Bodybuilding 101


 Bodybuilding 101

If you want to take your body to the next level, you should try bodybuilding. It can be an arduous journey, but it’s worth all the blood, sweat, and tears when you see how much better your body looks in clothes or with your shirt off. Here’s how to do it right.

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I want to create a blog post that is informative and factual about being a girl and dealing with sexual harassment. This will include information on what sexual harassment is as well as ways on how girls can get help if they experience this type of abuse. The best way for someone to learn is by having a few examples. The examples will be stories that I have heard from girls that are my age or younger. With their permission, I am going to use some of the story lines from their stories and change the names and character features so as to keep their identities safe.

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Example Story One: Rachel is our main character in this story. She is in eleventh grade and goes to an all-girls school. The school she goes to has had sexual harassment cases before, but not many. In her class, Rachel has about twelve girls. In this story, Rachel is sitting on a bench reading and listening to her music in her headphones. One of the girls who sit next to Rachel decides that she does not want to be sitting next to Rachel and asks another girl if she would like to sit next for a while. Then, the new girl sits down and starts flirting with Rachel. This girl keeps talking about how cute Rachel looks or how cute her dress is and most of all, about how nice it would be if they sat together on the bench during free time.

Rachel does not like being made fun of and tells the other girl that she should stop making fun of her. The other girl then tells Rachel that she knows where Rachel lives and asks if they can sit together for a while. Rachel agrees to let the girls sit next to her, but does not want them to talk to her or look at her.

While the girls are talking about how cute they think she is, Rachel starts cringing because she is really uncomfortable with it and wants them to stop talking about her. The girls start asking Rachel about what time she gets out of school, if she has a boyfriend, or what sports teams she likes so that later on in the year when they talk again they can talk about sports together.

Rachel walks away from the girls and they come running after her and ask why she walked away. The girls ask Rachel if she is in a rush to get somewhere or if she had somewhere else to be. Rachel tells them that she just walks away because she does not want them to talk with her anymore. They start yelling at Rachel saying that they are trying to be nice, but Rachel tells them that they are not being nice, but mean instead. The girls yell back at her saying that she should stop being stuck up and mean and that this is why people do not like her.

Rachel was really upset by this conversation because she felt that the girls were trying to be nice, but then turned really mean. Rachel did not think that they were trying to be mean, but just did not realize how saying those kinds of things can make a person feel. Rachel doesn’t want to develop feelings for these girls because she just wants to be friends with them and get through the year without being stressed out about it.

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Example Story Two: Sarah is a sophomore studying at an all-girls college. She goes out with her friends after class one day and has some time to kill before their dinner reservation. Sarah decides to stop at the bookstore before dinner. While inside, she talks to a cashier about how many books are in each section of the store. When Sarah walks away from talking to him, he says something really offensive and inappropriate that makes her feel awkward and uncomfortable about coming back to the store.

Sarah decides that she is going to let someone else know what happened because she does not want it to happen again. She finds a manager and tells them what happened and shows them exactly what he said so that they can go look for him if they want. The manager tells Sarah that he was very sorry that she had to go through that and that it is not okay for someone to talk to her in the way that he did. She tells the manager that she is going to tell as many people as possible what happened.

The manager calls the police and makes a report about what happened. He warns Sarah not to go anywhere by herself or with her friends if possible because he does not want her or any of the other girls who shop at the store to be unsafe. Sarah thanks him for all his help and heads out on her dinner date with her friends.

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Example Story Three: Mary is a sophomore in high school. She is walking home from school with one of her friends, Abby. They are walking down the street when two boys ride past them on their bikes, yell something, and then ride off. Abby asks Mary if she knows what they said and then repeats what she just heard them murmuring to each other. Mary can not believe that they were saying those things to them and gets extremely upset and scared because she has never dealt with this before and thought that it would never happen to her in real life.

Mary runs home and tells her parents what happened and then calls the police. They take down a report and give Mary a class B misdemeanor citation for harassment. She gets in trouble for telling the police officer that she had never been harassed before and that she had never told anyone else, but now she wanted to tell someone. By telling the police officer about what happened, this makes her eligible to file charges against the boys through the court system.

Mary decides to tell her parents about what happened because she does not want it to happen again, but is scared of being taken away from her family or being sent to one of these new schools that are supposed to be helping these kids learn better ways of dealing with people like this.


There are many other examples of how people can be affected by bullying and harassment, but this should give you an idea of how it can happen and how it affects people. By writing these stories, I wanted to show that bullying is not okay. It does not matter who the bullies or victims are, any kid deserves a chance to feel safe when they go to school or out into the community. Even if it is just one person who feels that way.

In this day and age where bullying has become such a big issue, more people than ever before are talking about it and going to help prevent as much of it as their can.

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