Spirituality Information - Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 15 )


 Spirituality Information - Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 15 )

The Musings Of Traveler Unknown:

Today I explore the power of the ark in nature. A lost civilization created a mysterious object that could survive any disaster, an object powerful enough to change the course of history. This object was a unique creation by mankind and was once called upon by its creator himself. 
Mysterious people used it to transport themselves through space, across different lives and times, visiting holy sites and celestial bodies across the galaxy. Creating this unparalleled device must have been pure bliss for these ancient travelers as well as for their descendants who followed in their footsteps using an even more advanced version of this wonderous tool.
These people were not as primitive as you might think. They relied on machines that enabled multi-dimensional travel, stored history and knowledge for later retrieval and even provided a form of immortality. The power of this ancient object enabled us to study the histories of Earth, the evolution of the Universe and other worlds in its endlessness. As the years went by we lost our knowledge, but we never lost our ancestors' spirit.
"If we wish to find an answer to life's problems it is no longer enough to rely on science or religion as it once was in times long past. We need to look beyond all concepts to a place that has been searched for by people throughout history - the secrets held by those who created this ancient object".
Easter Island
The statue called "Moai" is said to be a powerful spiritual object in the South Seas. The statues were carved from stone by the ancient inhabitants of this small island. The statues are supposedly alive, and they have an outer layer which is covered in an unknown writing that was never deciphered. History tells us that their civilization ended abruptly around the year 1680 and never existed again.
A civilization that possessed knowledge of space travel and atomic power was wiped out using a weapon of incredible power, so powerful that history has no record of it ever being used since then. No subatomic particles were detected during scientific research at Easter Island so it can't possibly be a supernova as some have suggested. It's as if the island was hit by some kind of weapon that has lost its potency and is now harmless. But if this is true, who were they and what were they?
An ancient mystery lies buried in the South Seas, like a time capsule waiting to be opened. The truth may reveal itself one day, but will it be a truth we want to face? Whatever happened on Easter Island must have been powerful enough to alter the course of history and we can only guess what's still buried deep in the ocean where those giant statues are now resting for eternity.
The Ark Of Covenant
The Ark of Covenant is said to have been a powerful spiritual artifact, a container holding tablets containing the laws given by God for his people. According to the Bible, it was made by hand during the time of Moses and was hidden in a cave before the children of Israel entered Canaan. It later became important to Jews and Christians alike. The Ark could be carried only by the Levites. Whenever it was carried, it was always surrounded by another group of priests carrying musical instruments called Levites, hence they were also called "the sons of the Levites".
The Ark seemed to have been very important to the Jews. It is said that God manifested himself to his people through it; in fact, whenever he appeared among them with his glory, they were instructed not to look at him directly (Exodus 25:22). He included this instruction so as not to damage their eyes.
The Ark was said to have been lost after it was captured by the Philistines.
"When the Philistines took the ark of God, they brought it from Ebenezer to Ashdod; then the Philistines took the ark of God and brought it into the house of Dagon, and set it by Dagon." 1 Samuel 5:9
"The hand of God came upon (the people) in the temple of Dagon, and he struck down among the Philistines seventy men. And the people had a great dread of the God of Israel." 1 Samuel 5:11
"And when the ark of the Lord was in the country of the Philistines seven months, all the Philistines were in confusion." 1 Samuel 6:1
The Ark is said to have been buried on Mt. Nebo. In this place there was once a temple made by Moses for his worship. Later King Josiah built an "altar" on this place and it became known as Beth-El. This altar was also made for Moses' worship, but later it was rebuilt with special stones brought from Jerusalem. The altar was supposedly destroyed by King Josiah who used its former stones to build a fortress in this place.
A document called the Book of Jasher tells the story about how an army of soldiers was sent to Mt. Nebo after King Solomon died. These soldiers were led by Josiah, who was the High Priest at that time. They were told to dig up a coffin which contained the remains of Moses and Aaron, and also the golden urn that contained their ashes.
The remains of Moses and Aaron are said to be buried under Mt. Nebo at a place now known as Tomb Of The Prophet Samuel.
One of the most mysterious objects was found at this location and is said to be the Ark Of Covenant.
"And the army began to dig up the ground in search of water, and they found a well of spring water there."
"They also took some bones out of the coffins, and he (Josiah) said, "These are no doubt the bones of men, for it is written: They shall return your bones to you again. And Josiah ordered that these things should be done as had been commanded."
Historical knowledge has proved that Mt. Nebo forms a natural fault line that extends from Mt. Sinai all the way down to Cairo in Egypt. Since Mt. Nebo is located in this region, the Ark of Covenant must have been hidden within it. To find out the truth, one must investigate its relevant history.
The Ark Of Covenant
If the Ark was indeed buried in a secret place on Mt. Nebo and Josiah's soldiers dug up bones of men, then where are they now? No soldiers were sent to excavate bones which could only be those of Moses and Aaron; they would only have been found if they had been buried there before Josiah's time. So who are these men buried under Mt. Nebo and why would Josiah order the army to dig them up?
Josiah is said to have committed a dreadful act by ordering the bones of these men to be dug up, but why did he do it? Why would he risk punishment from God and risk his own death then? If we were in his position, we wouldn't dare to do it either; we'd be thinking about the safety of our soul and our family's. But then again, these were different times and Josiah had different motives for doing what he did.

Not much is known about the Ark of Covenant, but the few pieces of evidence that have been uncovered are enough to build a logical conclusion. Since there is no real truth to the whereabouts of the Ark, it was logical to assume that it was only important during certain times. If one may speculate, I would say that it must have been kept while in use, otherwise God would not have included such instructions in his laws. It must also be kept locked away so as not to risk its abuse by those who do not understand its powers. The same goes for other powerful artifacts that are said to exist today; we do not know what abilities they possess and how we can control them.

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