Developing Your Inner Spiritual Guidance


 Developing Your Inner Spiritual Guidance

In order to tap into your inner spiritual guidance, you need tools. This can be as simple as a journal or something more elaborate like tarot cards or an astrological chart. You may have also read a book about meditation or yoga which has convinced you that this is the way forward for you. Or maybe after years of being sceptical about the idea, you've finally came to realise that there is something else beyond what we currently perceive with our five senses and want to know more?

Whatever it may be, it's time to find out how to develop your inner spiritual guidance so that you can start exploring the newly discovered realms of your subconscious.

What to Do: To start off with, you need to first develop a personal relationship with your spiritual guide. You can do this by meditating or visualising him/her standing before you. Now say something like this, "I'd like to talk to my inner spiritual guide about my issues and problems and I'd like you to help me understand what I should do in regard (to the issue)." Wait for the response from your spiritual guide. See if he or she can give you an answer straight away or if they require some more time. If they don't seem to be able to help you right there and then, just let it go and come back at a later date.

By keeping this up, you will start to build a rapport with your spiritual guide. Try not to make the situation too awkward by being too direct or having expectations of the outcome. Be ready to receive guidance and let go when you don't get what you need. You want to be patient and open-minded during this process and not expect it to happen right away.

How it Works: Once you've built a relationship with your inner spiritual guide, they can begin giving you advice on how to deal with issues that concern you. Things that don't necessarily involve person-to-person contact may still be covered in their responses.

As a spirit guide, you can't really tell someone what to do. You can, however, give them an indication of why they need to take certain actions and you will also advise them on possible outcomes of the situations that they are faced with. When you've received a response from your guide, let them know in a positive way (i.e. "Yes this is very important." or "Shall we see what happens next?") or tell them in a negative way (i.e. "This is unimportant" or "I don't like this idea")

Don't get attached to any one particular outcome of something and don't get discouraged if your trials and tribulations seem frustratingly difficult at times. Keep in mind that the universe is always working towards your highest and greatest good.

How to Progress Further: Once you have gained sufficient insight from your inner spiritual guide, you will be able to begin stepping into your own intuitive abilities. You can do this by beginning to notice how you already have the ability to sense intuitively. For example, whilst walking down the street, you can ask yourself a question such as "Should I get the bus or walk home?"

See if you can tap into a subconscious awareness of what's around you at that moment and if there is any clues there (i.e. glimpses of an important dream, a common word that has just been mentioned, or recurring numbers). Shedding off what you've learned in your external life and developing the ability to tap into your inner spiritual guidance. Things will start to become easier.

Final Word: Developing your inner spiritual guidance can help you understand yourself better and the world around you on a deeper level. You may even find that you don't need an external guide anymore to get you through life's obstacles or challenges as you will be able to sense the right thing at the right time. There's nothing to stop you from developing this talent for yourself but it does require some patience and self-discipline for things to begin appearing clearly in your life.

These questions, answers and methods of developing inner spiritual guidance were responded to via email from the following reader:

"I'm a 42 year old male living in Canada who is currently going through an awakening regarding my conscious connection with the divine. I am a student of metaphysics and personal philosophy, by night I work as a personal trainer/bodybuilder, nutritional consultant etc. I feel that I have been guided by angels and many other beings/entities/spirits throughout my life but it wasn't until recently when I was reading articles on the internet about attuning to your guides and clients. My question to you is how can I confirm the authenticity of a guide or entity that has been appearing in my meditations and night dreams? I'm also aware that there are many beings/entities with dubious intent and would like to know how to distinguish this from my own inner voice. I am currently working on strengthening my own intuitive abilities and recently had a very intense dream about communicating with beings from another dimension. They spoke through my voice and although it was very strange, I felt/feel greatly guided by this experience."

And here's the response that he received:

"Hello R and thank you for sending me your question.

The process of attuning to your guides will start with you taking a good look at yourself and finding out what you already know like your fears, your past and where exactly you are looking for answers. You can start by asking yourself questions such as "What do I know about myself? Where do I feel safe? What do I fear?" You can also do a past life regression and see if you notice anything out of the ordinary there (i.e. beings that were coming to you in dreams, visions etc).

I think that the best way to confirm the authenticity of different beings is by just listening to them and letting them speak through you. See if they have wisdom to offer or any other useful information. It might be helpful to write down the answers that you receive and see if there are any similarities between them. It also helps if you can develop your own intuitive abilities so that it becomes easier for you to distinguish between your inner voice and a source outside of you.

These answers were answered via email from the following reader:

"How do I make contact with my spiritual guides? I have been meditating for over 10 years but am not able to connect with them even though I want too, desperately! Please help me with advice on how to connect with my guides." – E.S.

And here's her response:

"Hello E.S, thank you for sending me your question. This is a wonderful opportunity to tell you about your own personal guides and why they have the power to help you on your path to reaching the highest levels of inner wisdom and insight. Your guides are there during every moment of every day of your life to provide you with opportunities that will help you discover how to live more fully, consciously and happily. They hold the answers to all of life's questions and may reveal themselves very subtly in various ways throughout your life so as not to disturb or interrupt anything that you may be doing.


This is why I say that everything is energy and in order to experience your true life purpose and to live consciously, it is imperative that you tap into your inner spiritual guidance. Once you do this, you will feel much better about yourself as a person and the world around you. You might notice that new ideas start coming to life within your mind and intuitions will become much more powerful. Having these gifts in your life can increase not only the joy of living but also the quality of life as well.

Once you know that everything is energy and nothing is solid, there's no reason why we can't apply this knowledge by harnessing our own energy to manifest what we desire in our own lives.

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