Does Your Student Health Insurance Make The Grade?



- The points are split into two sections: "Building Effective Life Skills" and "Learning to Manage Your Personal Documents and Records." 

- The blog posts are listed as a reference for the individual tasks. 

- The task names are italicized, followed by the date of the task in parentheses, followed by a colon. 

- Tasks without dates have been completed on or before 17 July 2016. 

- The first sentence is always typed in bold typeface. Some tasks start with "Draft", meaning that they were not yet implemented at the time they were posted; these do not appear until their completion date has been reached (i.e. the date of the checkmark). 

- The task list was created on 17 July 2016, and contains all tasks that were posted by that date.





Note: Post updated to add a link to the second list. 






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Note 1: 

Note 2: Some links need to be visited in the Privacy Policy. 

Note 3: These are the tasks accessible through <a href="" target="_blank">The Mapping For Good website</a> and not those posted on this blog.

<li>Building Your Dream Team – Individuals as well as local or distant partners play a crucial role in securing an effective mapping process.

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