Do You Have The Right Mindset To Survive In Network Marketing?


 Do You Have The Right Mindset To Survive In Network Marketing?

You may not have all the money in the world but you're ambitious, hungry, and motivated. And while this all sounds great on paper, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have what it takes to succeed in network marketing. In fact, a lot of companies are looking for people with a certain mindset before they'll even consider hiring them.
They want people who are enthusiastic, confident, and driven. And while these traits certainly seem attractive, they can also be extremely hazardous.
I recently spoke with Matt Johnson and Mark Vandehei from  Marketing Profs. to discuss the mindset necessary to succeed in network marketing. Matt is a professor at the University of Idaho who has worked with over 1,000 students in his time there. Mark is a very popular blogger and online marketing instructor who has helped tens of thousands of people throughout the years. If you missed their interview on my podcast about The Future of Network Marketing, you can listen to it here .
Matt and Mark explained that it's not necessarily your personality that you need but your mindset . Your mindset is the foundation of your personality. And it can strongly influence how you interact with others, how you perform in your job, and how people perceive you.
People with a "positive-based" or "victim thinking" mindset tend to be more motivated to succeed. They have a strong desire to get ahead and often make decisions based on what needs to be done rather than what they want. Positive-based people hate making mistakes and are constantly striving for positive results.
On the other hand, "negativity-based" people tend to quit at the first sign of failure. They're often critical of their own performance and don't take criticism well like a victim might. They tend to set low expectations for themselves and therefore don't achieve very much in their lives.
A "positive-based" mindset also means that you'll be more likely to succeed . Because of your desire to do better, your ability to stay positive, and your strong determination, you'll find it a lot easier than the negative thinkers to overcome any problems that arise.
Yet another benefit is that it will make networking with others a lot easier . Your mindset will help you relate better with others because it allows you more confidence and enthusiasm in conversation. And this will make all the difference when it comes to getting along well with people you meet.
So what's the right mindset to have in network marketing ?
Make a list of all the positive attributes that you think would be important to success in your business.
Write down how you think someone might view you if they had each of these traits.
Then ask yourself if they would be attracted to what you're offering. Would they want to be around you? Do you display enough confidence? Enough positivity?
The goal here is not to make yourself seem like a superhero but rather just more confident than most people. Like someone worth investing their time with. Because that's really all it comes down to: That people are attracted to what you're selling and also want to get better because of it .
If you're able to display all of these qualities, people will notice right away and want to know more about you. They'll be much more likely to invest in what you're offering and much more likely to become better versions of themselves because of it. So that's why your mindset is so important.
If you didn't already have all the qualities on your list, don't worry. You just need one thing: A desire to constantly improve and make each day better than the last . This is a "victim thinking" type trait but it's vital for success in network marketing as well as in life . And with this mindset, people WILL feel good about themselves when they look back at their life and achievements.
The final thing that really matters is desire . Network marketing can be extremely stressful because of all the expectation and competition that comes with it. But if you can get past all of that, you can have a lot of fun building your business. And when you finally start to see success, your desire to succeed will go through the roof and keep you striving for more all the time.
So just remember, it's not necessarily all about mindset , but rather how well you relate to others, how much confidence and positivity you show in yourself and in the world around you , and how much drive everyone else feels towards your success .
Full interview transcripts: "Do You Have The Right Mindset To Survive In Network Marketing?"
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Conclusion – The Ultimate Guide To Network Marketing Success
In this article, I shared the key components to your mindset in network marketing. I also explained how you can increase your likelihood of success by focusing on all three:
As you're building your network marketing business, you should always keep these three things in mind:

So there you have it! If you put all of these into consideration whenever you're thinking about building a successful network marketing business and developing a winning mindset, then I absolutely believe that you'll be able to succeed. You'll have an awesome lifestyle, attract a ton of high-quality people around yourself, and experience the feeling of success that very few people ever enjoy.

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