How To Sky-Rocket Your Profits By 267% With One Simple Sentence


 How To Sky-Rocket Your Profits By 267% With One Simple Sentence

Everyone knows that one sentence can make all the difference, but not every sentence is created equal.

Nope, if you want a sentence that will sky-rocket your profits by 267%, you'll need to keep reading.

If you're wondering what on Earth could possibly have such an impactful effect on your business, let me tell you: This sentence has the power to turn your uninterested customers into rabid fans. And we're not just talking about sales here – it's a whole different game when they bring their friends with them and buy more from you than ever before because they believe in what they're buying and who's selling it to them. No pressure or anything...

It's a sentence that will encourage your customers to tell their friends about you and get them to buy your products and services too.

It's a sentence that will make your customers feel valued and secure in what they're buying, because they know it's going to be quality, ethical, eco-friendly stuff. And best of all, it's a sentence that can be farmed into an entire website or social media campaign for maximum impact!

In this article, I'm going to show you how to optimize one simple sentence from the Google Storefronts FAQ on How To Create Clean Images On Your Stores To Sky-Rocket Your Profits By 267% with one very simple trick.

Which sentence is that, you ask? I'll show you in a second...

But first, let's look at what this sentence means:
For any store design (and if you don't have one yet, check out my FREE Shopify tutorial - it'll show you how to build your FREE online store in just 6 minutes), making sure that your images are 100% optimized and pixel perfect is super important.

So what does this sentence mean – 'make sure images are 100% optimized'? How can we do this? on the image below:
How do we create pixel perfection on our images with this short and sweet sentence? Click for image.

That's right, Google Storefronts uses a feature in Shopify that allows you to lay your Facebook album cover and profile pic on top of the image in the Editor.

Even better – it's a free feature! That means you can use this feature to its fullest extent without spending a dime. Which is important, because if we know anything about the phrase 'sky-rocket your profits' we know that spending money can be risky (only for the faint of heart).

Instead, we'll focus on making our money through smart and strategic efforts that won't break the bank.

The goal for this post is to show you how to utilize this feature to achieve the Sky-Rocketed results I mentioned earlier.

If you don't already have and Shopify store, check it out here: ​ When you create your store, check this box to get the Starsucksolteasers theme: Blog 3 - Making Your Images Pixel Perfect in Shopify by Starsucksolteasers (thanks for the link Kirk) Now when you're in that Editor (click on your Storename), click on 'View Store' from your menu at the top right.

On the Shopify dashboard that appears, click on your Facebook cover image from your sidebar.

Click the 'Add To Top' button to add your Facebook cover and profile pic to the top of your images.

You'll see that the Facebook pic has appeared on top of every single image in your store. It's now sited in a way that you can't miss it!

I want you to be able to show people exactly where these special places are in all of your images and how you're going to make things better for them... Click for image.

Next, we're going to edit the Facebook image to make it appear less cropped on each image.

Fight the urge to crop your cover and profile pic from Facebook. If you don't, you'll lose out on the benefits of having it in your store! Click for image.

You'll also notice that there's a tiny little icon at the very top right of this editor called 'crop'. This is what gives us access to cropping options in all of our images... Click for image.

Make sure that 'crop' is enabled by leaving it ticked, otherwise you won't be able to crop your cover and profile pic from Facebook... Click for image.

Now, we need to change the exact size of the image. Get used to clicking on 'edit image' from your menu at the top right of any image – or by using the right-hand menu 'edit', where you'll see an option to zoom in or out.

Once you're zoomed in, you'll be able to move your cover and profile pic around within the editor area. Let's just move it down a bit so that it's placed flush against the bottom edge of each other... Click for image.

And then we're going to crop it more exclusively from its natural shape and appearance, so that it isn't above or below your product images... Click for image.

For every image on your store, you'll want to ensure that you've done the following:

Including your profile pic/cover in the top right of each product image will increase click-through rates and get you more sales. Click for image.

To do this, follow these steps:

​Save this new default template as one of your store's templates in Shopify. Under the 'Template' tab, click on 'Save Template'. Next, name it (I'm going to save mine as 'SEO' so that I can reuse the template later if I like) and then click on 'Save'.

​You can access all the different templates you've created by clicking on the 'Template' tab at the top of your sidebar. You'll see that I saved my new SEO template as 'SEO' because I know that it will make me money... Click for image.

If you don't already have Instagram and/or a Facebook page, please create these pages! You'll be able to upload your images to these platforms as well – giving them a longer life than if they're just in your Shopify store! Click for image.

And you can even add text with this feature, which is very powerful in itself (although we won't go over this here).


This is a great default template to save, because it will make your images pixel perfect in the fastest and most cost-effective way possible.

Click for image.

And if you already have images sited correctly, then just use the 'save' button to update these images. If they're old or broken images, you might want to replace them (I would).

This is an excellent way for you to get more exposure from your store's Facebook cover and profile pic – which I'm sure makes Google happy since they own Facebook! Click for image.

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