Internet pitfalls: dangers of online dating


 Internet pitfalls: dangers of online dating

When it comes to romance, not all love is created equal. The romantic quest in this day and age has undoubtedly become more complicated than ever before as a result of the proliferation of online dating websites, which have rendered the process completely impersonal. If you’re brave enough to venture deep into the murky depths of the web in pursuit of love, heed these three tips for avoiding some potential dangers that could arise.

1.)   Ask friends and family members who they think are attractive (don’t forget to specify that they must be mutually attracted). Then find them on one of your favorite social media sites or use a hook-up app like Tinder or Grindr if you’re feeling adventurous. If you truly aren’t getting any responses to your first message, then don’t be afraid to send another. Make sure you’re not wasting your time with a scammer, by asking for photos and using keyword searches such as “fake dating profiles.”

2.)   When you are out and about, keep an eye out for anyone who is blatantly hitting on you in a public setting. This is especially true if they’re dressed nicely or appear to be working at the same place of business as you. Additionally, if you’re at a big picnic or public gathering, keep an eye out for anyone who seems out of place. If they are obviously not with the group, ask them if they are looking to meet women for casual sex or for a relationship.

3.)   Lastly, it’s crucial to be on high alert as you enter into any potential romantic situation. If you’re going through the Tinder process (using an app like Tinder or Grindr) and are walking down a crowded street, don’t be afraid to pull out your phone and make sure no one is following you. Such precautions can be especially helpful when you’re home alone.

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Title: Online dating isn't for everyone, but it might be for you » CNN Money [blog] — : CNN ... And a site called JDate can help with that, too—allowing you to bring your own friends and family into the mix and create a virtual support group. And go at your own pace.

Title: Cosmo's Jillian Mele Still Confident in Online Romance » The Washington Post - ABC News

How can you make sure you won't get scammed? Don't give money to anyone. If the site demands money, close your browser window and walk away.

If you receive a message from someone who asks for more than that, send a quick message back telling them that it's too expensive for you. Don't write back and say anything else; don't respond after that initial message, no matter what they say. If they continue to email or call, just ignore it and wait it out. Don’t follow up with a text or email.

That’s not to say you have to be a meanie. If you are interested in hearing from the person, thank them for their message (if it's a very short reply). But remember that people who scam on these sites aren’t interested in getting to know you—they will just take your money and run.

In case you need more convincing … Your best bet is probably the Google Form that happens every year ... : . The site itself has partnered with several safety organizations and organizations, including the Better Business Bureau , Internet Crime Complaint Center , and the National Cyber Security Alliance .

Title: Internet Dating: How To Avoid Being Scammed

If you feel like your potential date is being too pushy or seems too good to be true, cut off communication with the person. Also, report the person to the dating site — and contact your local law enforcement agency.

Title: Online dating scams targeting younger women - News - The Guardian

WASHINGTON – An estimated $42 million was lost in more than 465,000 online dating scams last year, and more than 80 percent of those involved were targeted at women, a fraud prevention group says. ...

Title: Escort Services and Internet Scams

Title: Internet dating warning: women told to learn from Joanna's story - Telegraph

Johnstone, 32, said that a man had contacted her through an internet dating site. ... If you feel uncomfortable, just stop, she said. "Next time it happens, say ‘No’ or ‘I’m not interested’ and don’t let anything happen," she said. "You don’t want to be in a situation where you are fighting back because then you are at risk of being hurt even more." ... She said that she had several reasons for sharing her experience. "I want women to be aware of what is happening and to not ignore it," she said. "I don’t want anyone to have to go through what I have.

Title: Internet Dating Scams Take a Heavy Toll on Women, State Says » New York Times

She then gave him her address, made plans for their first meeting and sent him nude pictures of herself, which were quickly posted on the extramarital affair site ... She was so intent on convincing a customer service agent that she had been deceived that she provided them with her passwords ...

Title: Scams And Scoundrels - The New York Times

But at the end of the day, who can you trust? No one is clean here. And if this is a game you have to play, then you have to play it well. So maybe that's it. Maybe, given the reality of our world, all we can do is try not to get scammed by others, while knowing that we are scamming others at the same time ... I've been scamming people, and so has everyone else on this site. You just have to be clever about it in order to not get caught ... Maybe it's just me but I think there's something beautiful about that. ...

Title: Internet Dating Scams Put Women in Danger, State Says | WMBF News

Internet scams can be incredibly elaborate. Men posing as vulnerable women online will pretend to be stranded in the woods. They'll take your money and then show up at your home or workplace and demand more. They'll negotiate for money with your children to get you to share passwords or other financial information ... Many of their tactics are pretty darn convincing too. ... Here is what a typical scam might look like:

Warning signs: The scammer will try to get personal information (like your name, address, phone number) from you before they agree to meet.


The "dating" game is really a numbers game and a percentages game. There are hundreds of thousands of scammers out there, right now, in the U.S., with thousands more developing every day. Don't let yourself get pulled into one of their games. Be smart about it and you'll win.

Title: Internet scams target women - ABC News - By Elizabeth McLaughlin, Nancy Davenport and Jennifer Epstein

(The State's Attorney General's office studies the 'Internet Dating Scams' that target women.) ... Among those who suffer from Internet dating scams are men and women in their 20s to 50s — those who were eager for romance but are now desperate for help ...

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