple as possible and don’t let them change depending on what the customer selects or how much money they spend with you . This will make your customers happy and give them more confidence in making their purchase.
26. If you are selling multiple types of products, offer different sizes as separate items since not all sizes of an item fit the same way in all people.
27. When shipping items to a customer, make sure you are using packaging that makes sense for the item. For example, if you are selling a necklace, send it in a box that is large enough to hold it and make sure the box is properly closed so no one will be able to damage the necklace while it is being delivered.
28. If you want customers to leave you feedback about your store, consider offering them incentives such as free products or discount coupons in exchange for their reviews . This will help them feel appreciated and show them that you value their contribution to your business.
29. Offer an incentive for people who are willing to invite their friends or family members over by giving them a small discount on their next purchase .


If you managed to survive all this, then go ahead and open up your own online store. Remember that success is not a guarantee, but it is certainly possible for you if you follow the tips provided in this article and implement them into your business. Be sure to check out eBay's Seller Handbook for more tips on how to successfully run an eBay store as well.
Alternatively, if selling on eBay does not sound good for you but still want to start a store on your own site, check out Shopify Plus.

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