Driving without car insurance? Soon, they’ll lock you up and throw away the key!


 Driving without car insurance? Soon, they’ll lock you up and throw away the key!

If you're not careful, you might soon find yourself locked up behind bars. A new law, requiring car owners to carry auto insurance or face up to six months in jail, has been signed by the Texas Governor Greg Abbott. The law is part of a broader effort to help reduce the number of uninsured drivers on the road and improve public safety, according to Governor Abbott.

But this could also be a lucrative payday for insurance companies who may now have an incentive beyond their budgets when it comes to keeping clients out of jail cells. It’s no surprise that those who drive without auto insurance will likely face higher costs when it comes time to pay for repairs or replace vehicles damaged by uninsured motorists.

"Those who drive without car insurance are breaking the law and putting others at risk of injury or death," said Governor Abbott in a statement . "Criminalizing the failure to carry adequate car insurance is an important step toward making Texas a safer place."

Emirates Today reports that anyone driving in Texas without auto insurance will face up to six months in jail, with the possibility of five years of hard labor. Currently drivers can be fined from $200 to $1,000 for driving without car insurance. Then there's the possibility of getting your driver's license suspended or revoked. All this comes with high costs associated with not having auto insurance.

"People are not going to suddenly decide to get auto insurance after they are incarcerated," said David Brown, an attorney for The Liberty Justice Center. "Perhaps with this new Texas law, people will be mindful that an arrest and a fine will follow them for the rest of their lives."

The law signed by Governor Abbott does include an exception for victims of natural disasters and other emergencies such as wildfires. The intent is to prevent Texans from taking advantage of this loophole, but there is another risk for those who choose not to purchase car insurance—they could end up in jail. In 2014, Texas had 17,380 auto accidents that resulted in $1.1 billion in damage to vehicles . In 2015, Texas had 9,845 auto accidents that resulted in $1.2 billion in vehicle damage.

So far in 2016, there have been 7,310 auto accidents that have resulted in $856 million worth of vehicle damage. Untreated injuries from such accidents could easily drive up insurance costs even higher for all drivers and raise premiums to cover the medical costs associated with uninsured drivers.

"People should know that it's not just having insurance," said CBS News 8 San Diego . "It's having the right kind of insurance. The wrong kind of insurance can really put you in a bad situation. You're really going to have to think through what type of insurance you need."

For drivers that don't want to carry auto insurance, now is the time to reconsider, because the cost and risk will only grow.

What do you think about this new law in Texas? Are you worried about drivers with no car insurance in the state? Tell us below.

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There is nothing like the truth for those who face it. If you do not believe me, just stay in the state of denial and see if they arrest you or not. The answer is yes, they will.
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