Do It Till You Are Satisfied


 Do It Till You Are Satisfied

Do it till you are satisfied is a simple quote that can be interpreted in many different ways. The easiest way to interpret the quote is that it means to do something until you feel content in some way. Sometimes, people will interpret this as a mantra of sorts which they tell themselves before performing any sort of task, such as writing essays.

In life, there are often times when we feel rather unsatisfied with our achievements or how we’re conducting ourselves. It may be that our work, relationships, or life in general might all be in shambles. As I’ve matured and advanced in my opinion of what my work means, I would often find myself dissatisfied with the projects I create for other people and myself.

While this occurs every now and then, it’s not a frequent occurrence. It seems to happen when a project has gone on for a period of time or been abandoned altogether because either way, the person (or people) involved are unsatisfied with their own achievements. In such cases, do it till you are satisfied is really the only option open to them at that time. Often times, a project that has been left alone for a long time can’t be picked up again without being changed. Sometimes, not even that is possible.

This quote is also often attributed to many famous people throughout history. It’s an easy quote to paraphrase and bend to a personal interpretation because regardless of circumstance or era, everyone wants to be satisfied with their own efforts in some way. The phrase can also be used as a metaphor for the satisfaction of any sort of action but it has most often been used in relation to arts or projects.

While I have never been particularly satisfied with the projects I’ve created, I can certainly see the point in which being satisfied is required. Even if you’re unsatisfied, though, it doesn’t mean you should never try to do anything else ever again. Doing something is a great way to learn or perfect yourself. You could even use this as an opportunity to improve your own work or start up a new one entirely.

The quote comes from a time when people were generally dissatisfied with their lives and frustrated with the movements they were put into. Life was hard and work was tedious but that only meant that they had better things to do than sitting in one place doing nothing. Doing something, especially work, was a way to relieve stress and to be satisfied.

In truth, the quote could also be interpreted as “Do It Till You’re Done!” which is certainly an improvement on the former inscription. However, this version still demands that you do things when you feel satisfied with them; at least in my interpretation. Doing something until it’s done often means never stopping to think about how you can improve yourself and your work because that takes time away from actually completing the project itself. This quote has many multitudes of meanings and interpretations but all of them are equally valid since they all link back to one theme: Do things until you are satisfied with your progress.


Title: About Today - An Imperfect Day

A perfect day is not a real one. A real day is one where you experience what you need to and make the most of it. A perfect day would have been when I was sexually active with someone who I loved. It would have been when I was on top of the world financially and had a close friend in my life whom I trusted as much as my own reflection in the mirror. A dream that is not achieved today might get demolished tomorrow but I still want to live through it, pass through it and grow from it even if there is no promise of perfection because perfection does not exist in a worldly sense.

I may have felt the need to be sexual with a few people here and there. I might have wanted to leave a mark on someone’s life just as much as they did with me but I find that my own experiences are more appealing and rewarding than those of someone else. Instead of wishing for something to happen in the future, I will live for what is happening right now and accept it for what it is. To me, as long as I can accomplish what is on my list each day, I consider it a success even if it has been nothing special or out of this world in any way.

After all, perfection does not exist and if it did, it would have to be a hundred times more perfect than anything we can imagine because of the way our minds work. If perfection were definable and fixed somehow, we would not have to continue living in any sense of the word because we could just die on the spot once we had achieved perfection. As much as I believe in my own fantasies, I still know that my ability to live for satisfaction is much more important than to be satisfied in some way or another. The latter does not seem very realistic at least on a personal level while the former gives me something to accomplish each day.

Even if I never get to be satisfied with the choices I make, I can always refer to this quote as an important reminder that not everything is perfect and there’s no reason to expect otherwise. To me, a perfect day would consist of completing everything that I set out to do. It is a hard thing for me to accomplish because my expectations of myself are much higher than that of the average person and this creates more pressure for me when it comes time for me to complete tasks. After all, perfection is also subjective but at least it gives me something concrete to strive for instead of something that could be completely imaginary in some cases.

Whether or not my goals are achievable is not really important to me. As long as I know what they are, I can work towards them and accomplish what must be done in order to achieve them. If you can achieve a goal that you set out for yourself, it doesn’t matter if the goal was realistic or just something you made up on the spot; if you accomplish it, then it means that it’s possible. That has to be true because nothing is impossible in some shape or form and that’s the only way we could continue living with any sense of hope to begin with. If some things were impossible, we would have never accomplished anything like this in the first place.


Title: About Yesterday - A Day of Achievement

Doing what you need to do in order to be satisfied is a lot easier when you can look back at the day and see how many things you were able to achieve. This proves that your hard work has not gone unnoticed and that you did, in fact, accomplish everything that you set out to do. While it might not be perfect, it shows that your expectations are high enough to keep trying harder than before. I tried my hardest yesterday and I succeeded because I wanted the best out of my life more than ever before. What makes this even better is that I wasn’t alone when I did all of these things.


As much as perfection would be great, it doesn’t mean that we will ever achieve it. The only thing that matters is whether or not we can achieve our goals and whether or not what we want to happen will actually happen. This is because the results of our lives should never depend on the circumstances around us but on what is within us. When you take the time to learn how to use your mind correctly and make good decisions, you end up having more control over how your life turns out than you think. It’s important to recognize these things because it makes you feel good about yourself and about your own life in general.

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