Feeling Hopeless


 Feeling Hopeless

Feeling hopeless? You're not alone. This is one of the most common problems with depression. It can be hard to get out of bed and feel like you have any energy to do anything with your day, but you can't continue living on autopilot. When it comes to feeling hopeless, don't treat it as a temporary situation; treat it as a permanent condition that will require long-term treatment and coping skills until you are no longer depressed. Here are some ways you can help yourself cope:

-It may sound ironic that learning about depression from someone who has lived with the disease for years is helpful, but many people find comfort in hearing about how other people have dealt with it and how they got through it.

-Concentrate on helping yourself, rather than focusing on what you can do for your friends or family.

-Avoid looking at sad things. It can be very tempting to look at a sad picture, but don't do it; this will make you feel depressed more quickly. If you decide to tackle the task of processing your feelings, find someone else to help who has experience in dealing with depression. This person can help you identify which emotions are normal and which ones are not healthy for you.

RIGHT: Eat the foods that make up a healthy eating plan, such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and low fat dairy products.

LEFT: Avoid eating everything, such as candy bars and ice cream. This can make you feel depressed because it binges on high-fat, sugary, and salty foods.

RIGHT: Give yourself some time to deal with your feelings before continuing your work. It's important to give yourself the time you need, so don't try too hard to get through middle of the day. Instead, give yourself the chance to sit down and focus on how you are feeling so that you can get out of bed in the morning.

RIGHT: Recognize when you are in a good mood and when you aren't feeling good. Don't ignore your feelings when they are good, but don't over-think your feelings either. Many people find that spending a little time on positive thinking can really help them feel better, so don't be afraid to try it.

RIGHT: Keep a diary or a journal where you can write down the important events of your day and how you feel about them. You will likely find that writing down some of your thoughts and feelings can help restore some normalcy in your life.

RIGHT: Go for walks or bike rides when you are feeling bad. This will provide you with some of the exercise and fresh air you need to move past your depression, keeping it from getting worse.

RIGHT: Try to attend support meetings for people with a mental illness. These meetings can help you feel better about yourself and your condition, and may provide you with some of the support that you need to see you through your recovery.

RIGHT: Get at least eight hours of sleep at night. Sleep is obviously essential, but when you are depressed it can be difficult to stay asleep, so be sure to take whatever measures are necessary to make sure that you get the sleep that you need. [END OF ARTICLE]

While this article isn't perfect by any means (and I didn't get all of my facts straight), it's definitely more helpful than a lot of other depression articles I've read on the internet. Feel free to share this post with your friends and family who may need it. If you're feeling hopeless, don't deal with it by yourself! I'm here for you! -Daniella (The "Creative" Mental Health Blog)

How To Manage Depression Naturally By Joanna Marie: Depression is one of the most common mental health concerns that people nationwide face every year. Unfortunately, there is no cure for depression and its symptoms are extremely difficult to treat. However, there are many natural ways that people can manage their everyday depression symptoms for the long term without putting their mental health in a dangerous position.

Things that you can do to manage depression effectively include:

– Regular exercise: Getting a daily workout is one of the best things that you can do to manage your depression symptoms. If you are unfit and depressed, then try jogging in the park or playing some sports with your friends. Exercise releases endorphins, natural chemicals that make people happy and improve their mood. The more active you are, the easier it will be for your brain to cope with stress and other difficult situations.

– Taking up a new hobby: Everyone needs something to look forward too on a daily basis; this is why finding a new hobby can be extremely beneficial for people with depression. In order to develop a new hobby that you enjoy, you should start by doing simple research. Talk to people around you who like the same hobby as you and ask them what they think. You can also read articles on the internet and come up with ideas for new hobbies yourself. For an extremely popular example of this, check out:

– Taking time out when you need it: People who have depression often feel as though they do not deserve any time off from their work because their depression keeps coming back. In most cases, people are so used to spending long amounts of time behind a computer that they forget how to live without technology in their life. However, staying away from technology and taking time out to enjoy real life can be extremely beneficial. If that's not possible, take yourself away on a small vacation. A study by California Lutheran University found that people who took regular vacations had lower rates of depression than those who did not.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can overcome depression naturally and effectively, check out this article on natural depression remedies to get your hands on some really helpful information: http://www.thrive-counselling.com/blog/5-easy-ways-to-manage-depression

Why do I wake up at five in the morning? I don't want to get up! Why does the grass keep looking greener over the fence? Why does everything look more interesting when you're drunk? "Why does it always have to be so hard?" Asking why is like shopping with a broken foot. You need both feet, or it's useless. Trying to remember why is like trying to climb a mountain with one leg. You might make it that far, but there's always some jerk standing on your back, laughing at you and trying to shove you off. It's not much fun if you don't know why either.

By the way, did I ever tell you why my father called me six in the morning? It's not really a reason… just happens to fit.

Photography is the rearrangement of existing things by joining them together. A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart, leaves you with a feeling and although it may prompt an emotional reaction, it does not offer any judgmental commentary. And yet there are many different kinds of photographs….some are good and some are bad. The bad ones are usually looked at quickly until they are forgotten….the good ones stay with us forever. That's the difference between something that has been clumsily arranged and something that has been creatively designed.


As you can see, the difference between a bad photograph and a good one isn't that great. If you are interested in photography, don't be distracted by the more complicated technical aspects of taking great photographs. Instead, spend more time exploring all of your creative options and the results will surprise you.

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