Network Inventory Software for home & office!


 Network Inventory Software for home & office!

In this blog, we will talk about Network Inventory Software, which is a way to list all the hardware and software installed on a network. Network Inventory Software helps with the scheduling of updates and maintenance. A comprehensive inventory will help IT departments see potential security risks in their environment.

Network inventory software includes items like operating systems, virus definitions and patches for each system in the network. Network inventory software can be used to find missing computers or applications that are not connected to the network map. The typical scope of management within Netventory software includes not only hardware but also IP addresses and viruses on computers. If you are building a network, Netventory software is a must.

Network Inventory Software consists of many sub-features, such as:

Network Inventory Software would also include features such as:

Availability of tools for viewing information about computer systems, routers and other network hardware is becoming an integral part of the business world’s strategic information technology planning process and is particularly relevant to the business world's emphasis on reducing IT costs.
As companies gain the ability to manage their networks efficiently and reduce costs by having better information about their network, this allows for larger amounts of data to be managed by fewer resources.

Network Inventory Software helps you to keep track of Which devices are connected to which ports on each device? And also the IP Address associated with each device, etc. This information is very helpful during troubleshooting periods. The information stored in Network inventory software can also be used for different kind of purposes, such as: Making a network map; Analyzing security risks in your environment; Creating a helpdesk ticket when a device is not connected to the network; Schedule maintenance etc.

Network Inventory Software is not perfect. Sometimes it can be a little bit difficult to navigate through the hundreds of devices listed. But if the knowledgeable technicians in your company are on top of Network inventory software, then there is no reason for Network Inventory Software to fail.

Network Inventory Software can also be used in a business environment, especially when you want to keep tabs on who’s on which computer at all times. This is because members of your network can log into their computers anytime they like – and anyone else trying to log into that computer will see it as unoccupied, and won’t be allowed access until someone with that ID logs in. You could use Network Inventory Software for that purpose.

In business, you often have to keep track of lots of people with many different passwords and IDs. When they all log out at the end of the day, it’s not always possible to tell which ID was which person's login name; if you have to go through hundreds of files in order to find a particular one. And of course there are probably days when multiple people have their computers on at the same time, so you need an easier way to keep track of who’s where (and what) when.

Network Inventory Software helps with that as well. When you need to find out something regarding a specific member of your network, you can go to their computer and look up their ID and password on Network Inventory Software. If they haven’t logged in yet, you’ll see it as unoccupied, and if they’re currently using it, then their assigned ID will show up instead of “Unassigned.”

Network inventory software facilitates IT-related decisions by differentiating the functioning of the network from a business perspective. It includes remote functionality for system and network administrators to track the inventory of hardware and software systems. Network inventory software is typically composed of a database component that stores the information and a tracking component that allows users to monitor the status of each asset.

There are many types of network inventory software. They all vary in price, features, etc. You can choose whichever one you would like best. Personally, I recommend CWShredder!

CWShredder Desktop is your powerful "Network Inventory Software" for keeping track of your computer activities and networks.

CWShredder is a stand-alone program with many features, and the online version automatically integrates with your PC's registry. CWShredder makes it easy to manage your computer’s settings and configurations while keeping track of changes. The log can be reviewed anytime from any computer with Internet access. The log includes:

CWShredder stores all kinds of valuable information about your computing activity, including:

The main advantage to CWShredder is that it is extremely user friendly and offers several tools such as wireless monitoring, remote control and much more.

A Network Inventory Software can help in monitoring around 60 networks at the same time (depending on how many computers) for free.

Other features include:

Network inventory software is very detailed in terms of managing your network, however there are certain drawbacks. First and foremost, Network Inventory Software has to be purchased separately from a company or department. If you find it difficult to implement and maintain, it may affect you in the long run. If not implemented properly, it can also backfire on your organization and result in negative consequences for your company instead of positive ones. Another issue that arises is that Network Inventory Software needs technical knowledge to implement. If not utilizing the proper practices in order to ensure the security of your computer system, Network Inventory Software may compromise all of its users information as well as its integrity.

Computer forensics is the application of computer forensics to the investigation of criminal and civil law violations. It also refers to the collection, analysis, and presentation of evidence in a court proceeding based on this activity.

The program can be used as a tool for log analysis in order to track down a hacker. The information contained within Network Inventory Software may not be apparent to a lay person but it may very well explain what has occurred and why. Furthermore, this tool will provide insight into possible security vulnerabilities as well as data breaches.

Circumstantial evidence can also be examined concerning other forms of computer related crimes such as identity theft, software piracy from illegally obtaining software etc.


In conclusion, Network Inventory Software is an integral part of the network monitoring and security scheme. It should be a key component of a security program because it can be used to determine the vulnerability of your systems, so you can decide which policies are necessary.

Computer forensics is the application of computer forensics to the investigation of criminal and civil law violations. It also refers to the collection, analysis, and presentation of evidence in a court proceeding based on this activity.

Computer forensics may be used for both internal investigations and external investigations. For internal investigations, the items that are examined are typically those found on a computer that was suspected by someone to have been used by cyber criminals.

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