Cheap Travel Health Insurance


 Cheap Travel Health Insurance

Online travel companies have made it easier than ever to find places to go, and find the most affordable flights that depart at your convenience. However, these companies don't offer insurance plans for their customers. If traveling with your family and you're not sure if the company has a policy that includes dental, medical expenses or emergency evacuation, you should consider buying a third party health insurance plan before booking any trip plans.

Third party insurance plans can be purchased online or over the phone and typically cost less than $100 per month if you enroll in one about six weeks prior to your travel date.

A third party travel insurance policy is not a substitute for travel insurance purchased from your carrier. Make sure you know all of the details prior to traveling and that you truly are covered. Here are some tips to help make the process smoother:

Get a Good Quote

Before you purchase, research how much coverage costs for what type of trip. It is common for many companies to require an annual premium or higher deductible in order to be insured. Also, if you're pregnant or need prescription drugs during your trip, be sure that the company will cover those expenses--or determine first if it's covered during the policy period and then whether some additional documentation is needed before coverage kicks in.

Know What the Policy Covers

It's important to read the fine print of all policies you are considering purchasing. This is especially true when you're planning on traveling for an extended period of time; some will have problems paying out if you don't return within a certain timeframe. If you're going to be gone for a long time and need medical attention, it's better to purchase a policy that has a higher benefit. It doesn't hurt to get multiple quotes when comparing policies either--this can help you determine what policies are best before purchasing.

Be Aware of Company Changes

Most travel insurance companies are for-profit organizations. They are not charities, and they will go out of business if they can't make profit. Always be sure that what you're purchasing is still in effect before you need to use it. The company could merge with another, have different ownership or close its doors entirely. Ask about this when you're researching and purchasing your policy so that there are no surprises later on in your trip planning process. If you're going to be away from home for an extended period of time, purchase a policy which will allow at least one return visit to the U.S.; this will help keep your medical bills down if something goes wrong while traveling abroad.

Make Sure You're Covered Everywhere

A lot of travel insurance policies only cover what is outlined in the exclusions. Make sure you know everything that is covered and know what's not covered before purchasing a policy. This should prevent you from wasting money on overpriced medical coverage while you are out of the country. Before purchasing a policy, it's also important to make sure that there are no pre-existing conditions that would prevent your coverage from being valid. If there is any doubt, it's better to purchase a trip insurance plan with an annual premium or higher deductible than to purchase nothing at all.

Travel insurance plans are a great way to ensure that you and your family will be covered while abroad. If you're going to be away from home for an extended period of time, it's best to purchase a policy with a return date too. This will avoid putting your medical bills in the hands of strangers if something goes wrong. Make sure you read all of the fine print, including the exclusions, before purchasing your health insurance plan. By doing so, you can ensure that there will be no surprises on your trip abroad. It's always smart to know exactly what is and isn't covered before leaving for any trip; this can help prevent any unnecessary surprises or charges after the fact.

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EXCLUSION NOTICE: There is no change in coverage for pre-existing conditions if you have purchased your coverage on or after the original date of issue. You are not allowed more than 1 reissue of the policy at a time due to changes of ownership or other changes in the company's operations; therefore, all reissues must be returned for cancellation with no refund of any portion of your premium once reissued; this applies to both new and renewal policies, unless otherwise noted in writing by Travel Doctors as a promotion (if applicable). This is in accordance with The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. If you have any questions about exclusions or the application of them to your case, please call 1-888-564-3038. The information contained herein is not a complete description of benefits. To be considered for underwriting, the applicant must complete and submit a fully executed proposal form, certificate of insurance in compliance with state broker laws and all other requirements as set forth by Travel Doctors in the proposal agreement which accompanies this application. Part B subject to additional premium payment upon renewal. All statements made herein are of a general nature and may not apply to all policies or all coverages.

These plans are available to residents of the states and territories comprising the United States (including Puerto Rico) and Canada. All plans provide medical coverage for pre-existing conditions. These plans may cover only emergency medical care, although some plans will have restrictions on payment for non-emergency services. Some of these plans provide mention of free or discounted prescription drugs covered under the plan but may exclude other prescription drugs, even those used as a substitute or in addition to their other prescription drug coverage. Please review the information provided with your policy carefully for details on each plan's specific terms and conditions. Please note that some of these plans may be subject to cancellation without notice if not renewed or extended.

The advantage of Travel Doctor plans is the amount of coverage you receive at a very low cost. In addition, we provide free, unlimited 24-hour travel assistance in case of an emergency. For more information on the claims procedures involved with a particular plan, please contact your local Travel Doctors office. The application process for your state's travel medical insurance covers only your trip to and from the United States; it does not apply for trips within the country (except Puerto Rico). If you reside in one of the states and territories comprising the United States and Canada, please see our website for details on coverage.


So, now you are aware of the different types of travel insurance plans available and you can make an informed decision on which policy is best for your trip. By researching the companies that provide travel insurance and comparing their coverage to your needs, you can ensure that your family is fully protected in case of a medical emergency while traveling abroad. If you have any questions or concerns about the information provided here, be sure to contact us at 1-888-564-3038 or visit www.traveldocs.

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