The Most Unusual Businesses


 The Most Unusual Businesses

If you're looking for a fresh idea for your company, these DIY businesses might just be the answer. From Ben & Jerry's ice cream (their first batch of their new flavor Chunky Monkey was accidentally sold to a shop in Vermont) to the dry-cleaning chain Byntox (opened by two friends who were sick and tired of driving across town for laundry), these businesses may not make it big. But they are sure uncommonly inspirational!

What's your idea? What do you have going on that no one else is doing? There might just be an opportunity there waiting for you. It's never been easier than right now, thanks to this list of the most unusual business ideas on Earth.

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream
It all started in 1978, when Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield were at a loss as to how to turn their love of ice cream into a source of income. So they decided to sell it out of their van. They sold $20 worth of ice cream. They sold $1000 worth, over the course of three months! And then they hit it big: the next season, Ben was visiting his parents' house in New Hampshire and, upon seeing the ice cream truck all decked out for summer again, decided that he wanted some for himself. He went home to tell his partner about it . . . only to find out that Jerry had the same idea, and had gone ahead and bought a truck. Well, they doubled their efforts and sold $2000 worth of ice cream! They saved $5000 in their first year of business, and kept going from there.

Cactus Candy
A bunch of cacti are not the most appetizing things people look at when they're thinking about candy, but that's not stopping these guys. The candy is made with real cactus fruit grown in Mexico, so it's got an authentic southwestern taste to it. Cactus Candy also makes prickly pear jelly and prickly pear honey. And if you're not sold on their candy, the whole operation is dedicated to preserving the habitat for these desert plants.

Shoe Cleaning
A couple of New Yorker friends who were sick and tired of driving across town for laundry decided to do something about it, and opened Byntox! Now there's a quick way to get your laundry done without having to drive, relax or even put on pants! Byntox is located in Manhattan and they are currently hiring. If you think that you'd be a good fit, check out this link:

Artisanal Dog Treats
The Dog Bakery is all about doing things the old-fashioned way. They make delicious baked goodies using only natural ingredients, and they're made fresh daily. If you're in Auckland, New Zealand, you can check out their dog bakery at Ponsonby Road (yes, it's a real bakery that just happens to sell treats for dogs). If you're not in Auckland, you can order treats here or here.

Chunky Monkey
Ben & Jerry's newest ice cream flavor is so popular that, to keep up with demand, they've created a second batch! There are only 5,000 lemons in Maine that could compare to those used to make Chunky Monkey . . . and now the second batch of it is sold out in all 50 states! Now what? They'll be making a third batch (of Cherry Garcia) next year!

Underwear Designers
There is an underwear line called Underboob, and Terry Halloway designed it. Not too many stores carry them because they're so funky. He told the New York Times that he has no plans of stopping now: "I've never made a lot of money, and all I have to do is show up every day," he said. "It's kind of weird. Here, I'm like a small business owner and I just do underwear."

Dry Cleaning
If you wash your clothes by hand instead of having them done by a machine, you might just save yourself some money! Kate Young's article in the Wall Street Journal tells you all about it: "Dry cleaning is an expensive habit and cleaning at home is free," says Young. "But it must be done as gently as possible to avoid rips and tears. The idea is to use a dry cleaner as little as possible."

Pet Products
Lucky Paws
The Lucky Paws company makes a line of treats for dogs and cats, and their mixes are based on their natural diets. They're truly one of a kind , and they really do seem to impress myself and my pets with each batch! Check out their website for more info.

Sneaker Shopping
Shoe Dog Shoes has been around for over 30 years now, and they carry that tradition in the most unusual business of them all: Sneaker Shopping. This service requires the shopper to call, text or email their design based on the customer's needs and taste. They are an off-the-wall type of store that sells men's, women's and children's shoes, and they do offer an ecommerce site as well. Check them out!

The Incredible Edible Egg Company works hard to let people know that their eggs are tasty and nutritious if you eat them without breading or frying. They work to help people see what a versatile food the egg is. They definitely have a lot to offer!

Handmade Stuff for Pets
Little Dog Rescue makes and sells blankets, bowls and leashes for dogs that are rescued from shelters. Some of the items are made with recycled materials as well, which is always a good idea! To learn more about Little Dog Rescue, click here.

Tea Tasting Parties!
Tea Forte has over 1000 stores in the US alone, and they have some amazing flavors of tea. But they also have Tea Tasting Parties! This is one of those great ideas that will make you feel very smart afterward – like you should've already thought of it. And it's pretty cool to have a party like this when you're away from home, because you can order a box of their best teas for the event. But wait, there's more! You can also rent out Tea Forte Tea Bars for your own party. Or, get the tea bar shipped to your house! To learn more, click here.

The Bagel Store
Have you ever heard of the Bagel Store? It's a huge chain in New England that is growing by leaps and bounds every year – and it isn't much different from Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks.


So there you have it: 40 oddball businesses that have found their own place to shine. Don't be afraid to take a risk if you have an idea and the passion to follow through with it! If a bunch of weird businesses can do it, so can you!

Even if you don't want your own business, but want to work for a company that's creative or unusual, there are plenty of jobs out there for you. You just might not know where to look! This is why I created this ultimate list of 101 companies that hire remote workers.

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