Pennsylvania life insurance company


 Pennsylvania life insurance company

Do you know what your risk is and is your family taken care of in the event something happens to you? If not, then it's time to find the right company for you.

The Pennsylvania Insurance Agency can help! We're a local, independent agency that knows how difficult it can be to find the right life insurance company. That's why we offer a variety of policies from different companies at affordable rates.

How do I establish trust with my readers?

According to Steven Slocum, "Trusting a writer who has not earned our trust through their previous work is like marrying someone sight unseen. We may be thrilled when we meet the person and discover that they live up to our expectations, but it's hardly the best way to proceed. If we commit to a writer that we've never met before based on their sample of work, then the risk is all ours.

Unless the writer can convince us that we are in good hands, we would do well to stay away from anything they have to say. We have no way of knowing if they will deliver what they promise in terms of quality and timeliness and so there is no need to rely on them since we can find plenty of writers who already have a level of trust with us simply by virtue of their previous accomplishments."

How do I keep my readers occupied?

"One of the things that we need to be aware of," says Steven Slocum, "is that our readers are not going to want to spend all day waiting for our articles. We want them to have the time to spend with their families and friends, so we need to keep our articles short and sweet. We also need to provide them with a sense of anticipation. If they are in the middle of an article when they are not expecting it, then they will get irritated."

How can I convince my readers that I'm trustworthy?

"It is something that you will have to work on," says Steven Slocum, "and we suggest you start by following some writers – those who write consistently week in and week out. Those are the writers who have earned our trust and we would be more inclined to believe in them. The first thing we would want to see is a steady stream of quality material coming in. As they get familiar with their style, they will start writing stories that are engaging to our readers. They will have to take things one step at a time and that's the only way we can be persuaded that we can trust them."

How should I go about writing an article?

"One of the advantages of doing our job," says Steven Slocum, "is that we tend to accept whatever gets sent to us and so as long as it's spell checked and has a title page and it passes all the other basic tests, then it's on its way into the world whether it's finished or not. That means that we have to write very quickly and that means that we'll need to know what's coming in and what's going out so we can catch the ones that come in. In addition, because of the amount of material that we get, it will be difficult for us to stay on top of everything. That means we have to rely on our readers sending us their input."

What is one thing I need to know before I start writing?

"I don't want our article's length to exceed 500 words," says Steven Slocum, "so as a starting point you should keep your word count down. Also, once you have your title page and your introduction ready, we would like to see a body for your article. We would prefer to see one paragraph at the start of the article and then move on from there."

What is the difference between a conventional insurance company and a specialty company?

"If we have one reference," says Steven Slocum, "we will check it out with several different companies. We will verify their claims status with other companies. We will ask questions about their policy form and whether they satisfy certain requirements (i.e., individuals over age 85). We will verify their statements with other regulatory authorities. We will check to see if they are licensed in the state from which they claim to do business (i.e., do they have all the licenses required for that state).

We will check to make sure that they are performing all of the functions we would expect and then we will rate them. Specialty companies have a much higher risk of being fraudulent."

How can I convince my readers to buy life insurance?

"Well," says Steven Slocum, "we would want you to tell your readers why it is so important for people their age to consider buying a life insurance policy and whether or not theirs is sufficient. We would want you to tell readers how much they need to save and what they can do with it. We would want you to convince them that it's a good investment.

It is very important for us that we get a sense of your writing style because if we don't see anything wrong with your work, then we're going to expect the same thing from the rest of your articles that we see in your sample letters."

How can I get more readers?

"We're very interested in getting our readers back," says Steven Slocum, "and so we encourage our writers to send out articles every once in awhile and we will repost those on our website. We will also post our articles on a number of sites. We have an ongoing campaign in which we are posting articles from readers to get them back.

One way that we hope you can help us is by providing us with a bio. We would like to know who you are and then we can use that information for marketing purposes."

What is the easiest way to work with you?

"We would prefer to hear from you directly," says Steven Slocum, "and so feel free to give us a call or send an email anytime. We will be happy to answer any questions and if there is anything that you want us to write about (i.e.

Conclusion – We have found Mr. Slocum to be very receptive and eager to help us with any questions that we may have. Although we have not started a relationship with him, it is safe to say that he seems very easy to work with and has given us some great tips on how to handle our writing projects.

Possible downfalls of working with Mr. Slocum:

It is quite possible that you may start off working with Mr. Slocum and realize after a while you would prefer someone else. This is just something you will need to take into account before signing up for any writing services online.

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