Do You Use Your Time Wisely?


 Do You Use Your Time Wisely?

Do you use your time wisely? In a day of 24 hours, we spend about 4.3 hours sleeping and 6.4 hours on personal care (such as grooming, food preparation, and housework). What are we doing with the remaining 5.9 hours? Well, we spend approximately 39 minutes eating/snacking and having tea or coffee while awake; 14 minutes reading; 10 minutes on miscellaneous activities such as playing with pets or talking to friends; 8.5 minutes watching TV/movies/streaming videos; 7 minutes shopping online or in person; 3.5 minutes online gaming; and 92 minutes working, including commuting. Wow! All this adds up to about 82% of our time being spent on work-related activities (including commuting) and only 18% being used for relaxing/socializing. Is there something wrong with this picture?
30 Days to Financial Peace
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The good news is that most people out there believe in what you believe and will follow your advice if they can. The bad news is that most people out there will not follow your advice because they don't want to. What I would suggest is that you focus entirely on the 15% of people who will. You might consider answering their questions via email or a blog rather than from your seminars, especially if you don't have time to prepare in advance. But make sure you do it like Jesus did . . .

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