Building strong personal and professional relationships


  Building strong personal and professional relationships

In the past few decades, the health of human beings has taken a tangible hit. As a result, corporations are looking to increase their profits through employee-employer relationships, and how these relationships are handled is becoming increasingly important.

The article outlines some ground rules for achieving healthy relationship. They aren't unattainable or disproportionate — they're achievable if every person involved in the company is willing to work on them and put in an honest effort into working with other people on a day-to-day basis. By following these simple rules, we can help create healthier companies and a more productive work environment.
The effectiveness of your relationships depends on the perceptions about you held by those who interact with you. You need to define what your priorities are, and then behave consistently to create a positive impression.

Each of us plays many roles in life—parent, spouse, sibling and friend. We also play different roles at work—supervisor or group leader, subordinate and peer. Each relationship brings with it a set of rules about what is appropriate behavior in that relationship; it's important to understand these rules and respect them.

Here are some tips for building better relationships at work:


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Benevolent leaders are considered to be of higher value than their otherwise equivalent counterparts. They have integrity, an eye for detail, and an ethical determination. In order to gain trust and respect from employees, there must first be trust among employees, which is impossible without organization development.

Francis Bailey is a founder of the Worldwide Leadership Center (WLC). He has published more than 19 books on leadership styles and organizational behavior with Business Classics International. He has written about leadership in newspapers such as Sunday Express and Country Life, and in magazines such as New Woman and Hospitals Review. He has also lectured widely on leadership issues throughout the world.

"The Leader: How Good Leaders Make Good Teams Great"...

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