Photo restoration services


 Photo restoration services

With your photos that are worn and torn from the years, it may seem like there's no hope. But we're here to tell you that, with a little bit of help from professionals, your treasured memories can be saved. You'll be able to hold on tight to all those precious moments for as long as you want - and show them off with pride.

You might be wondering how this is accomplished? Well it starts in the high tech lab where pictures are restored using advanced digital imaging technology. The files are analyzed pixel by pixel, fixing color distortions and dust spots along the way. Then, the technicians add clarity to the image by removing blemishes and adjusting contrast. Finally, a touch up is applied to complete the process.

All of this is done at a fraction of what you'd pay for new prints or pictures on canvas. And we guarantee our results with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

That's right. Think about it, you'd have to buy new photos every time you wanted a fresh look at those memories. Save time and money by using our professional photo restoration services instead. You'll be glad you did!

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A technician made a mistake when saving the file for a customer and the result was not what he had intended. He was able to restore the file but inadvertently removed the color in one of the customers' photos. The customer was not aware of the mistake until he received his print back and noticed that a large section of his photo had been tinted pink.
The technician saved a copy of that image, and then recreates it with adjustments he can make in Photoshop. Once this is done, the technician sends both images back to the customer's original email with instructions on how to use the system to restore his original image from the edited version. The customer is happy with his restored photo, but knows this could have been prevented if proper steps had been taken when saving his file.

A customer sent us a photo that he had taken during his youth. He wanted to have it restored and enlarged in order to give it as a gift to a woman who was very special to him. He explained that he had digital images of the past and present which could be used to create an image of what the two would look like in the future. However, he didn’t have a scanner or any other way to get these images from his computer onto the web. So our technician downloaded and installed the free Adobe Acrobat software so that we could transfer these images, and then asked our customer if he could email them directly from his computer so that we could create this image for him using Photoshop Elements 9.
After transferring the images and creating the collage, our technician adjusted the color and contrast to give it a more natural look. The customer was happy with how it turned out, but he also thought that they could still improve on the image by fixing her skin tone and hair color. We took a look at this image in Photoshop Elements 9 and made some adjustments to give her skin a more even tone as well as lighten up her hair color. Our goal was to make this woman as realistic as possible, down to every detail. After we were satisfied with the changes we made, we emailed him both images back so that he could choose which one to use for his gift.

A woman had an old wedding photo that she wanted to have scanned so that it could be printed and framed. She was very excited when the scanned image came back, and though she was disappointed with the quality of her scan, she thought it would still work as a Christmas gift for her daughter. She emailed us the original JPEG file to send to our Photoshop Elements 9 software so that we could make some minor adjustments in order to fix its color balance, exposure, and exposure level. We also took care of the graininess and dust on her wedding dress while making sure that her skin tone was evenly colored across her face. When we scanned the images into Photoshop Elements 9 we fixed some minor blemishes on the scan and then added a text overlay, giving it a professional look.
After fixing some minor problems like dust and blemishes, we sent the original JPEG back to her so that she could edit it in her photo editing program of choice.

A woman had an old family photo that she wanted to have enlarged so that she could hang it up on her dining room wall. After receiving the enlarged image, she was very pleased with how well it came out and sent it to us for further editing before sending it back for printing. We took care of the graininess and dust on the photo so that it looked like it was taken yesterday! After we were satisfied with our work, we sent an image back to her with a text overlay because she wanted to add some notes about her family. Before mailing back the original JPEG file that she had sent to us, we also asked that she send us a copy of the original image so that we could be sure that it was good enough to print because there were some problems with its color balance and graininess.
After receiving the original JPEG file, our technician converted it into a Photoshop CS6 document so that he could see what changes needed to be made based on her instructions. He adjusted the saturation and color balance to correct any color problems and then used the Spot Healing Brush in order to take care of any minor blemishes or dark spots that were on her face or her dress. These changes were made so that it would look as if the image was taken yesterday. Once he was satisfied with these changes, he converted the file into a JPEG file and emailed it back to her so that she could print the image and frame it for her wall.

A man wanted to have his wife’s photos restored because one of them had been damaged in a flood. The picture was especially meaningful to him because it showed his daughter who had passed away at a young age. He wanted to build her a shrine in their home as a way to honor her memory. After we received these images, we converted them both into layered PSD documents because they were very high resolution and needed to be edited in Photoshop Elements 9. In Photoshop Elements 9 the technician removed the color cast and increased the brightness so that it looked like it was taken yesterday.
After the image looked natural, he used layer masks to remove any blemishes within her face and then adjusted the saturation and contrast of some of her facial features so that they stood out more clearly. These changes gave us a clear view of his daughter's face which made him very happy.


No matter what kind of image you have, the tools and resources within Photoshop Elements 9 can make it look like it was taken yesterday! All of the above-mentioned cases are possible with Photoshop Elements 9 because the programs have hundreds of features that make creating images easy and fun.

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Today we are pleased to announce a new addition to our product line: Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 :: Advanced Techniques and also Adobe Acrobat DC Professional Edition v11 :: The book contains exercises to help you master all of the features found in Adobe Photoshop Elements 9.

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