USA vs The World


 USA vs The World

A few weeks ago, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, had a long 45 minute press conference defending his controversial executive order barring immigrants with visas from seven countries from entering America. This was a move by Trump which was designed (by him) to stop terrorism in America. However, it has been argued that this is not justifiable and that this executive order is detrimental to the rights of people who are involved in immigration. Many have called on Trump to remove this ban because it violates their human rights and it has even sparked protests across many countries.

… the ‘world’s #1 problem is that xenophobia is the ‘world’s #1 religion’. [Eric]
This paper is used to discuss and analyze the human rights of migrants in regards to what Trump has done and how they can help Trump change his mind on immigration. By using an eastern perspective, this paper will analyse different aspects of immigration and determine what extent these issues are being affected today. This paper will also provide an understanding on how immigrants can be helped so that Trump can understand why he should not just make this decision for himself.

The topic of immigration to the US has been widely debated by many people. On one side, advocates for immigration say that immigrants are trying to escape from the dreadful places they live in, to come to America because it is a land of opportunity and unlimited opportunities. These migrants want to succeed in the US so that they can go back and help those who are living in terrible conditions. On the other side, critics of immigration say that these people are taking away jobs from Americans because there is a limited amount of jobs in America. By doing this, these immigrants will be reducing the jobs available for Americans which will ultimately hurt America’s economy. In this paper, the two sides of the issue will be discussed to show the extent to which these arguments hold true.

The following aspects of immigration will be explored in this paper: 
There are many issues surrounding immigration that remain unseen by the public. It is crucial that Americans understand why these issues should not be ignored. This paper aims to raise awareness and understanding on how important these issues are and why they need to be addressed.
Table of Contents
I. Introduction .................................................1II. 3 key human rights problems associated with Trump’s action to ban immigrants .........5III. Alternatives to the ban ..........................6IV. Recommendations .................................. 9V. Conclusion ...........................................10
In this paper, I aim to discuss the human rights issues associated with Trump’s action to ban immigrants. This is intended to be an honest and open discussion of the issue and hopefully promote critical thinking in this topic. The ultimate goal will be to show the public that these issues need to be discussed.
The first thing that needs to be discussed with regards to immigration is the right of freedom of movement and the right not to suffer any form of discrimination. This is something which every human being must have. However, most migrants do not have these rights because although they are living in America as legally recognised permanent residents (i.e. having a green card), they are still being persecuted by the government which is not giving them the same rights as other American citizens. This is quite unfair and something which clearly violates their human rights. The list of countries where these immigrants are from is known as the ‘world’s #1 problem’. It has been stated that “the world’s #1 problem is that xenophobia is the ‘world’s #1 religion”. This basically means that people who have been affected by Trump’s ban or any other action aimed at controlling immigration do not have a place to go because they will not be accepted in any other countries due to their religion or country of origin. It is quite clear that the US government has violated the human rights of these immigrants by restricting their freedom of movement and their right not to be discriminated against.

The second issue that needs to be addressed is that many migrants have been separated from their families, especially those who have tried to escape from war-torn countries like Syria. When a person is separated from their family, this is considered an act which defies human rights. For example, the UN has stated that “no one should be forcibly disappeared” which includes family members who are trying to find each other after being separated by immigration. This means that it is the right of every migrant not to suffer any form of discrimination and not even be separated from their loved ones.

The third and final issue that needs to be addressed is that people have been detained at airports even though they have no record of any violent behaviour. This violates the right of every human being to not suffer any form of torture and abuse.

In light of all these problems, there are many ways in which Trump can help migrants change his mind about immigration. It would be very difficult for Trump to change his mind within such a short period of time, but it is still possible if he were given enough information. The first step which Trump should take is by getting better informed about the issue so that he can make an objective decision. The first thing he can do is to look at the facts and statistics related to the issue. For example, many experts have stated that there are already sufficient laws in place to control immigration. This means that there is no need for Trump to take such drastic measures. This can be used as a way for Trump to understand the severity of his actions and change his mind by allowing more immigrants into America.
Another way in which Trump can help himself is by reading up on human rights treaties like the United Nations Convention on Refugees which protects people fleeing from war-torn countries like Syria. By reading about this, Trump can understand the severity of his actions and hopefully change his mind. He also needs to look at how other countries are dealing with the issue of immigration, so that he can see how it is possible for America to handle immigration without making it too difficult for people from other countries to enter America. The European Union has started a campaign called Open Doors which aims to help refugees by stating what the EU is doing to support refugees and migration.
It would be rather difficult for Trump to change his mind about immigration because he lacks sufficient information about the issue. This makes it easy for him to make a decision without looking into all aspects of this issue. Therefore, it is crucial that he changes his mind about immigration and does not restrict anyone’s movement or rights.

The situations mentioned in the introduction are about three key problems associated with Trump’s action to ban immigrants. These problems are causing more harm to many innocent people than Trump intends. When he restricted these immigrants, he was violating their human rights and something that should not be allowed. It would help Trump change his mind if he read more information about the effects of his actions on those immigrants and how important it is for him to change that action.

I have concluded that the Trump action to ban immigrants which has been taken by him, is clearly a violation of their human rights. These problems which Trump has been causing are forcing many people to live in fear and some are even being detained. Therefore, he should change his mind about these actions and allow more immigrants into America in order to help them.

The main idea of this paper is to discuss the effects of Trump’s ban on immigration on the human rights part, because I believe that it is a very important topic for our generation now. The discussion has been broken down into 4 different parts; migration problems, economic impacts, ethical and political issues and health concerns as well as environmental impacts.

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