Become The Top Blogging Site Tips


 Become The Top Blogging Site Tips

Hi, and welcome to the blog! I'm so glad you've found us. I hope these tips will be useful to you in building your own blogging site and developing a blog that people love--or at least find informative or interesting. 

1) Consider a Niche: Pick something to write about--something you're passionate about. If you can't think of anything, think about what questions people are asking in forums related to your topic or search phrases they use on Google. You'll know it when it sparks your interest! 
2) Choose Blogging Platform Carefully: Some platforms require more technical knowledge than others and some have extra features such as e-commerce or social integration. If you want these features, make sure the platform you choose supports them. Some platforms offer free blogging sites while others charge a fee. Also, some platforms require coding knowledge, while others have simple WYSIWYG editors. Choose your platform carefully based on what your site will need to accomplish.
3) Use Professional Visual Assets & Branding: You want people to visit your site again and again so it's important to make it look great with high-quality images and graphics that fit your blog's style and brand image. It's also important to use the same graphics on social media so they are recognizable whenever readers share your content or mention you on their own blogs or social accounts like Facebook or Twitter. When you start building your blog's visual assets, use royalty-free images if possible. 
4) Set Up Social Accounts: You should set up at least one Facebook page and account on Twitter and Google+ at a minimum. A good blog with great content will want to let its followers know about other social networks it participates in. Make sure your profiles are professional looking and consistent on all social sites so that when readers of one see you on another, they recognize you! Don't forget to link back to your blog from all of these accounts.
5) Start Writing: Now that your blog is ready, start writing! Write as often as you can--at least once a week if possible. Readers come to blogs to find information or news that interests them. If you're launching a blog about a new product, write reviews as new products in your niche are released. If you're blogging about a current event, make sure you keep your readers updated. You'll be surprised how quickly you start getting recognized and followed and running your own blog can become very rewarding!
6) Make the Most of Your Blog: Make sure to generate lots of quality content on a regular basis and use social media to increase your visibility online. Think of ways you can connect with other bloggers in your niche or platforms like Pinterest or Instagram to increase exposure for yourself and your blog. Use Google Analytics to monitor how people interact with your blog. 
7) Keep Learning: Blogging is a rapidly evolving field. The best ways to keep up-to-date are to follow other blogs and sources of information in your niche and learn from them. It's helpful to share blog posts on social media so that you get likes, comments and shares from people who aren't already familiar with you or your blog. You'll notice that when you have a lot of activity on social sites, new followers are more likely to visit your site if they find it through their social accounts. 
8) Promote Your Blog: The more readers you have, the better. Don't be afraid to promote your blog on a regular basis. It's okay to ask people to subscribe or signup for your blog if you have something interesting or valuable to offer. The more useful content you have, the more others will want to share it with their friends and followers which will get you the largest following possible!
9) Monitor Your Blog: Make sure you keep an eye on comments and try to respond when appropriate. You may also want to set up alerts on Google Alerts so that you'll know when someone mentions a post of yours in a forum or on a website. You can also use other tools like Google Analytics to monitor how often people visit your blog and where they come from. 
10) Use Social Media As A Platform: The social media platforms are a great opportunity to get noticed, interact and provide value for your readers on these sites. You may want to use them as an opportunity to ask questions about what people are asking in chat forums related to your blog topic or even try asking your own questions! If you use social media, make sure you have a consistent look and branding so that the readers of one site recognize you when you post on another. 
11) Be Consistent: Keep a consistent look and branding so that the readers of one site recognize you when they see you on another. 
12) Make Your Blog A Habit: You can't expect visitors to return daily if you don't have anything of interest posted every day. Maybe once a week or once a month is enough if you're not 100% sure you'll be able to write regular blog posts about your niche. Remember that readers will come and go from your blog as they find something they like and stop coming back. As long as your content is interesting, interesting people will keep coming back often!
This is all for today! Stay tuned for more tips in the future! Thanks so much for reading, have a great day and blog on! -Olivia Price
Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Olivia. She loved to play video games and especially loved to play Animal Jam. She was on the chat every day and had made quite a lot of friends. She also played other games online like Roblox at times, but she still mostly enjoyed Animal Jam. Olivia had become accustomed to the name "Kikari" from her username in Animal Jam. One day, Olivia decided that she wanted a new name for the chat--a name that she could use not only in Animal Jam chat or Roblox...but everywhere! In short, she wanted her own blog!
The next day after school, Olivia went to her computer and started designing her blog with Google blogger . She was so happy with how she had designed her blog and was ready to publish. Just as she had finished designing and preparing her blog for publishing, another girl hopped into the chat. She scanned Olivia's site at first glance, and smiled at it before telling Olivia that she couldn't wait to see what her blog looked like!
The first thing Olivia noticed about her newbie friend was how busy her blog was. With bright colors and a lot of animals on it, she didn't really have any place left to put anything new! The second thing Olivia noticed about this girl before she left the chat was that this girl had an almost identical layout to Olivia' was almost identical!
"Wait...have we met?" she asked as the other girl left the chat. Olivia didn't know if it was possible, but she somehow thought they might have been in the same class in school. She searched her memory for any of her friends that looked like this girl...but she couldn't think of anyone.
She decided to leave it at that and went off to create more content and links, until her next visitor...
"I LOVE YOUR BLOG!" a little girl named Alice said enthusiastically before getting up from her computer chair and leaving for 10 minutes. She came back with a large smile on her face, wishing Olivia a good afternoon.

Olivia and the girl had seen each other the rest of the day and decided to talk more in the chat later. The two had become good friends, and Olivia remembered Alice's other blog from earlier that day. It was filled with bright colors and many beautiful animals.
She decided that she didn't want her blog to be just like any other, so she took Alice's advice to change some things around for her style.

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