Car Insurance Legal Expense Cover – The Policy Essential


 Car Insurance Legal Expense Cover – The Policy Essential

If you are one of the many Britons who owns a car and drives it on a regular basis, then you should know that owning a vehicle can be costly. Indeed, UK drivers spend around £6,205 per annum on their vehicles according to recent statistics from Experian, and this figure is growing as time goes by.

Despite the financial demands of driving in the UK there is one small saving grace – Car Insurance Legal Expense Cover. This is a type of insurance policy that protects you should you be involved in an accident while driving your car. Not only does it protect you against personal injury claims but also property damage caused to other vehicles and any third party property.

The size of the financial benefit depends on the specific policy you choose, but typically Legal Expense Cover will provide you with between £500 and £150,000 limits of indemnity meaning that if you are sued for any injuries or damages then this cover will come to your rescue and pay out to cover the costs of defending the claim.

There are also some specific types of injury that can be excluded from legal expenses cover, such as from intentional acts or damage caused by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This type of damage is not covered by a policy and can shock you to discover that not only have your vehicle been damaged but you have also now incurred expensive legal costs.

The monthly premiums for this type of insurance will vary greatly depending on how long you intend to drive your car and how many miles you drive each month but it is possible to get an initial quote from some companies for just £5.

Legal Expense Cover is a type of motor insurance that is available to all drivers no matter from which company they choose. This means that you are guaranteed legal cover to protect yourself against claims if you are involved in any incident while driving your car. If this is something you wish to consider then why not find one of our friendly experts who can help you with a quote and explain the various options available?

For more information as regards details on how much Legal Expense Cover will cost for your specific needs; be sure to contact us here at Henley Insurance Brokers today.

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