Smith Could “C” the Future


 Smith Could “C” the Future

Smith Could "C" the Future

One of the most difficult tasks in modern society is to find ways to break away from the traditional.  We emphasize staying the same, but sometimes it’s important to take a risk and create new paths.  In doing so, we are able to avoid future hardship and stay ahead of our competition.  Despite frustrations with our current system, we still must follow along with some adherence as it is currently set up for us at this time.  Still, we are able to see different ways that people are attempting to change the current model through limited means.  In this article, I will discuss one such choice that could run the risk of being a huge success if handled correctly.  For years, there has been a stigma surrounding college athletes and their use of marijuana.  It is not uncommon for college athletes to openly smoke with friends or smoke before games.  What is not common is the idea of an athlete who smokes the substance and then does their best to hide it from everyone around, including his coaches and potential future employers.  That is what happened to former Indiana star Robbie Hummel who initially admitted to smoking marijuana before a game before later revealing that he had smoked it earlier in the day and was just trying to hide it from his coaches in order to impress them.  It did not work out well, as he was scorned by his coach (even though they were not supposed to smell it) and then told that “there are no secrets in athletics.”  After this incident, Hummel decided to quickly drop out of school and go pro.  He drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers in the second round of the 2010 NBA Draft.  Now, he is playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves, but it could have been a much different story if his action was handled differently.

While this specific incident has gone on to hurt the professional career of one man, it could be utilized in a different manner that could actually help many other people in the future.  That is why I am proposing that marijuana be legalized for student athletes and then used as part of their workout routines.  Although this may seem a little bizarre to some, there are positives to allowing athletes to smoke marijuana that should not be ignored.  Marijuana is an effective way to relax while also giving increased energy levels afterwards when taken at certain times of the day.  It also has benefits in helping increase the speed of mental capabilities as well.  All of these attributes would be useful for athletes to use in the game.  However, the most important reason for legalizing marijuana for student athletes is the fact that it can be beneficial after games.  This can benefit many different people, including injured players and coaches.

After games, it is common to see college basketball teams get together and smoke a few blunts just to let loose and decompress.  That is becoming less and less popular as schools become more aware of their athletes smoking before games.  However, after games, it is actually a good way to help the players unwind and let their minds relax.  It also helps them wind down from all the adrenaline that was built up during the game.  This is a great way for student athletes to relieve stress and tension in their thoughts.  After all, they are still young people and have very little time to let loose.  They may let loose on the court with their play on the court, but they should be able to do it off the court as well while they are still young and learning how to handle themselves in society.

After games, many people do not wind down like they should.


Overall, the legalization of marijuana for student athletes was not a bad idea to begin with.  It actually accomplished something positive in the long run and helped distribute knowledge about the drug, which could potentially lead to reduced usage when it is made legal for non-athletes.  Although this specific incident did not play out well for a player’s career, it shows that there are other ways to handle the issue of marijuana use among student athletes besides taking action on their behalf.  In fact, one of my biggest worries about becoming president is how I could change that particular law and make it work in favor of schools and student athletes.

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