Calendar Men: How to Publish a Calendar Featuring Hot College Guys at your University


 Calendar Men: How to Publish a Calendar Featuring Hot College Guys at your University

Who knew there was a market for calendars featuring hot college guys? Well, there is and it's been making waves this year. It seems as though every single school is trying to get in on the calendar game so that they too can have a collection of shirtless, carefree dudes to show off.

Well, one person came up with a genius idea that got the ball rolling on this new trend and after compiling enough evidence for us to be impressed; we found out how you can start your own university calendar by learning all about how these calendars are made.

There are actually two different calendars that are made every year. The first is the official campus calendar that is released by the school each year. The second calendar is a private company's calendar and the profits from those calendars help fund the university. Each college on campus orders one of these calendar for their own use in case parking passes or events get screwed up and they desperately need a last minute replacement.

Schools also release their famous campus calendars for free to be used as a promotional item for businesses, sold at stores, sold as fundraiser items and just plain given out by hand to students. The only time this does not happen is when it has never been released before which makes for some very unusual and interesting calendars.

It's no wonder that these private companies are able to make such a killing on the college boy calendars. Remember, any college guy that is in good shape and willing to pose half naked for the camera is guaranteed a job on campus. It's like a win-win situation.

So how exactly do these calendars get put together? Well, I'll tell you exactly how I was able to go from being slightly embarrassed every single day to being pumped each day that my photo was going to be in a university calendar.

First off, I'll tell you that it's pretty easy as long as you know where to look. Next I'll explain how to find your photos in the first place. Finally, I'll go over the various types of calendars that are released and give you some advice on what to do with the photos once they're inside them. Let's get started!

First off, when looking for a college calendar with hot guys in it, just keep telling yourself that there is money involved. If you can picture this guy naked it will make the search so much easier because then you will know exactly which ones have him naked.

You can also try to just look up the same university as you have for the school you go to. If you happen to live in a dorm that allows for them and don't mind having hot looking guys walk past your room, look on the other side of campus at colleges that are not in your dorm. From there, it's pretty easy to start quivering with excitement knowing that there will be a ton of photos of hot college boys from all different colleges in your hands.

There is no way that I haven't mentioned this yet but if you are looking for a calendar featuring hot college boys then the first place I would start is by looking through all your photo albums.

Once you've started looking through the rest of your personal photos you should really start to feel sorry for yourself because there isn't a single one of those guys who are willing to be half naked for the whole world to see. It's probably not all that embarrassing at your own school but just wait until you try and explain the calendar to your parents.

They will be so confused. I mean, it's not as though we are talking about the swim team or someone from a sports team; we are talking about a bunch of shirtless boys with earrings and tattoos out there posing on a rock for some random college calendar.

Speaking of earrings, I'm not 100% sure but I think that the best place to look for people at your school is just right here: your school's campus. With that being said, this is the second place you can look. If you still can't find any images then it could be because you're not quite an experienced photographer yet and need some more practice before taking on a project like this.

By now you are probably looking for something new to get started on because this is getting pretty old and even though there are plenty of guys who are not at all embarrassed to be in a calendar, you're starting to feel a little bit ashamed by now just for staring at them every day.

Well, I'll tell you what: just keep looking. The school is never going to stop putting up calendars so start asking around your friends. Chances are good that they will have more than one friend who is comfortable with the whole college boy thing and they will be willing to put you in touch with them.

After all, none of your friends are going to want to be in a calendar anywhere near as much as you already do. Your best bet at this point is probably to talk with the people around campus who are in charge of putting together the university calendars.

That should give you plenty of chances to start making some new friends and it's also a pretty good way to find out who wants to be in the calendar. The next time someone asks you why you're looking through the calendar all day it should be pretty easy to give them a smile and tell them that that's how calendars are made.

Keep an eye out for guys with tattoos all over their bodies because that is exactly what you need. From there, start asking people if they would want to have those tattoos photographed on their bodies just like the guy above who has his tattoo right in the middle of his chest.

This is where, if you can't find any images of guys with tattoos in the campus life section, you can start looking on your school's website. There's a good chance that the school has an online store and will have images of some stud muffin for sale. You will be surprised to see just how many pictures they have and how much stock they keep on hand.

Once you've figured out a place to look for images it's incredibly easy to get them into the official university calendar that gets circulated around campus.


So there you have it: how to use the college calendar to see what college boys look like in their underwear. There are a ton of universities that will let you look through their calendars for free and then the next time you are at a bar just keep telling everyone about them. You'll be surprised how many guys will ask if they can meet you there so you won't be needed any more after that.

After a while you might even get famous and have people constantly asking for photos of your calendar. Just remember, don't ever let anyone know that they were in one or else, well, do your best to stay away from them.

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