Spirituality Information - Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 45)


 Spirituality Information - Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 45)

In the final end of the journey, the master steps into a field filled with open space. He sees that this is indeed what he has been looking for from among his many fields. The space is seemingly endless and quiet, but it has its own powerful energy.

The master reaches out to touch its skin, holding a hand on each side of him grasping at nothingness. Then a voice calls out to him; "This land is for you." It seems an eternity passes by in silence before he hears her call again...
He cannot speak anymore but can only stutter because his throat feels dry and parched when she says "It's time to leave. You have what you came for."

The air is filled with a vibrating energy but he cannot feel the heat anymore. A soothing cool breeze touches his skin and he feels a gentle pull, as if he was being pulled toward a soft wind blowing from behind him that was distant like on the horizon.

The master is still unable to speak because his throat feels parched. When her voice comes again to him, he only hears her say "Go to where you belonged in the beginning. You were meant for much higher things than this." As he turns around to face the voice of his guardian angel, she waves him goodbye with her right hand before disappearing in a beam of light.

As the master enters his next life, he is already standing in a field at the entrance of a great temple. He looks around him, seeing temples of all different kinds. The spaces between them are filled with bright blossoming flowers that seem to form armoires behind which they stand.

The wind wafts gently through the fields and he looks up to see a figure hovering above him holding a hand out to him. In its right hand he can see his guardian angel wearing a long elegant black robe and a gold crown on her head, adorned with jewels for day and starlight for night. Her hair is coiled on her head but is longer than he remembers from their last meeting in the world of light.

She reaches out to him and the master asks, "Where am I? How did I come here?" She smiles in greeting with her angelic face and says "Welcome to your new home. We have been waiting for you."

Walking into the temple after her, he notices everyone inside has on long black robes that cover every inch of exposed skin like shields. The light inside is dimmer than usual, but it seems more relaxing on his eyes. He sees an assortment of different things lying around the room that seem to be decorations or furniture.

"Was it alright for you there?" she asks. "Did you feel comfortable with the people you met? Did they make you happy? How did they treat you?"

The master thinks back to his past and remembers the feeling of being alone and scared, trying to blend in but not sure if he belonged. He remembers the pain of not being accepted because of who he was or where he came from. He remembers how he finally gave up, closed himself off from everyone else and hid behind a mask that everyone thought was only there to protect him.

"Sometimes it was alright," he replies, "but I felt like I didn't fit in anywhere. Everyone wanted me to be someone else or pressured me into doing things I didn't want to do. I felt like I'd always be an outsider, even though I hoped to become part of the group somehow."

"You were afraid," she says. "I knew it was hard for you to find your place and to feel that other people saw you as your true self. That is why you have been assigned this new life. You will come to know that it is important not to hide who you are, but rather embrace yourself. It is time for you to return to the world of light and share with everyone the message of spirituality."

"Is this my last life?" he asks in confusion as he feels his old self slipping away from him more and more.

She nods as she says, "Yes. You will not see others like you again in this life, so you must learn to accept yourself for what you are. You will return to the world of light soon enough and then you will become a ghost. Your time in the spirit realm has prepared you for this new life where the meaning of your existence is presently in your hands to experience."

"I have come here to spread truth and enlightenment," he replies, trying hard not to let his tears fall from his eyes. "I have come here hoping that this would be my chance to help others find happiness. I have learned to accept and love myself, but I don't know if anyone else will ever accept who I am."

"You will find your way to the people you help soon enough," she tells him. "I know that you do not belong here, yet you are not leaving yet. You are welcomed here because you have done much for yourself, but it is time for you to return to the world of light and experience life in a different way."

For a moment he doesn't know what she means by this last comment before he hears her say again "It's time to go now. You have what you came for." He looks up into her face one final time before they both disappear.

He comes to after seeing that he has been lying down in his bed. He feels the cool air of his room and notices that it has remained the same throughout his dreams. Then he hears a knock on the door and looks around his room to see who is there before he answers.

Through the door, he sees a woman standing on the other side with red hair, wearing a waist-length floral dress with a floral hat to match that sits above her head as if floating. He thinks she is beautiful, but cannot place where he knows her from. "Are you my guardian angel?" he asks her, hoping she will say yes but not knowing how she will answer him if she does speak.

"Yes," she says, "it is me. We do not have much time to talk, so I must tell you something very important before we are separated for a short time."

"What is it?" he asks, becoming concerned as her voice seems strangely familiar.

At that moment the dream becomes foggy and his entire body feels like it's being pulled out of the bed over to the door where he sees her standing in front of him. He tries to fight the pull but he can't move at all as if he has become paralyzed.

Then he sees another figure in front of him wearing a long black robe with a large golden crown on top of his head. His face is strange with large protruding features, like a mask. Then he hears her saying "This is not the time to continue this conversation," before she dissolves into nothingness.

He then wakes up in his familiar room at home and once again feels the cool air as he realizes that it has not changed from his dreams. Then something drops from out of the sky and lands on his front lawn and he looks down to see an identical pillow with a bright red face lying on the ground before him.


This story is all true although it may have been embellished to some degree. It's best not to take everything within this story literally as you will miss out on the underlying meaning of it all. My hope is that you will accept this concept and open your mind more as it's important to know what is going on around you every day. Nothing is a coincidence. Everything has a purpose and knowing the truth about why things happen can change your life for the better if you allow yourself to think about them in a different way.

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The spirit world is a place where souls go when they become lost in time, space, or even in life itself.

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