Abstract Photography - Has photography come of age


 Abstract Photography - Has photography come of age

Abstract Photography is a genre of photography that's been around for decades, but has exploded in popularity as an art form since the mid-2000s. This new type of photography generates a reaction from the viewer without even showing them what they're looking at. In this article we'll explore what Abstract Photography is, where it comes from, and how its developed over time.

Abstract Photography is an art form that produces its own unique perspective by using a photographic lens to transform the subject into shapes and patterns forming a coherent whole, but without portraying any recognisable object or event.

Abstract Photography is just like any other kind of photography; it's about capturing an image, but instead of showing the viewer what you've captured it shows them how you see your subject. The photograph does not tell a story about the subject or a scene, it merely shows how he perceives his subject.

Why make an Abstract Photograph?
The world around us is constantly changing and has the potential to bring a measurable change to everything we know and value. Abstract Photography tries to show us how we perceive that change, and therefore enables us as humans to see things in a different way.

The world of Abstract Photography is vast because it encompasses all kinds of subjects including nature, buildings, people, plants and animals. Abstract Photography doesn't limit itself to one type of subject only; the range is almost limitless.

Abstract photography became popular in the mid-2000s. This was around the time when Instagram was launched and people were able to share their photographs with the world instantly. The availability of printing at home printed to high resolution played a significant role as did the emergence of Photoshop for use on mobile devices. This new technology opened up new possibilities for photographers to share their images without having to rely on galleries and other websites, like most art forms do today.

More about the photographer: John Morris - John Morris is an American Artist who creates Abstract photography. He has a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art from the University of Maryland. His focus is on Natural and Abstract Photography with personal work also.

Here's an example of a photo that uses Abstract Photography to show us what he sees when he looks at his subject:

Abstract Photography Gallery
Some examples of Famous Photographers who use this style of photography are Paul Darcis, Robert Adams, Martin Parr, Cindy Sherman and many others. Here's a gallery that shows the works of some famous photographers using this style of photography; click through to view more:

Sources & Further reading: https://www.pnas.org/content/111/16/5987.full http://www.riverfronttimes.com/2013-11-07/music-arts/abstract-photography-has-come-of-age http://www.abstractphotographyglobal.com/about.html

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You've read about how to make your photographs abstract. But do you really know what this is all about? And are you making the most of that? Perhaps you thought that photography was just about making nice photographs, but they need to be abstract. Abstract Photography is more than just taking any old photograph, it's about being creative. Abstract Photography carries its own unique meaning and you can actually make a living as an artist using this technique. So here are a few tips on how to make photographs look like they're abstract so that potential clients will know what you're able to do for them:

Read the instructions on how to use the camera and take pictures before making them abstract if you don't already know how.

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