Spirituality Information - Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 1 )


 Spirituality Information - Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 1 )

Spirituality Information - Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 1 )

In every life, we come to juncture points of choice, when we must choose to head in one direction or the other. There are many roads that lead us off into the unknown, but only some of them lead us home.

As our spirit journeys deeper into the unknown realms of self-knowledge, a song can often be heard on the wind that refreshes and calms. For some people it is a beautiful sound with words sung in an angelic chorus from light years away: “You are not alone; there is light at the end of your tunnel.” Others may hear the music of their own voice singing the same words, only to discover that what they are singing in harmony is not something that a higher being inspired, but is coming from the depths of their own soul. For some there is a touching melody with words that speak of alienation and loneliness that reads: “Sometimes I feel so far from home.”

But for others it is not a song at all – it is simply a strange feeling of being lost and deeply alone. There can be no other explanation than you are alone because you have found yourself in a place where no one else has ever been. All that surrounds you is the vastness of the abyss that you are looking into. You are a speck in the immensity of what can be anything and everything, depending upon your perspective. To get to this place, you have had to cross over through the realms of existence and nonexistence beyond your own mind. There is a feeling of not knowing how this happened or how to get back because nothing seems familiar to you anymore. You see that you can no longer return home because being home is no longer where you belong.

It is as if you have been a traveler for hundreds of years, but even though you have seen and experienced many things, you cannot remember how to get back home. You might think it is impossible to get home because the map of being that you carry in your heart inside your mind has become so clouded by darkness that the only way back seems to be through death. You watch the world turn and gasp at the amazing light and beauty around you; but now, with every breath and every thought that goes through your mind, there is a deep sense of loss. But no matter where you go or what you do, there is always an overpowering inner compulsion to return home that holds fast, commanding all other thoughts and feelings.

While in this state, there is no pain. It is as if every part of your body has grieved itself into exhaustion and lifelessness. There is nothing left to feel or do, only a slow and inevitable descent into deeper darkness that you have never before experienced. But with every breath you take, you are led by a stronger force of energy to find yourself headed down through the most abysmal and desolate tunnels that can be imagined. In these dark places, where there is no longer hope or light or life, the soul must grope in the darkness for any glimmer of truth it may have once held dear.

Then, as you reach deeper and deeper into the unknown and unknowable, you will struggle against the urge to move backwards into the realms of light that now seem so far away. For if you were to turn around and make your way back in the direction from which you came, all that you encountered would be familiar – trees, streams, earthly habitat – but it would be as if you never left. You would still be searching for something understanding possibly within the realm of your own mind: emptiness. There is no where else to search. The place that once seemed so familiar – home – is now like a distant planet in another galaxy where even a single breath of air freezes your bones; it holds no warmth or life.

This is the place where your soul feels purged of every need, desire and longing. If you turn around now, there is no reason to go through with it – all you have gone through has been for nothing. If you turn back now and return to the place from which you came, there is really no way out of the darkness that blankets the earth. This is a place beyond thought or emotion, and here your body is at its most vulnerable – for it will die without air or nourishment in this sub-terrestrial world that cannot be sustained by human life; but as your spirit plunges downward towards death, something that has been suppressed within your being over an extended period of time must be released to resurrect your spirit.

What you feel can only be labeled as ‘chaos’: a place where everything ends and everything begins, where your mind must free itself from everything it once knew and create a new world.

In order to find what needs to be found, you must move beyond the known into the unknown – a place where nothing is certain or understood. For every step you take within this space, you leave behind an old self that has its own way of being and existing. As you pass further into the unknown realms of light and darkness, there is no longer an I or me; there is only something more than anything that can be created in your mind. What you are no longer is only a thought or an idea. Having broken free from the known, you have become freed from your mind – for it is only here that the two can meet and something new can be created.

This new reality is based upon a simple truth: everything you know to be true no longer applies. The ideas and constructs that once held meaning have all been stripped away, leaving you without sense or feeling as a human being.


Most people believe that the human mind is like a computer: it has been programmed by nature and experience to make sense of external reality in a way that allows us to survive. As we grow and develop, these programs become more ingrained. But if we are constantly told that we are not good enough, or smart enough, or worthy enough – everything that holds weight in our world becomes distorted.

The soul comes from a deeper place than the mind where there is no time as we know it. The mind creates experiences based upon time imposed by the physical body; but even on this level there are other worlds beyond the physical one, where there is no time and space because being only exists within its own dimension.

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