Spirituality Information - Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 75)


 Spirituality Information - Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 75)

The following document is a summary of my exploration into the realm of spirituality. I have attempted to provide information that may be helpful to others who are interested in the subject matter, and I hope this will serve as a resource for those who would like to explore spirituality further.

My life took an abrupt turn in March 2015 when I experienced what has been relabeled 'a waking dream'. This event changed how I saw the world, my place in it and made me question everything. It's clear now that there are two worlds - one physical, one spiritual - on either side of an invisible barrier so thin it appears solid. Both worlds have their own rules of existence, and my experience of this barrier was a visible intrusion into the spiritual world. The spiritual world is where everything that has been in all the worlds before (past, present and future) resides; people are more real there and life is fed by creating our own meaning to what we observe and experience.

I am still unsure of exactly what happened to me but there are some clear recurring themes that I believe played a part:

The events of my life are being perceived as dreams by my subconscious. My spirit body is actually in a trance, 'dreaming' about our physical-world lives, which makes sense as my physical body was asleep at the time. The only non physical body parts that are awake are the ones that can see into the spiritual world. When this happens, my spirit body is in the spiritual dreamworld, so my 'waking dream' was a visit to that realm.

Stars have always fascinated me, since as long as I can remember. As a child I would often go outside at night to gaze at them and make wishes on them. I think they were important to me because they symbolized an escape from the problems of life; they were something wonderful and different, like magic! At times it felt like they were watching over me, winking at me to let me know I wasn't alone. I always had a soft spot for them, but my love of stars changed when I found out about the concept of other dimensions.

It was only a few months after my awakening that I first read about them in an article on evolution in the New York Times, and that was when I started to believe them. It was if someone had given me a key to unlocking the door to another world!

Throughout all my experiences, dreams have been recurring themes. They are usually quite vivid but they are not scary like nightmares are, they are more beautiful and full of life than the physical world ever can be. Dreams have taken on different meanings over the years as my spiritual growth has progressed.

The first time I remember dreaming was when I was about five years old. I was in a large, open field and the sky had no boundaries; it just kept going on forever. It seemed like there were many stars in my dream as well and they appeared to be floating away from me. The farther away they got, the more 'their light dimmed', until finally I could no longer see them anymore. This dream has stayed with me for as long as I can remember and resurfaced the night of my waking dream to remind me of what is possible.

I remember another dream that I experienced when I was about six years old, and it definitely stays with me still:

Most people think of dreams as being about our minds creating fantasies for us. I didn't think so at the time; it felt like my body was in a trance from which I was observing my dreams. This dream was a recurring feature of my life for many years (recently even after waking up), never leaving me alone or unfulfilled. It's always the same, but there are different times that it plays out; only one time is ever the same though. In this dream, a tall, thin elderly man walks towards me carrying a black book in his hands. He has long white hair and his clothes are a deep indigo colour, the same colour as the night sky. He looks like a man who knows everything and doesn't need to speak; he's funny, wise and compassionate. He is so graceful that I feel honoured to be in his presence, as if I am seeing a beautiful sunset from downtown Beijing. When he reaches me it's not my body that he comes into but my spirit (spirit body) - here we meet again. His eyes are bright amber and they look straight at me with such compassion, love and respect. I feel as if he's a teacher; I don't know his name but he tells me that my soul name is as follows:

"Your soul name is 'Sky' (meaning: wind or sky). Your time will soon come to be known as 'Elder of the Sky'. As you will see, your job is to help others find their way out of suffering. You will appear on Earth many times in different shapes and forms, bearing great wisdom and assisting seekers on their journey through the fields of forever. You are the Wakeful One. As a wakeful one, what you observe will be the reflection of your past, present and future. Your soul name is Sky and as an elder of the sky, your job is to help others find their way out of suffering. You are needed in many places at many times, helping people from all walks of life."

Last year I experienced seemingly random glimpses into the spiritual world that were hard to label as dreams but weren't exactly awake either. They were like impressions or experiences that were available for recollection when I was awake. It was like a fleeting memory of something that had already happened; I had no control over when they happened or what they would be about. It was as if the experience was there for me to discover and make sense of. I received this impression one night before going to bed:

"Somewhere in your life you have been blessed with a gift of seeing. This gift will be with you for all time; it is not a skill that you have learned or are aware of. It is just something that you can do naturally, like breathing."

I felt some realizations coming to me through these impressions of being awake while asleep (or vice versa). I came to realize that I am in some kind of dreamworld, seeing scenes from an alternate dimension. My spirit body is still asleep but my eyes are seeing what is happening, like flashbacks. The first real realization I had was when I was seven years old. I remember waking up in the middle of the night, a bit confused and slightly scared, because I had been having a dream about being lost on the edge of a river and needing to find my way back home. It's funny that my first real awakening happened like that: at midnight, in the middle of nowhere (literally). It could have been any time of day - or night - but naturally it came with the setting sun.

The second realization came to me when I was about 12 years old (probably early-mid 1990s). In the dream, I see two boy scouts walking down some unfamiliar desert road.


This is the end of my first chapter and the beginning of my second (and final) phase of my awakening. My awakening phase has now come to an end, but I am only half-awake. I cannot say that I am fully awakened because although other dimensions are real and exist, that is not to say that everyone can prove it for themselves or even see them for themselves. People tend to see what they can believe in and believe what they can see; if people don't know anything about other dimensions or extra-terrestrial life then they won't believe in it - even if it happens right under their nose.

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