Broke? Fix It Yourself: BE Wealthy


 Broke?  Fix It Yourself:  BE Wealthy

Everyone knows that DIY home improvements are not only frugal, but they can save you a lot of money. But what most people don't realize is that the same principle applies to your personal finances. That's right: you don't need to be wealthy in order to be wealthy. In this post, we'll show you how!

We'll begin by unpacking the notion of "financial wealth" and then get into some practical, easy-to-follow tips on how anyone can start down the path towards financial freedom and eventually (in theory) end up being wealthy.

In reality, you should never be officially "wealthy" in the sense that you have "enough money" and can finally stop worrying about it. Being wealthy is an ongoing affair; a constant journey of personal growth and development. Sure, you may eventually reach a point where you are financially secure enough that the risk of going broke is greatly reduced (or even eliminated), but this does not mean that there won't be financial challenges in your life from here on out!

(Here's an interesting fact about wealth: people who feel financially secure tend to spend more money than people who don't, which ends up reducing their actual net worth in the long run. This happens because they imagine they are "rich" and thus think they don't need to save money or make smart spending choices. It's a game of "believe" versus "know." In other words, you have to know the difference between feeling wealthy and being wealthy.)

The thing is, even though everyone is born with a finite amount of money in the bank (otherwise known as their financial wealth), how much money you actually have can be completely dependent on what you do with it. Once again, we see that being wealthy is not something that happens over night, nor is it something that happens directly because of what you own; rather, it's something that happens only as a result of your personal decisions and actions.

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