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OK, here we go again with another free gift. I love to do this because it is a nice way to give something back and I also hope that it will help anyone who uses my blog.1. This free gift is huge! It will teach you how to make money while your kids play on their computer hour after hour! You don't have to choose between time with them and time making money.2. You will learn how to get started and start earning money today! The truth is that lots of people make real money online and most of them start right when their kids are young. It's ideal for you to be making money while your children are still young!3. This free gift covers 4 ways to make cash while your kids watch TV or play on their computer. They can really benefit from all these ideas and you don't have to worry about keeping them off the computer and away from the TV because they can still come along with you!4. You will learn how to avoid the scams that are all over the place! If you want to be successful, you really have to avoid the scams. If you don't, you will lose lots of money and time!5. The 4 ways covered in this free gift are all incredibly easy to do and anyone can do them. You probably already know someone doing one of them or even all four of them! Start looking around today and then start building a business using this free gift! For more information go to http://davidpuccioworld.com/giveaway

6.  This free gift is not just for parents but for anyone who wants to make extra cash when their kids are around!1-23

1.  All it takes is a computer and some time!2-25

I did not get a chance to put this up yesterday due to travel issues. As always, when I have free time, I am happy to make more free gifts available for you. This one is designed to help you with the topic of Money Management and how it fits into your overall life plan. You will be able to use the information in this book to determine which money management tool is best for you. Money Management consists of two tools: Budgeting and Saving. Budgeting is a very simple way to keep track of your spending and saving while saving allows you to automatically save a portion of your income so that you can invest it.

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The most common question that I get from the people who read my blog is "How are these products related to internet marketing? I mean, there are a lot of products available on the internet. How do you choose the ones that are best for me?" After a number of years of researching the topic of internet marketing, I have come up with what I believe to be a unique way to compare products. The following table is a comparison chart between the products. Click on each product name to go to its product page and then click on "Order Now" for more information as well as how to order.

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The table above compares the various products that I have reviewed on my blog. The product names in red are products that I have reviewed in previous posts. The green product names are products that I have yet to review but they look very promising. On my About Me page, I state that it is important for you to choose only one internet marketing product at a time so as not to get overwhelmed or confused by all the options. In most cases, you can take your time and test out each product for one month before moving onto another one if necessary. This process is especially important if you are a first time internet marketer. I have included a link to my About Me page below so that you can check it out and see for yourself.

click to go there

In the past, I have used many different people to post articles on my blog. Some of them are old posts, some of them were old posts that I didn't know had been posted, some of them were old posts written by other people and I just collected them into one article for convenience's sake.

It is nice to use different people when the content is not relevant to each other and it makes the blog easier to read. It is also a nice way to pay it forward or give back to the community.

With that being said, I would like to thank all of the following people for their assistance in helping me build my blog:

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1.  This is our first post on building a website since there are so many products available and we did not want confusion as to which one was best for us. This is an important post so please read it before you do anything else! 2.  I have recently been using this webhost and I love it! 3.  Also, please visit David Puccio's Blog for more information on the products and to order. 4.  This is a link to a free video course that I created that you might find useful for building your website. 5.  There are a number of other products mentioned on this post so please check them out if you have not read them already. 6.  This is a link to my About Me page where I discuss the advantages of building websites and how it relates to internet marketing in general. 7.   This is another freebie that you can use to help your website build! Click here . 8.   This is another freebie that you can use to help your website build! 9 .


This post is not yet complete. Over the next few weeks, I will be adding to it and posting additional resources to help you in your internet marketing efforts.

I have chosen the following as my top 10 books that I think are some of the best "must read" books in this area: The Art of Making Money Online and How to Make a Six Figure Blog 10 .  I read these books a number of years ago when I first started out so there are definitely some updates that I can provide from what they cover as well.


In this section, you will find my favorite tools, resources and products for building websites as well as internet marketing in general.

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