Capture Life in Colours with Canvas Prints


 Capture Life in Colours with Canvas Prints

It’s easy to fall in love with the way your images look on your phone screens and laptop screens, but it’s a different experience when you view them on a wall in high-definition. There is nothing like seeing your images printed out onto cloth canvas and stretched over wooden stretchers. It makes the image come alive. Images seem to really pop off of the page, stand out from their surroundings, and connect with those viewing them in an entirely new way.

Simply uploading an image to CanvasPop offers you incredible quality at prices that won’t break the bank; these prices are not only affordable but better than most other printing services available online today.

The process of creating a unique canvas print is easy and fun. Simply decide on a photo to upload, pick your size (there are many sizes to choose from), select your material, and add any other elements you want (paintings, text, etc.).

CanvasPop offers a wide variety of materials for your canvas prints. There are standard cotton canvas options as well as linen and stretched fine art paper. The colours available vary from Black and White to Colorful – there’s even an option for B&W images printed on the same sheet in light sepia tones.

There are no extra charges for special sizes, and the stretching process is done by hand. That means you get to see your work being pieced together before your eyes. It’s also a good idea to check in with them during the process to make sure that everything is going according to plan. They make it so that creating a custom canvas print is something that anyone can do, regardless of how little (or how much!) artistic skill they have.

You can add up to 8 photos on a single canvas – the more images you add, the more detailed (and expensive) they will be. Would you prefer your photos to be in high definition, or would you rather save some money and go with the standard resolutions?

Why not upload a handful of different photos taken in different settings? Here’s an idea for a fun birthday photo session… Hour-long sessions are available for this, too. You can schedule a studio session (or head over to one of your local top locations) where multiple people can take part at the same time. This would make it possible for several people to have their photos printed on canvas at once, which could be perfect for group shots or social events.

You can choose to have a personalized caption added to the bottom of your image. Keep it short and sweet, or go all out with your story. One idea is to use the captions as a way of sharing memories, or possibly as a dedication to family members (especially when writing for children). You will have full control over what text you choose, and can edit it at any time before printing.

There are also no extra costs associated with framing your canvas print. It’s included in the price that you pay online; however, if you’re looking for something more customized then you can also pay extra for this if necessary. They offer a variety of different finishes and options to choose from.

CanvasPop is pretty awesome because as soon as you upload your image they will offer you a proof to preview. This means that you can see how it will look for yourself before finalizing the purchase and having it printed out. It’s not something that every company offers, but it’s definitely a really nice feature to have available.

Take advantage of this opportunity while you can, because CanvasPop is one of those companies that likes to go above and beyond what is required. If you’re having an issue with your order, just pick up the phone and call them – they are always ready to help.

Capturing life in the photos is easy with a high-quality, canvas print of your favourite photo. Don’t let a lack of artistic skill stop you from stepping out of your comfort zone and having a customised photo printed as an art piece.

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Posted by CanvasPop at Tuesday, October 27, 2013
A few additional details :
1. The size of the canvas print is determined by the longest dimension (i.e. portrait or landscape). In other words, if you upload a photo of someone standing sideways, the length of that image will be used to determine the canvas size.2. You can choose from a variety of canvas materials: Standard Cotton Canvas, Linen Canvas, or Stretched Fine Art Paper (more about these materials can be found in this article ).3. "Stretched" means that your image will be printed and then wrapped over a wooden frame. All CanvasPop images are hand-stretched by experts, and no framing is necessary.4. You can choose from Standard Resolutions or High-Resolutions, depending on the image you upload. (Standard Resolutions includes images that are up to 8 megapixels, and High-Resolution includes images that are over 8 megapixels.)5. Your photos can be edited before printing out onto canvas (e.g. red eye reduction), but the file has to meet certain requirements in order for it to work correctly on the canvas print (i.e., no shading).6.

Conclusion : CanvasPop is the only service that lets you create a custom canvas print from your phone (both Android and iPhone). They have over 100,000 happy customers worldwide from all walks of life. No artistic skill is required. With CanvasPop, you can create a masterpiece without ever picking up a paintbrush!
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