3 Ways To Get Your Free Annual Credit Report


 3 Ways To Get Your Free Annual Credit Report

The three ways to get your free annual credit report are:
1) Get a copy from a local office of the three major credit reporting companies: Equifax, TransUnion and Experian.
2) Order your free annual report on-line at AnnualCreditReport.com 
3) Request your free annual report by phone and also give them permission to verify information you provide.

This article will teach you how to get your free annual credit reports in 3 easy steps; this is important for all consumers who want a good sense of their financial data or complete peace of mind. The information in this article is also useful for employers who want to verify the information a prospective employee has provided.
One of the biggest advantages of getting your free annual credit reports is that it will allow you to evaluate your credit history more carefully. For example, if you are applying for a home loan, it helps you know what kind of payments you have made for any previous loans. It also provides the basic info that lenders use when they do their due-diligence before signing off on a home purchase or refinance deal. You can get a good look at how much debt are you carrying and where do you stand financially with your various creditors (in case there are some overdue bills).
Many people find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of information that is presented to them on a credit report. The purpose of an annual credit report is to give you a rolling history of your credit, so that you can evaluate your finances. But there are some hidden costs associated with obtaining these reports. Getting one free annual report from all three major credit reporting bureaus costs $12].
Most people will have difficulty getting their free annual reports if they are not aware of how to go about it. But in this article I will show you simple steps on how you can get your free annual reports in 3 easy steps; and at no cost [$0]. Most people do not realize that you can get your free annual credit reports by mail. If you request your free annual credit report by mail, follow these three easy steps and have them delivered to your house in 3 weeks:
Step 1 : Go to AnnualCreditReport.com , enter your info and set up an account
Step 2 : Wait for the confirmation email to arrive (log-in to check it)
Step 3 : Print off your confirmation email and forward it onto the address provided along with a request for a free copy of your report(s). (Remember to add 3 weeks to the date you sent off your request for them to deliver it).
That's it! In 3 weeks you will receive a free copy of your credit report from all three major credit reporting bureaus.
The good thing about using a service like AnnualCreditReport.com is that they will also allow you to order up-to-date reports on your activity (for $14). This includes orders for new accounts, late payments, addresses and more–which allows you to get up-to-date information about the credit frauds and other bad guys out there.
Here are some tips on how to get your free annual credit reports from all three bureaus:
Equifax   If you live in the U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico , go online to Equifax.com to request your free annual credit report . You will need to set up an account so that you can receive the email confirmation.
Once you have logged in, check your email and then click on the link that says "Send My Free File" within the body of the email. I recommend that you get your browser printing disabled (to save paper) before requesting your free annual credit reports because they will ask for more information, such as name, address and Social Security number. Just make sure that is all filled out correctly; select "Yes" when asked if you want them to verify personal information with a third-party or notify any creditors.
TransUnion   For U.S. residents with U.S. and Canadian credit reporting agencies , you can get your free annual report on TransUnion online at AnnualCreditReport.com .
Experian   For all other countries outside the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico , go to Experian's website Announcement of Free Annual Credit Report Request and request your free annual report online via their secure website through the top right-hand corner of the home page .
And then follow the steps that they will ask you to follow for requesting your free annual credit report (see link above).
But if you are uncertain about whether your free annual credit report should be found under one of the three bureaus, you can call their customer service number and provide them with certain pieces of information.
For example: if your name appears as "Jane Doe" on the credit report, they ask for two pieces of information: 
First, they ask for the last six digits of your SSN and then they ask you for all your personal information (including Social Security number) so that they can verify it. If you do not know what this means or how to find out the last six digits of your SSN, I suggest calling Experian directly at 877-322-8228. They will ask you a security question to verify that you are the person requesting your credit report.
Step 1 : Call 877-322-8228 or 
Step 2 : When they answer, ask them if you can speak with a representative and say that you want to speak with the "Annual Credit Report Department." 
Step 3 : When they transfer you to the Annual Credit Reporting Department, they will request all your personal information (which I have already mentioned above). This is to verify that you are actually a representative of yourself. They will ask for your full name and address, and then your social security number (SSN) and/or driver's license number (DLN). Fill out the information completely and accurately and then they will let you know that everything is ready for your annual credit report.
It can take up to 3 weeks before you receive your free annual report(s). In order to ensure that they are sent to you, please be sure to print out the email confirmation  and request it by mail. I hope this article was informative and useful in helping you understand how to get a free credit report.

Conclusion :  
If you want to know more about the benefits of these credit reports and how they work, check out my other article: Why Collect Credit Report and What You Should Know .
And if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Finally, I don't usually promote anything on this website, but if you are in need of some credit repair services , then I recommend that you check out this company ( DailyFinance.com ) for up-to-date information on credit repair services and advice.  Considering your situation depends on many factors including your own personal financial circumstances, it is best not to try handling it yourself without consulting a professional first.

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