Amazing Kettlebell Workout Produces Superior Results


 Amazing Kettlebell Workout Produces Superior Results

An amazing kettlebell workout produces superior results and can improve your health, build muscle strength, improve your cardiovascular system, and give an incredible pump. The key to this workout is to squat with the kettlebell overhead. This way you are using an instability that allows you to move through a much larger range of motion than a normal squat in which the arms are by the sides. If you want full benefits from this exercise then perform it five times or more over any given week and rest one day between each session.

The weight should be challenging but not too difficult as switching from one arm to another too rapidly will raise cortisol – a hormone responsible for eliciting pain and feelings of fatigue - in response to stress.

A kettlebell is essentially a cannonball with a handle. They do not have to be expensive and can be bought from most gym equipment suppliers. In fact, you can do this workout with any weight that you have available such as plates, water bottles or cans of food!

Squatting with a kettlebell in each hand brings both the arms and legs into play – both the push muscles (chest and triceps) and the pull muscles (back). The free arm can be used to balance but it is best if it moves with the body rather than just hanging by your side as this will place unnecessary stress on your spine.

If you are able to perform a half-kneeling squat then this will be much easier and more comfortable and you can use it as the basis of your workout. If you cannot do a half-kneeling squat then it is better to start from the standing position rather than sitting. If you are unable to do a standing or half-kneeling squat then simply hold the kettlebell in each hand and rotate on each foot so that one knee touches the opposite elbow. Do this for 10 reps before moving on to the next exercise.

Try to keep an even pace as even a slight advance in speed will leave you too breathless to continue and will waste valuable time. If you want extra air, you can always jump up from the floor at the end of each rep. Although this is not essential for overall health, it does build more bulk and size. If you do not have enough breath, then simply inhale air while performing each rep before jumping up so that your lungs are fully inflated.

Don't be tempted to rush through this workout and miss out on some of the wonderful benefits that it can deliver. When you are in control of the kettlebell, then don't be afraid to show off a little!

Reps: 10-15
This is a simple exercise that is great for developing lateral stability and conditioning the entire body. Bearing in mind that it is not a true deadlift you will find that progress can be made by simply increasing the weight as the repetitions increase. You will notice an increase in difficulty when you use more weight to perform the same number of reps.

If you cannot hold onto the kettlebell on your first attempt simply do not worry. Simply squat down onto a fixed object such as another kettlebell and continue your reps from there.

Reps: 10-15
This is a great exercise for developing shoulder and arm strength as well as increasing lateral stability. If you have arms that are not yet strong enough to support the weight of the bell then simply lower it onto a fixed object before starting your repetitions.

Since you are holding the weight overhead you will notice an increased difficulty in reaching full lock-out at the top of each rep. If you do not have time to rest then simply reach as far back as possible and repeat until your next set started. You will find a big difference in difficulty when performing this workout with heavier weights.

Reps: 10-15
This exercise is similar to the pull over but the arms are not raised in an overhead position. The arms are kept roughly central as you carry out each rep. You will notice a greater emphasis on muscle activation at the top of each rep. If you cannot perform a full pull over then simply reach forward and move your arms further away from the body to achieve full range of motion. Each arm should make a full arc and the bell should be at shoulder level or above before starting your reps.

Keep your back straight, head up and your body as tight as possible at all times. There are two main benefits from this exercise:

1) The shoulders receive a great workout that will work the muscle group from top to bottom. This is a fantastic way of building a solid upper back in the absence of a lat pulldown machine.

2) As you lean forward and jerk the weight upwards, you will automatically move the front shoulder joint into extension thereby stabilising the shoulder joint without extra effort. This is an especially good exercise for those who have suffered dislocation or other serious shoulder injuries.

Reps: 10-15
This is the inverse of the Russian Twist and will work each side of the core in exactly the same way. It will also give a fantastic workout to both sides of the body and will keep you on your toes throughout. If you are relatively new to this exercise then you may find that you lack balance at first and if this is the case, simply use a fixed object such as a chair for support until your coordination improves.

You should keep your core tight and do not use your arms to push yourself up and forward as this can place unnecessary stress on the spine. As you move the kettlebell between your legs, make sure that you maintain a tight pelvic floor and press up into the movement, helping to work both the glutes and hamstrings. You should always feel a good stretch in the gluteal muscles whether you are doing this exercise properly or not!

In order to ensure that your lower back is kept tight during each rep, keep it upright if at all possible. You could simply lay on your side for support but it will be more difficult to maintain a straight line so you may find yourself leaning forward or backwards slightly with each rep.


In this workout you have focused on the four major muscle groups of the body: the shoulders, upper back, core and legs. You have used a wide variety of exercises to ensure that you are able to increase both strength and muscle size in these areas. As well as increasing overall strength, there is a lot you can do to improve appearance by giving your bikini area a really hard workout!

While you will notice an increase in difficulty across all exercises as your muscles become stronger it is important to remember that this is part of the process and that if any exercise proves too difficult then simply move onto another one or use more weight for extra training effect.

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