Insurance Lead Generation – Expanding Your Market Share


 Insurance Lead Generation – Expanding Your Market Share

One of the most profitable sales tactics is to increase your insurance lead generation as a business. With this in mind, you should understand how it is done and put that knowledge to use for your brand. By using these skills, you could increase your market share without much effort.

One strategy to employ is gathering leads via social media by posting fliers and advertising on Facebook. Beyond social media, be sure that you are always keeping up with what competitors are doing; they all will have their own techniques that can help drive leads for your company.

One way to increase your insurance lead generation is to make use of your local Chamber of Commerce. Join the chamber and attend meetings regularly. Not only will this help you meet others in your community, it will also give you a chance to learn about the various businesses in the area. By learning who is doing well and in what areas, you could uncover opportunities that have been overlooked by other insurance companies.

To get leads from current customers, follow up with calls following their policy renewals asking if there are any new vehicles or property that need adding coverage for. The last thing they want to do is look for another company once they have found one that works for them. By working with your customers and knowing what they are looking for in an insurance company, you could be able to offer them additional benefits like lower rates or coupons. This would keep them happy and encourage them to continue being a client.

One strategy that many insurance agencies are using is sending out personalized notices to their current clients. By sending this notice via email at the end of the month, it gives them a chance to remember to renew their policies and not forget about covering their needs going forward. A simple postcard sent by mail is also a way that many companies have used as well; simply send it out on the same day that you would send out a renewal notice and you should start seeing new leads coming in within the week.

When looking for new insurance leads, you should be sure to list down what you consider to be "target markets." By writing this down and keeping it somewhere that you can easily access it, it will help remind you of the people and companies that would be interested in what your insurance company has to offer. This will help ensure that you are thinking outside of the box when trying to find new customers.

Consider creating an information booklet about your company and what types of customers they are looking for. Do not just focus on the insurance prospects; instead, think about the people who could also benefit from your services. You can then use the information you have collected over time to tailor your insurance lead generation strategies.

Be sure that you always ask for references from previous customers. Just because someone is a good customer does not mean that they will be a good reference; make sure you are asking for a name of someone the customer trusts and can speak highly of. After getting this name, it would be best to think about sending them some discount or specials in order to generate another lead for your business.

Use search engine optimization (SEO) as one way to find people searching for similar insurance leads. This can help you find prospects that are interested in learning more about your company and services. Just be sure to use the right keywords so that you do not end up finding only people looking for insurance leads by state.

One mistake that many insurance agents make is only selling what they have in their portfolio. Instead, be sure to look for new policies and coverages that can be added to their current coverage; this could give them the option of keeping their same insurance agent or getting a new one if they desire. This will help them stay with your agency instead of having to shop around again for new policies.

Once you have identified your target markets, you should consider offering them a newsletter. This will give them information about the insurance world and important topics concerning the industry. The main goal of this newsletter should be to increase your insurance lead generation while also letting others know about the services that you have to offer.

If you are having problems generating enough leads, consider offering a first month free deal. By doing this, it could help generate some interest in what you are selling and allow people to try out your company without worrying about paying full price for their initial policies. If given an option between free or not free, many people will choose free because they are worried about wasting money on something that they do not need.

If you are a sales person and are not getting the leads that you need, consider taking a vacation. When you take time off to relax, it is more likely that your brain will be in a relaxed state. This will help make it easier for you to think and come up with new ideas for new customers when you get back to work.

By following these strategies, you can generate more leads by selling your products and services. Doing this will help make sure that people continue coming back to your company after they have purchased products or services from other companies. These tips should prove helpful in finding ways to increase insurance lead generation as well as finding new clients that could benefit from what your company has to offer.

Joel Thayer is an agent with the Farm Bureau Insurance in Laurel, Md. He has more than 22 years of experience and has been selling insurance policies for nearly three decades. Joel can be reached at 301-564-7534 or

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The first step in bringing in more leads is to consider adding some new, higher-visibility strategies to your existing plan of attack. Add these strategies into your approach and watch your business grow.

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