A Key To Success


 A Key To Success

"Success is not a destination, it's a journey. Remember, the road to success always has many obstacles in its path."


Every day in America, there are over 100 million new jobs being created. The best way to make sure you land one is by getting an education that will help you build your skills as needed and gain valuable experience on the job market. An education will also prepare you for important life events such as paying off student loans, getting married and having children, or saving for retirement. As students and parents, we should all be aware of the opportunities available to us.

Education is a key to success for anyone, but it is especially important for women. According to a recent study by the U.S Department of Labor and Statistics, women earn over 40% more four years after graduation from a bachelor's degree program than those with just high school diplomas. The same study revealed that men earned 18% more than women who had only completed high school.

The internet has become an incredibly valuable tool in today's society and can continue to provide us with valuable advice regarding education. We have all seen how helpful Google search engines have been when conducting research on all types of topics. But did you know that Google has something just for students? It is called Google Scholar, and it provides you with scholarly articles and academic treatises. Unlike other search engines, Google Scholar only shows results that are backed by scholarly literature. If the search engine brings up an article in a different language, it will translate it for you. If you are studying a specific topic at school or just doing research for an essay, this tool is extremely handy to have. Aside from these popular topics, students can also look up patents and data from the U.S Patent Office. The center of science and technology has recently gone online and can also be found on Google Scholar.

In addition to Google Scholar, the internet has given us a ton of resources for accessing information. Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that many people have come to rely on. There are hundreds of articles on nearly every topic imaginable, and they are often linked together in interesting ways. You can also use Wikipedia to do your homework or research for an essay. It provides you with online articles and videos that are available for you to watch at any time of the day or night, if you have an internet connection.

The internet is an absolutely invaluable tool in today's world and should be viewed as such by all students and parents alike.

Jobs of Tomorrow, is an extremely helpful website that helps you prepare for and find a job. It will help you identify your career goals and guide you on the path to your ultimate goal. On the site, there are multiple pages dedicated to different careers, including automobile repair and service technicians, cosmetology and barbering, dental assistants, construction jobs, food preparation and serving jobs, welding jobs in oilfield services, and many more. There are also several pages for basic information about education (high school) or college (associate bachelor bachelors degree). You can also use this site to find job openings in industries where you may have an interest in working.

Jobs of Tomorrow also provides you with tips for getting experience at a job, tips for landing a job, common interview questions and sample answers, and the most important thing you need to know about the application process. It also goes over study tips including resources on college readiness, mock tests for upcoming SAT subject tests, and even provides you with a tool for notetaking during lectures. Regardless of what major you are studying or what career path you are pursuing, Jobs of Tomorrow will tell you everything that is needed to successfully navigate your way through the world of employment.

Google Scholar: www.google.com
Job of Tomorrow: www.jobsoftomorrow.org

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About the Authors/Editorial/Marketing Team of Maven Publishing & The Publisher Services Group (Totality) LLC

Ronald D. Utt, Ph.D., is a corporate speaker, author and consultant. His specialty is group and team leadership training, organizational development and change management. Dr. Utt is an expert in organizational behavior and leadership with over 30 years of business experience including executive positions for the management consultancy firm Caldwell Associates Inc., management consulting company AVEKS Inc., medical-pharmaceutical company Vision Centers Inc., government contracting division of Lockheed Martin Corp. and the gift division of Hallmark Cards Incorporated. In addition to his corporate activities, he has authored numerous books on topics such as personal organization, memory improvement and success achieving goals (over 250 published as of June, 2008).

Carrie A. Utt, M.Ed., is a corporate speaker and author specializing in goal achievement and time management. She is an expert in organizational behavior, leadership and change management. Her career includes executive positions with Caldwell Associates Inc., AVEKS Inc., Vision Centers Inc., Lockheed Martin Corp. and Hallmark Cards Incorporated.

Carrie A. Utt has also been a small business owner for 25 years, juggling the demands of family, business and multiple careers at the same time. She is a Certified Professional Organizer, Certified Organizational Development Trainer, and Certified Executive Assistant.

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John Mavretic is the Founder and President of Maven Publishing & The Publisher Services Group (Totality) LLC. John is the author of the #1 International Bestseller, “The Spiritual Warrior” (www.thespiritualwarriorbook.com) which inspires people to step up to their destiny as spiritual warriors in today's fast-paced world.


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