Aquasize To A Flatter Stomach!


 Aquasize To A Flatter Stomach!

Aquasize To A Flatter Stomach!

Stomachs come in all shapes and sizes. It can be difficult to find a pair of pants that fit right or feel comfortable in, especially for those who are overweight. This article will help teach you how to slim your stomach with aquasize, a workout that combines the best of water aerobics and deep-water exercise. 

After reading this post, you'll know: 
-How waistbands work  -The difference between compression and tension -What is aquasizing? And 
-the benefits of this type of workout to lose weight from your stomach faster.

For the best results, make sure to drink lots of water after your workout. Thirst is the body's natural way of flushing out toxins. Drinking water after you aquasize greatly helps in reducing bloat and helping you look better! 
Note: If you are looking to lose belly fat fast, it is advised that you exercise for two minutes at a time; This will ensure that your body uses almost every last muscle fiber and burns more calories than previous by doing the same amount of exercise.

Waistbands: How They Work

All waistbands, whether it is men's or women's, are made to compress your belly so that they form to it. The theory behind this is that when your belly is compressed, you will automatically be tighter and feel better about your body. This works especially well with women because they carry their weight differently than a man would. Women carry their weight around the waist, hips and thighs while a man carries his weight in his chest and shoulders. Compressing the stomach helps eliminate the look of excess skin around the midsection for both men and women.

What is Compression?

Most men and women don't know the difference between compression and tension. They are very much the same thing. The main difference is what tension is used to do: compress or lift. Tension in a waistband helps lift the lower belly area, while compression helps eliminate rolls of fat around the midsection. 
Tension in a waistband pulls the stomach down into the pelvic region while compression helps to eliminate rolls of fat around the stomach. 
The difference between these two types of waistbands are what they help you do while working out. Compression is used to eliminate rolls of fat, while tension is used to help your lower stomach and pelvic area. You can tell which type of waistband you have by measuring the elasticity of the material. If it's extremely elastic, then you know that it will help compress and eliminate fat.

The Difference Between Deep Water Exercise and Aquasize

Aquasizing is the same thing as deep-water exercising as long as they are done at a certain level in the water. Deep-water exercising is traditionally done in water that reaches up to your neck, but aquasizing is typically done in water that reaches around mid-torso level or just below your chest. 
What is Deep Water?

Deep-water exercise will help you melt away inches of fat at the waist and abdomen area. It works your abdominal muscles by doing a full range of motion movements, so your abs can act as shock absorbers that keep your spine in alignment while you exercise. But when you look at the amount of fat and cellulite that accumulates in this region, it's no wonder why most people dread having to work out in the water.
You should use this type of workout to burn maximum calories while getting rid of last weeks excesses on both sides of your stomach.

What is Aquasize?
Aquasizing is the same thing as deep-water exercising as long as they are done at a certain level in the water. Deep-water exercising is traditionally done in water that reaches up to your neck, but aquasizing is typically done in water that reaches around mid-torso level or just below your chest. Aquasizing works a lot of your core muscles, because the body naturally tries to float when you are weighted down by the water. To help control your body movements when doing aquasizing, you will need to use the power of your core muscles to move yourself throughout your workout.

Benefits of Aquasize

If you are wondering how aquasizing will help you to reduce the fat in your stomach, this is how it works. Your core plays an important part in helping eliminate fat from the body. The main core muscle we are talking about is called your TVA (Transverse Abdominus). It is pretty much what it sounds like: a muscle that helps you with transverse movement of your body. To do this, it contracts and helps to add muscle to your stomach area. When you are doing aquasizing workouts ,your body will naturally feel a pull from above and below when performing different movements. This helps to tone and strengthen the muscles that you use for digestion.

Tension: What is Compression?
The waistband tension varies from side to side, but the most noticeable thing in them is that they are tighter on the smaller side of your waist than on the larger. The tighter a waistband feels, the more compression it offers. You should also notice that they are made with different materials. Some are made with very soft mesh material while others offer added support and stability by using softer spandex or other supportive material. They also come in different colors and styles which can make it hard to find one that fits your body type and feels comfortable at first.

Preventing a Bulge in Your Waistband

A lot of women try to cover up the extra bit of fat around their waist by wearing looser-fitting waistbands. This can help make them feel better about their expanding stomachs, but it will do more harm than good if they are using these waistbands to hide the problem. When we use an elastic band to draw up our belly or lower tummy area, the muscles are stretched and we simply get a closer-looking waistline rather than being able to shed those unwanted inches. Many women say that they look much better when they wear the tightest elastic bands on their lower stomach area because it gives off a slender appearance.


Now that you have the basics on waistbands, it's time to look for a product that works for you. When you finally find one, ask yourself if it fits well and is comfortable. If it feels like it is holding your stomach in place, then you know that it should be the best fit for you. Remember to use the waistband as a tool to help with your overall weight loss and health goals.

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