Informed Customers Pay Much Less for Insurance


 Informed Customers Pay Much Less for Insurance

It seems like common sense, but a recent study shows that uninformed customers tend to pay much more than costumers who know the ins and outs of their insurance policy. It's pretty simple: when you know you're getting good value for your money, you're less likely to scam the system. So if you want to save yourself time and money in the long-run, start educating yourself on how insurance works before you go out shopping for it!

Here are 37 websites for learning new skills. Each website offers its own unique style and content type. Some are text-heavy while others are video-focused. Some are organized with a blog-like structure, while others have neat and tidy lists. You can also find sites that specialize in everything from business to technology.

Choose the format that best suits your learning style and dive right in!

1. Lynda Online classes and tutorials for software, creative, business, web design, and more. Free trial available with paid monthly or annual subscription options starting at $25/month. 2. Skillshare This website is "all about sharing skills." Learn anything from yoga to photography to graphic design to marketing strategies on this platform. Free trial is available with paid membership options from $4/month to $30/month. 3. Skillcaster The Skillcaster site gives you access to over 100,000 resources from professional writers, industry leaders, and well-known journalists. Try a free account before upgrading to premium membership options that start at just $4/month. 4. ACE Blog Looking for a place to learn about fitness? This blog offers tips on staying healthy and building better habits as well as a weekly video series about staying fit on the go. 5. TED Talks Offered as both an app and a website, TED Talks feature talks, performances and discussions from many different speakers in many different fields and subjects on technology, entertainment and design (TED). 6. How Stuff Works Looking for a website to make you feel like an expert on everything? How Stuff Works is here to help! Regular features include the "How It Works" podcast, videos, and articles. 7. Khan Academy This website has been around since 2006 and is still going strong. Khan Academy offers tutorials in math, history, finance, science, and more with new materials being added regularly. Education is free! 8. eHow This site provides members with access to over 10 million articles on hundreds of different topics including technology, health and fitness as well as cleaning and organization. 9. Geek sites This site has a set of seven different Geek sites, including (but not limited to) Android Phones, Gaming, Bicycles, and more. Each site features the latest news in that topic along with guides and expert advice.

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1. Chegg Chegg is an online tutoring platform that gives students the ability to learn at their own pace with anyone from tutors to professors. The Chegg website offers both free articles as well as paid memberships via an online store where students can purchase additional services such as homework help or exam preparation. 2. is a website that connects students with tutors or professors from all over the world. Use this site to find a tutor, schedule a session, and allow your instructor to see what you're studying when they're not with you. 3. Piazza A service site designed to help you connect with your peers in classes or clubs across the country, Piazza is perfect for sharing notes, assignments and even homework while meeting up with fellow students for social get-togethers in real life! 4. Jasmine Courses This website provides students with a wide range of courses designed to help them learn new skills in a variety of fields. 5. Online Homework Help This website offers various levels of "homework help" ranging from very basic idea-starters to more advanced coursework that instructs the student on how to do particular tasks in various subjects. 6. TutorVista TutorVista is an online tutoring platform that provides classes for both students and teachers on topics from algebra to AP Physics and learning disability advice on autism spectrum disorders. 7. MyMathLab MyMathLab brings math to life for students by providing the ability to download full length lectures via an online TV type format. 8. MyMathLab Mathlab is a platform designed for students who struggle with math and need a little extra help getting through their work. MathLab offers over 10,000 videos and over 1,800 interactive lessons for your convenience! 9. AlgebraHelp This site offers coursework from algebra all the way up to college level calculus that explains different tasks in simple language that anyone can understand and utilize. 10. eNotes eNotes offers students the ability to search or browse over 20,000 study guides written by professional writers for over 10 different subjects. 11. eHow This site provides members with access to over 10 million articles on hundreds of different topics including technology, health and fitness as well as cleaning and organization. 12. RhymeBrain RhymeBrain is a site that helps you master any type of poetry from haiku to limericks with a variety of online guides on everything from rhyming words to writing sonnets. 13 . Etsy "The home for handmade, vintage and creative goods. Shop for one-of-a-kind goods from designers, artists and makers around the world." 14. Online Writing Lab This website is designed to help students improve their writing skills, giving all members access to over 5,000 articles on everything from editing and proofreading to grammar and more. 15. Pandorabots This site offers users with tutorials and guides by providing different topics that are directly related to learning about programming. 16 . SparkNotes This site gives users access to thousands of short stories in over 10 different subjects such as English, History and Literature, Modern Languages, Maths and Science amongst a variety of other subjects. 17 .


Overall the topic of online tutoring and learning is quite interesting. There are so many different websites that offer different articles, videos and tutorials for students of all ages to learn about so many different subjects. These sites range from basic information to more advanced courses that teach the student how to complete various tasks that they have been assigned.

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