Nurturing self-belief and confidence


 Nurturing self-belief and confidence

It's important to have confidence in yourself, but how do you nurture that self-belief?

This article will share 7 simple ways to help yourself be confident and enhance your self-esteem. These will help on a personal level, as well as professionally.

7 Things You Can Do To Build Self-Esteem In Your Entrepreneurship Career:
- Forget what other people think. It's their problem not yours. What mattered is that you believe in yourself and want to improve for the betterment of others.
- Persevere when setbacks arise and don't let losses break you; they are just part of the process of growth and improvement. You have to believe in yourself and keep pushing forward.
- Encourage your ideas all the time. Don't think that other people are going to follow you just because of your name.
- Don't waste time thinking about what other people are going to say; get on with what you do and invest all your time in growing as a person and an entrepreneur.
- Don't be negative when things don't go well; learn from your mistakes and make sure you avoid the same mistakes next time around.
- Believe in yourself without self doubt, everyone else will too. There is nothing wrong with having a positive outlook on life, but making sure that there are no doubts can only help you become a more confident person.
- Don't let other people put you down. You have to believe in yourself and the journey that you are on. Everything will fall into place; just remain positive and always give it your best shot.
- Keep doing the right thing, don't get side-tracked with doing all the wrong things just because other people do it, this is not what is going to get you in a better position. You have to be different and make sure that you are building on your talents, skills, knowledge, etc.
- Remain optimistic at all costs. You can be optimistic when things are going well but also when they aren't going according to plan. Just remember that nothing is permanent, change is here to stay and so too are the opportunities to make things happen.
- Keep going with your plans and don't let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn't be doing. If you believe in something then go for it. Don't worry about other people, they will come around when you achieve your goals.
- It's important to feel sorry about something but it's also important not to dwell on the negative, especially in a professional environment. You can always learn something new and stay motivated when things get tough.
- Don't give up when times get tough; look at other people who are going through similar situations and see how they are doing. You will learn as much as you can and push forward with your plans to improve.
- Realise that life is not perfect, so don't expect it to be. It's important to be realistic in situations and try to avoid self-pity. Everything will turn out for the best with a little bit of work and persistence. ____________________ Nurturing self-belief and confidence Continued...
"We all have our own unique mental processes that help us make decisions in life, but knowing what those are can help you give yourself clearer guidance on your own judgement calls. "
- Dr. Neil Gershenfeld, 'The Physics of Everyday Life'
First of all, you have to believe in yourself. This has been one of the greatest lessons that I've learnt throughout this project; there were many times when I doubted myself, but as a result it helped me grow and become more confident about what I was doing.
You need to keep yourself motivated at all times; this is true whether you're working or not. Do not rely on other people for motivation as they will eventually fade away and while they understand how you feel about things, they may be misleading you into thinking that something will happen just because it's the right thing to do.
If you constantly think on a negative tone then you will never get anywhere. If things don't go according to plan then take action and make the most out of the situation, but remember that failure is not permanent and it's here to stay.
When your mind is ready and your heart is strong, then you will start seeing results that are much better than imagined. I know there are times when I felt tired after a long day at work or during the night after having creative thoughts about new projects that I wanted to develop; they say you have to plan things out before even taking small steps down that road.
You have to stop talking about things that can't happen and start talking about things that are possible. Do not get frustrated by the negative thoughts that you may be having, just try and see all the positive aspects of taking the initiative yourself. This will only help you in the long run and you will see how it helps to build your self-confidence.
Once you begin to believe in things then believe that they are going to happen. You cannot force things or make them happen but if more people believe them then they will start occurring much more frequently than expected.
It's important to see the bigger picture; I always try and take a step back and think about how things would look like longer-term. What would happen if everything went well? Would I run out of funds or a client? Would I be able to hire more staff? Would it help in the long-term making people realise what I do is good work?
Seeing the bigger picture in all aspects of life is key to success. It can be hard sometimes but just remember that it will make things a lot easier down the road. You have to see everything from all perspectives, not just the one that you want at that particular moment. Positive thinking is key for growth and development.
If you want to achieve something then you need to know what steps to take. Firstly, try and see what other people have done the same thing as you and what they have achieved in the future. This will help you in a couple of ways; it will teach you lessons that others have had to pass on, but above all it will make you realise that there is always a way out of any situation if your mindset is strong enough.
You must stay focused no matter what; again this is true whether your working or not. If an opportunity comes up to do something then make sure that nothing stops you from going for it. If you fail then it's important to learn from it and try again. If you don't take risks in life then you will never get anywhere. Persevere and just keep going with your plans.
Don't let others tell you what to do or how to do things. After all, they may not be able, or willing, to do what they are telling you to do and might not understand the full picture of the situation; only you know how it feels and if things are too difficult for them then don't expect them to go through what you have been through in the past.

Conclusion Everyone's life has its ups and downs. It may be tough at times but that's life and if you can hang in there then you will find that things will get easier, much easier than you would imagine. If anyone says it can't be done or they know better then they are being negative; after all we are the same as everyone else, albeit with our own individual mindsets. Most people like to stick to the same routines and follow the crowd but this is not always the best path and it's important to go against the grain not only for personal growth but also in life as a whole.
It may seem difficult sometimes but remember that everything is possible with a little bit of hard work and determination.

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