Cheap Car Insurance For Teens – How To Keep The Rates Down


 Cheap Car Insurance For Teens – How To Keep The Rates Down

"We need to talk." This sounds ominous, at best. You know what mom or dad is finally going to say. "You need to get a job, go back in school, and stop messing around!" Well not quite. We're more likely going to tell you that we've found a way to keep your car insurance rates down, as long as you do the following: Put yourself on your parents' insurance plan. Ask about our preferred providers, such as Geico and State Farm. Get quotes for both of these companies over the phone.

And if all goes well, we'll have the cheapest car insurance premium around! Now that's something moms and dads can be happy with! Now let's get going! The phone is ringing off the hook from teenagers across America needing help in finding cheap car insurance policies for themselves. And guess who can help them? The insurance company is happy to refer you to us, because we're famous for it.

So what are you waiting for? Go on and start your search!  This is "Cheap Car Insurance For Teens" on how to find the most affordable premium rates for drivers in their teens. That's "Cheap Car Insurance For Teens" on how much it costs for teens to drive a car. We've done the math from the numbers provided from our consumers and compiled this information below. Just fill out a quick form and you'll find the best possible rates for your teen driver.

Being a teenager is a rough time in your life. It's tough to get decent grades, make friends, and you're expected to be on your best behavior all the time. Who has time for that? So after school is over for the day, you decide to play hooky and catch an afternoon movie with your buddies. You hop into your car and drive over to the theater but in the process end up having a fender bender with another cute little red Mustang. What do you do? Do you call your dad's insurance agent immediately or drive home ?

When it comes down to it, teens make mistakes, only human nature right? But when it comes to insuring them it's something entirely different. Most insurance companies have raised their rates for teen drivers because of the poor risk they pose. You see, not only are you between the ages of 16 and 21 but you live in motoring country where practically everyone owns a car. So what does that mean? More accidents due to your inexperience, plus more driving equals more accidents. But that doesn't mean you have to accept this statistic as it is written in stone.

There are many ways and it only takes a little effort on your part to get cheap car insurance for teens like yourself. We've done all the research for you, and it's straight forward. All you have to do is call up a few of the cheap car insurance companies below and ask them about their teen car insurance rates. Don't give them a chance to say no, just let us handle the rest. We're happy to help!

Or you can fill out our quick quote form and we'll do all the work for you! You can see the details on why your teen rates will be lower than most of the competition right here. You want to save money? The good news is your teens will not find that out until they sign up with us. So let's get started. You only need three things to get the cheap car insurance for teens rates. The information that you fill out above, your parent's numbers and a pen to write it all down. We'll take care of the rest!

What is the average cost of teen car insurance? Let's find out together! According to statistics we have provided from our website, the average cost of teen car insurance for your age is around $1,500 a year. This includes all discounts and incentives provided by us plus any rates provided by Geico or State Farm Insurance Companies. In some cases, you could go as low as $700 a year, but more often than not it hovers around the average.

But here's the deal! You can have a premium at the lower end of the spectrum if you follow our suggestions. That's right! You only need to do three things to get your teen insurance rates down below $500 a year for boys and $600 a year for girls. We'll take care of everything else! Let's break it down one by one so that you can see how we're able to help keep your rates low.

1. First you need to get yourself on your parents' insurance plan! Believe it or not, we can save you over $500 a year just by getting yourself added onto your parent's policy. Don't forget that if you have a new car, or even if you purchased one used for under $10,000 dollars, your rates will start out high. But after a few years they will start to drop and stay low as long as you have no accidents or violations.

This is where getting on your parents' insurance plan has an advantage over buying your own car insurance policy immediately. If you're a full-time student, and you drive only to school, then it's not necessary to have your own policy for the amount of driving you do. The same goes for low cost car insurance in Ohio as well if you live in Michigan. You can just get yourself added onto your parent's policy for now until your rates go down by themselves. Once that happens, then you can switch over to your own policy with our help!

2. Second is ask us about our preferred providers and then get some quotes! This step is easy, because the insurance company will take care of it all for you. They'll even compare their rates to the other providers in your state. With the data that they provide you can make a more educated decision, and then choose the best deal for yourself. As we all know, prices vary by location so it's best to compare providers to find the best rate possible for your teen driver!

3. If you have or are planning on having a car where the cost of insurance is $1,000 or higher per year, then we recommend purchasing your own policy rather than being on yours or your parent's insurance plans.


If you've gone through our website and filled out our form then you're now committed to getting the best cheap teen car insurance for teens in Ohio! We have the cheapest rates for us, but not necessarily all of them. So what you need to do is get yourself on your parent's policy and then get some quotes from the other insurers in your area. Keep in mind that we're only going to work with companies that provide a certain level of service with their policies like Geico or State Farm. Those are rated highly by our site because they stick with the same price year in and year out which keeps prices low for both boys and girls alike.

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