Not everyone will understand you. That's life.

Not everyone will understand you. That's life.

If you're feeling lost, alone, scared, or just lost in life and nothing seems to be going your way, it's okay. Sometimes life is about taking chances for things that seem so far out of reach because they are worth fighting. Every person has a different story to tell, but if you have a story worth telling, then don't let anyone stop you from telling it.

Personally, I have been through many hard times in my life where I had no one by my side and didn't know what to do next. Times can be rough. You have goals, dreams, and aspirations that you want to live out, and sometimes your family doesn't understand or support your dream.

Sometimes, I didn't know how to feel when I was little because I wanted to be like everyone else, but I wasn't. They said it was a phase that I would grow out of, but it's my life, and I could make the best of it if I decided to do so without their help, no matter how much they wanted me to. Not everyone will understand you. That's life.

Some people will never know why you're proud of yourself and content with saying, "I did it for me." But you can't let them get to you and make you feel like a worse person than they are. Be proud of yourself for what you've accomplished in life and not what others have told you to do because, at the end of the day, it's your life and your story, not theirs. 

Be confident in yourself and always look forward to the next step that will change everything in your mind. It's a great feeling when you do it for yourself.

If they don't understand you, don't feel like you have to explain yourself. Sometimes it's better to keep your mouth closed than to say something that will upset them and make the situation worse than it already is. 

My parents always told me not to talk back or defend myself against their words because eventually, I would get in trouble with the cops and have more significant problems than I could handle at my age.

I did learn that sometimes it's better to just keep your mouth closed, but I couldn't always do that. It was hard when they said something about me behind my back or in public, and I had no one to turn to but myself. In the end, it's okay to defend yourself even if you will be getting in trouble eventually.

That's why when someone does insult you, never forget what they said or take their words too seriously. Sometimes people are just too stupid to realize that what they say isn't always pleasant, which might hurt your feelings. 

If someone tells you you're fat, then maybe you're heavy for your age, but that doesn't mean they get to insult you for it even if they don't know any better.

Some people might also call you by your first name, and that should be a signal from them that they're about to insult you or make fun of your clothes or look. 

The best way to respond to this is by either ignoring them or saying, "Don't call me by my name," and walk away. I used many of these methods when I was younger, and they all worked, but sometimes it would hurt my feelings, especially when they said things about me being different from everyone else.

I have never been average. I've never been like others and always felt like I was an outsider. Sometimes I would try to blend in with everyone else, but it's much more complicated when you look different and feel like no one is by your side. 

It also hurts a lot more when people say negative things about me because I can't do anything about it at the moment.

Recently I was walking down the street, and a couple of kids were throwing rocks at me and calling me names. They thought it was funny because they knew that I couldn't do anything about it, and it hurt my feelings. Still, in the end, I've learned to take everything that people say about me or about my life in general with a grain of salt because it really doesn't matter what anyone says.

The only person who can change your life is you, and once you put your mind to something, nothing will get in the way.

 I've been told multiple times during my life, "You're looking weird today," or "You should probably just take that off." I didn't consider it bullying because it was just kids trying to be funny to each other, but many people have been called names much worse than mine and had things done that were worse than getting rocks thrown at them.

I know what it's like to be called "weird" or "ugly" because I was, but I never let those words get to me. They shouldn't get to you either. 

Those people have their own problems, and they just want to bring anyone down with them. Don't be that person who listens to what they say and allows it to consume your mind because then you'll be stuck in that situation, and you might never change out of it.

But if you focus on the negative things that people say about you, you'll never find success in life. If you care what others say about you, that will only change how they feel about you. I didn't care what anyone said when I was younger because I knew that no matter what they said, it wouldn't change anything, and I would still be who I am today no matter how much they wanted me to be someone else.

You have to be the person you want to be in your own life, which means you sometimes have to put up with what others say. Just ignore it or talk back to them and tell them not to call you names or do something else that's mean.

I remember when I was little, people would call me names like "Furry," "retard," "chicken head," and other names I can't even remember because it's been so long ago. It was unpleasant to be called names, and I hated it, but now that I'm an adult, I realize it doesn't hurt me anymore. 

It just makes me laugh because I know that even if they did call me those names, I would still be who I am today.

When you're young, you're always worried about whether or not someone will hit you or make fun of you, but as life goes on, you realize the people who treat others like that are probably bullies. 

They can't always talk to people like that because they have more important things in life.

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