Gardening as a Habit: Nurturing Plants and Connecting with Nature


  Gardening as a Habit: Nurturing Plants and Connecting with Nature

What are your gardening habits?  Do you spend time with plants or do they become a burden to have around the house?
It's summer and that means that many people are spending more time outdoors. Weeding, planting flowers, and using organic pesticides on plants can be a rewarding pastime for those who like the idea of growing food or nurturing flora. One thing is for sure: there are plenty of benefits to gardening.  The following blog post will outline some of the reasons why you should consider cultivating an interest in gardening--whether inside or out.
What are some of the benefits of gardening? 
As de-stressing hobby : Gardening is a great hobby for those who enjoy being outside. The act of taking care of plants can be very rewarding. Gardening is also a healthy outlet for any person who needs to "unwind". There will always be something to do when it comes to gardening, with different plants and flowers blooming at different times, or vegetables growing off in the distance. A person's interest in gardening can easily expand to include new plants and flowers, as well as new techniques used to keep their gardens in great condition.
Gardening keeps people connected with nature : Gardening should be done in open spaces or places that include a lot of sunlight. Having a garden can help a person feel more connected to nature. This doesn't necessarily mean that everyone should start their own garden, but it is a way to get closer to the Earth and the environment. Gardening practices are an important part of learning about our environment and how plants can help us live in harmony with it. 
A way to stay healthy : Gardening provides a good exercise for the mind as well as the body. Doing gardening can help a person in many ways, not just through the output of their garden. The "hands on" practice of tending to plants and flowers will also help keep a person healthy. As we will discuss later in this blog post , gardening can be a very effective way to prevent illness, manage illnesses that you already have, and increase your health all together.
A hobby that is environmentally friendly : Gardening is a good way to make your home environment more eco-friendly. One great thing about organic gardening is that it does not use any harmful chemicals or poisons on plants that can harm them or spread to other areas around an individual's property. These pesticides and chemical products can leak into our soil or water and then be consumed by other animals in the area. In addition, organic gardening doesn't use much water--making watering easier on the body.
A way to relax : Gardening is a great hobby for those who enjoy spending time outside. The act of physically caring for plants can help a person unwind. Gardening also provides a good way for anyone to escape stress by taking their minds off things and focusing on something else like the weather, differences in the plants around them, or even what flowers might bloom near them next.
A hobby that does not cost much : It is possible to start your own garden without spending a lot of money. You can find some pretty inexpensive seeds to start your garden, and any other materials you might think you'll need after you've already got your seeds. There will also be no need for buying new supplies for gardening if you have a plan ahead of time. Gardening gives anyone the ability to grow their own plants and flowers, or even create new hybrids or unique plants--all while saving a lot of money on supplies they would normally buy.
An opportunity to bond with others :  Gardening is a good way to interact with others in the community. Many people like to get together to tend to a garden or care for plants. This can be great for families as well as community groups. Gardening outside is also a good way to engage with the local environment that includes trees, flowers, and other organisms--all while having fun with friends in the process.
A way to provide your own food : Growing your own garden has many benefits. If you like the idea of growing your own food, you can grow vegetables or fruits and then consume them after they are ripe. This can save anyone money on groceries and provide them with healthy options that they would not be able to find at large grocery stores. Additionally, this food grown in your own garden will simply taste better than bought produce. The fresh taste and smell of all of the food that you grow will also be a treat for those who try your best to grow their own.
A hobby that is fun and easy : Gardening should be a fun hobby. It is important to remember that gardening should not feel like "work", which can make it tedious or seem like a chore. Whether you spend 10 minutes per day or 2 hours per day with your garden, there's bound to be plenty that you'll enjoy about gardening. If you enjoy spending time with your plants, then you will enjoy the time that you spend cultivating them.
An opportunity to do something good for yourself and others : Gardening is a hobby that anyone can enjoy--no matter what their age or health situation. Even someone who is not able to physically move around very much can still tend to a small indoor garden. There are also so many different gardening practices that anyone can find something that they enjoy doing.
How can gardening help me as a parent?
Gardening with kids is a good way to help them learn about plants, animals, and the environment. When you are growing your own garden, you can use it as an opportunity to teach your children about all different kinds of plants--the ones that grow above ground and those that grow below ground. Having a garden can also be great for any younger children who are not very mobile. It is possible to start a small indoor garden at home with some seeds or small plants that will grow up into large flowers or vegetables in no time at all.
When it is time to "harvest" your vegetables or fruits from the garden, this can be a fun experience for children. Most of the vegetables and fruits that grow in a garden are also ones that children can enjoy eating.
A way to support yourself and your family : Gardening is a great way for a person to provide themself with fresh food. There are many people who will tell you that their diet consists of a lot of processed foods--some of which you can't even pronounce the ingredients on. Instead, try growing your own food and have it ready at home, or shop at a farmer's market and choose what you want to buy there instead of going to the grocery store where they might not be very healthy or organic.
It is easier for everyone when it comes to eating healthy! Try having fresh vegetables at home all year-long if possible.

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post that has discussed the benefits of gardening as a hobby. If you'd like some further information on various gardening topics, click here for some additional resources.

Have fun with this hobby, and remember that it can be done in many different ways! You can grow indoors or outdoors, with more or fewer plants, in tiny spaces or large spaces--whatever works best for your body and personal interests. Have a good time when you're gardening! If you have any questions about gardening, please leave them below in the comments section.

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