Developing basic sewing and mending skills


  Developing basic sewing and mending skills

If you’re new to crafting, or haven’t done any sewing or mending in a while, there are some great apps and websites that can help you with the basics. You can learn by trial and error, purchase instructional videos online, or use a set of tutorial cards. Here are the top website and apps for learning basic sewing skills:

1. Stitch & Bitch - This site offers instructions in both American and British terms. They teach how to maintain an ironing board, sew on buttons, hem pants without damaging them accidentally (and more). This is a great place to start before exploring other sites with more specific tutorials for your interest level.
2. Topstitch - This site uses a patter of instruction cards that you can print out and cut to make your own tutorial cards. The site also has other great information such as patterns and tutorials on basting, applique, hand applique, tacking, and more.
3. Quick & Easy DIY Tutorials - Quick & Easy DIY is a great resource for quick sewing tutorials. They offer both free and paid articles that are primarily geared towards sewing clothes but can be used for blankets or any other project as well. The site has a full page dedicated solely to their sewing lessons , which are categorized by area (such as mending) for easy reference.
4. Craftsy - Craftsy has a large collection of beginner sewing tutorials . They start with the basics, like how to thread your machine and end with more advanced techniques such as sewing leather. The best thing about Craftsy is that they offer projects for you to practice on, which can be a huge benefit. You get experience sewing several different kinds of fabric, so you can confidently select your own projects later on.
5. Sewing 101 - This site offers loads of information without being overwhelming. Sewing 101 gives you an overview of necessary supplies and explains basic stitches (sewing and embroidery) including how stitches are formed, why they're formed the way they are, and how to fix problems with them (using photos to demonstrate). They also give you some advice about working with different fabrics and how to fix common problems. This site is great for learning the basics of sewing and how different stitches are formed.
6. Needle 'n Thread - Needle 'n Thread is best known for their sewing videos. They have a few introductory videos that cover the basics, such as what types of materials to use, threading the machine, working with fabric, and more. If you’re interested in watching videos before making your own tutorials, this site is a good resource since they are short and demonstrate all the important information you need to know.
7. Craftsy - Craftsy has both basic and intermediate sewing tutorials for beginners to advanced level sewists . They offer projects for you to practice on as well. The best thing about Craftsy is that they offer projects for you to practice on, which can be a huge benefit. You get experience sewing several different kinds of fabric, so you can confidently select your own projects later on.
8. Youtopia - The Youtube channel How To Sew It All has become very popular in recent years with their easy to follow tutorials that teach viewers how to sew items like an iPod case, pencil case, and more (you may need a Youtube membership in order to view).
9. Mama Mitzi's Sewing Fix - The Mama Mitzi's site has a good selection of step-by-step photo tutorials for basic sewing and mending. They also offer tips to help you become a better sewer by giving you advice on what types of materials to use, how to make the most out of your fabric, and more.
10. Easy DIY - The Easy DIY site has a great blog with an excellent tutorial section. They focus on beginner type projects and small things that don't require too much stitching but show how easy it can be to do yourself very inexpensively. They also offer various guides to sewing, including a guide to choosing your first sewing machine .
11. Craft Club - The Craft Club site offers a variety of free tutorials, some more advanced than others (all require you to join the site). They also offer some free patterns that are very useful.
12. My First Sewing Lesson - This site offers tutorials on how to sew, including how to thread your machine and make zippers . You can also find an easy-to-follow guide on how to hem pants and skirt bottom s for when you're ready for that step!
13. DIY Projects - This is a great place to find basic sewing tutorials for beginners . The site offers videos and articles for all levels, with the most basic starting with how to thread a machine and ending with more advanced techniques like how to create your own t-shirt.
14. Stitches n Scraps - Stitches n Scraps offers a huge selection of sewing patterns for every skill level. They have some free sewing patterns as well, if you're just looking for a project to try out a new technique you learned in class or off of an instructional video.
15. Sew Smarter - Sew Smarter is a sewing community that focuses on creating unique, high-quality items with a simple, fun approach to sewing. The site has all sorts of tutorials for many different skill levels and interests, from how to use foam backed Velcro (for shoes) to how to sew a scarf . They also have links on their blog linking you to other sewing blogs that may have more advanced or specific tutorials on other subjects.
16. Sew Over It - Sew Over It offers an excellent tutorial section full of instruction guides for all levels and interests. The line drawings are very clear and easy to follow, and the photos are very detailed and informative as well.
17. Sewing Daily - This site offers everything from beginner to advanced sewing tutorials. There are many photo tutorials for basic sewing techniques, as well as videos. They also offer a great blog where the girls offer tips on different sewing techniques and topics.
18. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian - This is an excellent site with many superb articles about sewing, such as how to start a shop , how to become more comfortable with your machine , and much more!
19. Oh Sweet Oh - Oh Sweet Oh specializes in vintage patterns and projects, but they also have some great tutorials . They have lots of great unique patterns for your home decor as well as a simple tutorial on how to make a button purse .

Conclusion :
If you're not sure where to start, I would suggest checking out Craftsy or Craftsy. They offer an excellent selection of tutorials and projects that are great for beginners. You will need to sign up for a free account, but that allows you to access all the videos and materials in the classes offered on the site.
I hope you found this blog post useful! If you did, please feel free to share it with others who might be interested in sewing! Happy sewing!
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