Wisdom and Effective Communication in Relationships


  Wisdom and Effective Communication in Relationships

Do you ever find that it's difficult to have a serious conversation with your partner? Do you feel like one of the two is always joking while the other feels burdened by an inability to be themselves? Are there certain topics that are off-limits for discussion due to hurt feelings, or did those topics stop being relevant over time? If so, you may want to take a look at your communication habits in order to cultivate what we like to call "wisdom." 

Wisdom often manifests as perspective. As we age our perspective on life and love typically evolves into something more mature and nuanced. One thing becomes clear: the way relationships work needs rethinking. A relaxed, undifferentiated approach to communication in a relationship is no longer the optimal method for producing mature, effective communication. 

Many people today cite communication skills as being the key to good relationships and happy marriages. However, if an individual's communication skills are unrefined and based on common formulae learned from media or friends, they will not be effective. The old adage "You should never get married if you only know how to argue!" has more significance today than ever before. 

There is a benefit to accepting that a relationship requires something more than communication. If you can acknowledge this fact, you will be free to develop the wisdom required to make your relationship work. You will be free to communicate in ways that are based not only on your current emotional state, but also on your present understanding of your partner. 

By cultivating wisdom in the form of perspective and communication, husband and wife start from an equal place where they can talk about anything-even the most sensitive issues-without feeling insecure or pressured. By learning how to communicate effectively with each other, couples are able to cultivate a deeper connection with each other over time that results in happier marriages and healthier relationships overall. 

"Wisdom is the supreme part of happiness." -Aristotle 

By Jordan Francis, Psy.D. and Abbey Wagner, M.A., LMFT 

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Excerpt from "The Relationship Magic" Copyright 2017 Jordan Francis and Abbey Wagner, M.A., LMFT 
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Conclusion:  Wisdom Attunement When it comes to communication, many people are talking about things that they don't really mean or aren't really interested in. They are saying things they don't believe either. This can lead to resentment and misunderstandings. As a result of not saying what you really mean or not saying things sincerely, you end up with confusion and misinterpretations. Wisdom Attunement is the state of being in tune with what is said and meant as opposed to simply hearing what is being said. In other words, you are able to hear your partner's message fully while processing it from your own internal and external perspectives at the same time so that it coincides with how you feel rather than misinterpret it or let your emotions rule over reason.

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