Try to read more insurance articles before you purchase anything...!


 Try to read more insurance articles before you purchase anything...!

Finding the right insurance for your needs can be confusing so it is important that you educate yourself before making a decision.  In this article, we'll go over what you should know before purchasing any kind of insurance.

-What types of insurance are available to me? 
-Why do I need to read articles about insurance? 
-Can I still get coverage if I have a pre-existing condition? 
The last 11 paragraphs should be about the content of the blog post to avoid plagiarism. The introduction is only two sentences long so there's not much going on in it.

Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States of America, since the second inauguration on January 20, 2009. He won reelection in 2012.

"The New York Times" assesses him as "mellow and steady". The official biographer concludes that he is a very patriotic man, who has "flawed but lovable" qualities 
The snarky comment by the candidate's campaign manager about his opponent being an unqualified lesbian might have been problematic in 2008 but it wasn't considered too offensive for 2012. It was deemed quite remarkable that someone thought accusations like this were appropriate to make and Obama's response was to say nothing at all. This was considered the right tactic as he didn't want to get into a mud-slinging match with the Republicans.

There are many reasons why Obama was elected and I'm not going to rehash them here. If you're interested in reading some more about those, here's an article you can read: Barack Obama is second term US president - who is he? It was written in October 2012 and it covers his life from birth to his running for President.
The most salient point made in this article is that Obama's campaign has been focused around the issue of fairness, which he says has been lacking in America. Thus he did not do an individual, political attack on his opponent and instead chose to talk about the issues 
In other words, he almost never took potshots at his opponents and instead focused on the issues.
The book "What Works" has a chapter called "Can Obama Defeat Romney?" in which they examine Obama's strengths and weaknesses. They conclude that a large number of Obama's voters remain disappointed in him. They feel like he has not delivered on important promises such as fixing the economy and creating good-paying jobs. Thus they feel like he should have done more during his first term.
In other words, Obama did not deliver on his promises. In particular, the Republicans feel he has passed up many opportunities to make a difference.
That's enough about Obama. The next president was Eisenhower and he's the one who was president during the Korean War 
Eisenhower was known to be a soldier but he was also a good president due to his ability to speak plainly and clearly express his intentions. He wasn't afraid to criticize what others were doing wrong or give people advice when they asked for it.
It was Eisenhower who was the first president to really embrace the idea of "I'm from Missouri," which I think is pretty cool.
He knew that a country's strength can be measured in many ways and he understood that people will buy into what a leader says when they're confident in their leader 
This is a really important thing to keep in mind when you read how people evaluate an individual's presidency. Being a good president is not about being liked and it's not about "winning" elections 
You want the people to buy into you because they trust you and believe what you say. It's about the way you speak but that's another article altogether and has much more to do with how we speak than anything else.
It sounds stupid but I find it really important when I listen to my friends talk about Obama. They often criticize him by saying that he should have done more to fix the economy because that would have made him a better president.
Here's an example of someone who thinks this: "I don't like Obama, I'm still waiting for him to fix things so he can be great. He hasn't done anything yet."
Note that he does not like Obama, he is just criticizing him because he has not fulfilled his promises. He cares about how people perceive Obama, he doesn't care about getting anything done. The promise of a "great" president becomes an empty promise if the person cannot deliver on it.
This is the reason why so many people were so disillusioned with Obama in 2008. He promised to fix an awful lot of things but when things didn't change right away, people began to doubt that he could ever lead the country into a better place for everyone.
I'm not saying that Obama is perfect, but when you read voices like those above, ask yourself if you're hearing genuine criticism or if it's just hot air and you're paying attention to the wrong thing.
One more quote from the book "What Works": 
"People don't like to be criticized so they tend to rally behind their leaders when they think they're going after them…"
If something needs to be done in order for people to believe a leader can fix things, then it's necessary for that leader to have a track record of doing what needs doing. And yes, Obama had a track record of doing things that needed doing but obviously many people weren't satisfied with his progress until he was reelected.
I can't stress enough how important it is to believe in yourself. Being able to talk about what you think you've accomplished and believing people won't agree with you doesn't make you a bad person, it makes you human. You can have conviction without being arrogant and there's nothing wrong with that. Knowing where you're going and knowing why that matters is also really important, but again, this is another article for another time.
You need to understand the way people think in order for your message to be effective and so in order to talk about Obama I need to talk about Eisenhower before I get there.


Talking about Obama and Eisenhower, I have to ask you this: do you know why people were so disappointed with Obama? I think it's because he promised to be different from the previous president but he wasn't.
He wasn't different, and as a result, people became frustrated because they felt betrayed. They expected him to come in and do something spectacular but it wasn't going fast enough. They wanted change now but he was taking too long.
The problem isn't Obama or Eisenhower. The problem is that they were both human beings who happened to be really good at what they did.

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