Do You Know Your Flock?


 Do You Know Your Flock?

If you've ever wondered how to know your flocks, this article will teach you everything you need to know.

Have you ever been walking in the field and come across a group of sheep that all seem to be aware of one another's presence? It seems like they are in perfect harmony with each other; they move forward mindfully and calmly, as if they were coordinated by some sort of unseen signal. In fact, sheep can actually outnumber humans four hundred to one! That is unless those humans are wolves. If a wolf pack comes across a flock of sheep without any security dogs nearby, there will likely be some costly damage incurred.

You should already have a basic understanding of herd behavior, but let's go over some of the basics so you can identify a flock. Sheep are territorial animals and they will stick together in herds to protect their food source, their lambs, or even each other. Because sheep live in such a close knit community, they can tell when other sheep are nearby and can react accordingly. In fact, sheep have the largest number of brain cells of any mammal in the world. That makes them smarter than rats or even monkeys!

It is important to note that all sheep are not created equal. Even though you may see one or two ram lambs with a bunch of ewes, that does not mean that the rest of your flock are dullards. You have probably seen some really smart sheep. A flock has a leader and a follower. Sometimes it is proven which one is which by watching how they lead and how they follow; rather than trying to decide on their own, usually the more dominant animal will take control of the group while the followers will continue to follow that individual until they are told differently.

So, what do you need to know about your flock? Well, did you know that sheep are herbivores? They are not carnivores like wolves. That means that when they set their sights on something, it is either for food or for safety. Sheep can actually eat metal; in fact, if they don't get enough minerals in their diet they will scrape metal and other materials with the edge of their teeth, tear up roadways and even chew on rocks until all the nutrients are released!

In order to get along well with your flock you should try and set up a routine. You should feed them at the same time every day and watch out for any predators in the area. Protect them from harsh weather and other dangers. You should also stay with them as much as you can because they have a very keen sense of smell. When you are away from your flock, make sure that you are careful when walking through the fields or pastures. Sheep have very sensitive eyes and ears, so that does not necessarily mean that they can't see or hear you. They can smell everything!

When it comes to thinking like a sheep, the first thing to understand is what sheep do not need to do. They don't need to think of the future; they don't need to worry about the past or even the present; they just live in the moment and react accordingly. Also, sheep are very short tempered and will attack anything that comes near them. Typically, sheep will never go looking for a fight, but if you try to pick a fight with even one of them you will soon realize that they are not the easy-going creatures you've grown up believing.

In some countries, including Australia and New Zealand, sheep are used for mate selection by farmers. Sheep have had their brains mapped in these areas to help farmers select the most intelligent animal for breeding purposes.

There is much more to know about sheep than just what type of alfalfa they like or how they like their watermelon to be cut. If you really want to understand your flock, you need to learn how to think like a sheep.

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As you can see, learning new things brings you an immense amount of benefits. We all love new things. Why not learn new ways to become a better person? Now, we all know that sheep are smarter than we think, so if you want to become a leader in your flock, then maybe it is time for you to begin practicing the art of thinking like a sheep!

Of course as our lives continue on with texting and facebooking and such, we miss out on the beauty that is becoming one with nature. Yet if any of you have ever gazed into the eyes of an animal , you've felt it for yourself: It's worth more than pounds and pounds and pounds of money.

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