Modular Camcorder Cases are a Filmmakers Assistant


 Modular Camcorder Cases are a Filmmakers Assistant

Modular Camcorder Cases are a Filmmakers Assistant

When you're filming, the last thing that you want to be worrying about is your equipment case becoming a hazard or breaking apart. With modular cases, you can customize your case by adding different pieces to create a bag for more specific cameras or camcorders. Here's what these top-rated products are capable of:

Stabilizing weight and gear inside the case on uneven terrain - possible stabilization up to 40% better than standard camera bag. -

If you need to transport your tripod inside the case, you can add a lightweight ballhead, or a heavy duty one. Even if you don't need a ballhead, you can use your tripod as a counterweight for added stability. If the tripod is too heavy for the case, consider getting a smaller lightweight one that will fit and then add your ballhead.

Accessing small items inside the case - You can access small items easily like footpegs, cables or tools using lockable pouches (like this), or removable pockets (like this).

Dividers -the dividers are sturdy and expandable to organize your gear, and they include a locking mechanism so that the dividers don't keep sliding when you open or close the case. This will save you a lot of frustration trying to keep your equipment in one place. You can also get special organizers that keep cables and accessories organized.

If you are using a monopod instead of a tripod, add a stabilizer bar for added support (similar product here.) The stabilizer bar will help balance your monopod and make it more stable. These cases also include straps on the bottom for mounting your monopod to help stabilize it further on even ground.

Weather resistant -you can get a weather resistant case with foam that will keep your equipment dry inside. You can order the weather resistant case (similar product here) separately and it will fit right into your existing modular bag.

Modular cases are a great option because they help you to organize, access and transport your gear safely, while keeping things as streamlined as possible. They also take the burden off of your shoulders so you can concentrate on running your camera smoothly. For more information about modular camcorder cases, you can contact B&H Photo Video's professional sales team at:

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