Delta Dental Insurance 101


 Delta Dental Insurance 101

As you may know, one of the best benefits of Delta Dental is that it offers dental insurance for those who are economically disadvantaged. This means that whether you're a single parent with two kids to support or a retired farmer struggling to live on Social Security, Delta Dental can help you afford quality dental care without going into debt. But what does that mean?

The following article will teach you all about the benefits and plans available through Delta Dental. You'll learn how cheap they are, how much coverage they offer, and when to apply so your eligibility can be determined and accepted.

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Dental Insurance 101: Delta Dental Plans [ARTICLE BEGIN]
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I have always been proud of my teeth. They are strong and beautiful in color, and I don't have a cavity in sight. As a kid, I dreaded the dentist when people would make fun of me because my teeth were so bright pink. I thought my teeth were something special that set me apart from everyone else in the crowd. Little did I know that those same people would be some of the first to criticize me when they found out about my dental insurance plan.
I got my first Delta Dental plan when I was eighteen years old. I was just out of high school and working two jobs, so getting health insurance through my employer was a necessity. Getting a good deal on dental insurance seemed like a bonus to me at the time, but looking back it is one of the smartest things I ever did for myself. The dental plan that Delta Dental offered back then covered preventive care as well as routine care, and that's what made it so attractive to me.
In 2005, however, Delta stopped offering dental plans that were not tied directly to medical coverage .  My father had his teeth removed the year before because they were decayed and he could no longer afford treatment. He couldn't use a Delta Dental plan, so he was forced to accept Medicaid coverage for his dental work. This was the first time in my life that I had to contemplate what it would be like to have no teeth at all and how much I would miss being able to speak clearly without my teeth acting as an impediment.
As a result of my father's experience with dental insurance, I made a decision then that I very much regret now: not only do I refuse to sign up for any form of medical coverage other than Delta Dental, but when it comes to health insurance my friends and family say they will never join unless it is through Delta Dental.
It is not a decision that I make lightly. Delta Dental offers dental insurance so people who are not covered by medical insurance can afford to have their teeth cleaned, or removed and replaced if necessary. The coverage is not cheap, but it is far from the most expensive dental insurance plan available. Where it differs from many of the other plans out there is that it covers an individual's entire life and carries no lifetime benefits cap. With one-third of all Americans without any form of dental coverage at all today, this plan offers a better way of providing access to care for those who cannot afford dental treatments on their own or do not qualify for government assistance like Medicaid or Medicare .  It is easy to see why my family and I feel it is worth the money.
Coming from a large family, Delta Dental was never an option for us when it came to medical coverage or even just a few days at the beach. We have been forced to buy separate policies for each of us, and they can get quite expensive. When it comes to dental insurance , however, we are happy to stick with Delta because we know that even if we have no teeth left in our heads by the time we retire, Delta will still provide medical coverage for us.
Other plans do not cover care that we might need when we are elderly, so for that reason alone Delta Dental is our only option. They offer the best dental insurance plan on the market, and I would recommend it to anyone over any other option. If you want affordable dental insurance for life, there is no better place to start than with Delta Dental.
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law in 2010 by President Barack Obama . The healthcare act requires all Americans to either carry some form of medical coverage or pay a penalty fee . In 2013, the penalty reached one percent of a household's yearly income if they did not have any form of medical coverage at all. By 2016 the fee increases to two percent of a household's yearly income, and by 2018 the penalty reaches three percent of a household's yearly income.
The cost of Delta Dental insurance is still less than the penalty fee for most people who can afford medical coverage, so the decision about what option best fits your needs is not an easy one. The smart thing to do however is to weigh your options and decide which benefits are more important to you personally. If you want more information on what your best option may be, take a look at this article that compares dental insurance plans offered through Delta Dental with medical coverage provided through a private insurer .
If you want to know more about how cheap Delta Dental insurance is, or which coverage options are available to you, it is all right here for the taking. Shut up and wait a few months while they decide if you qualify for their plans, and then apply and get your approvals immediately. You won't have to wait so long as long as you apply early in your life. The best way to start speaking clearly again after losing your teeth is by applying early while you are still young enough that medical insurance through Delta Dental can still be affordable to you.
The Delta Dental plan of today offers coverage for a little under $60 per year for an individual, or just over $100 per year through a family plan . These are the prices for the cheapest options for a single individual. No other dental insurance plan on the market offers such a low price now that Delta Dental has stopped offering free policies.
Every year I see more and more people who have lost their teeth because they could not afford to replace them. It breaks my heart to see it happen, but it also motivates me each time there is a reason to speak up and share my story with others so they learn from my mistakes and take steps now to make sure affordable dental insurance is part of their lives as well.
To find out more about making Delta Dental part of your life, check out this link . I have used it myself many times, as have others that I know. The happy people you can meet by checking out this link are proof of the benefits of what Delta Dental has to offer.
The prices listed above are for the individual and family plans, but don't let that make you think other dental insurance options through Delta Dental are much more expensive than this. They aren't!
Even though there isn't a free option available anymore, there is still a way to get affordable dental insurance without spending a ton of money.

There is a lot of stigma when it comes to dental insurance. There is even more negativity surrounding the Affordable Care Act. The thing about both of these topics however is that they are both worth talking about in detail. People need to know more about them if they want to be happy and healthy for life, and who better to tell them that than the people who have been there themselves?
I shared my experiences with Delta Dental medical and dental coverage so that others can learn from my mistakes and take steps now to avoid having to make any dental insurance claims at all.

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