Premium 30 Insurance Life Term Year


 Premium 30 Insurance Life Term Year

What do you get if you add up 30 years of life insurance coverage, with no medical exam, and a premium that never goes up?

You get the best deal in America! Introducing Electus Insurance's new 30-year upfront term life policy. Now you can spend more time doing what matters most to your life. You'll be surprised when you see how much money this saves you, especially when compared to traditional policies or whole plans. Plus, with features like death benefit options and guaranteed renewable protection against inflation, we think this is just what the doctor ordered. Talk to one of our trusted agents today about these benefits and feel free to ask any questions that come to mind. Our policies can be sold in person, over the phone, or in print. As soon as we have your information, we'll have a policy ready for you to see.

Here's how it works...

After you purchase, the coverage period begins on the selected start date and continues for 30 years. Your premium won't increase during that time. But if you want us to add additional value to your policy, like a death benefit option or guaranteed renewable protection against inflation (as explained below), there are extra fees involved. The only way these fees will change is if we make any future changes to our company's underwriting guidelines as approved by state regulators.

Here's what you get...

Coverage is generally $1,000,000 for each individual and spouse. This amount will vary state to state and depending on your age. Not every individual will qualify for the $1,000,000 coverage. Add an inflation-protect policy to your premium and it's even more protection! The premium on an inflation-protected policy stays level over time since the coverage amount increases with inflation. With inflation protection, you won't have to worry about an increase in premiums down the road for as long as you keep your policy in force. The automatic adjustments will protect you from paying too much or too little in years ahead.

So what do we recommend?

Our research shows that if you're fortunate enough to live beyond the age of 80, a 30-year term life insurance policy with inflation protection is an excellent investment. In fact, you could end up saving thousands of dollars over the years. But if you choose to cancel your coverage early, or are no longer looking for an investment option, we have a number of other policies with fewer years that can meet all your needs. These policies may be less secure in their benefits and features than our term life plans but they provide lower initial premiums. Remember, premium savings are not guaranteed. If you cancel your coverage early, you will need to repay the remaining premium plus 100% of the unearned death benefit.

These policies also provide a death benefit such as a one-time payment of $100,000 or a monthly payment of $1,200 for one year or more (each option will vary state to state) to anyone listed on the policy who is eligible to receive proceeds. As with all life insurance policies sold in the United States, the proceeds can be used only for your funeral arrangements and estate planning needs. The death benefit cannot normally be paid out until at least 30 days after an insured person's death (you never know what could happen in that time period).

As part of our service to you, your policy comes with guaranteed renewable protection against inflation. The value of the policy will increase every year to help make sure that the coverage will still provide you with peace of mind. Because this guarantee is included in our base rate, it means that if the guarantee increases too much, there's a chance that we'll have to increase your premium. We'll always notify you in advance if we decide to increase your premium. (We may also have to increase your premium if state regulators require us to contribute more money into our policy reserves.) If we do raise your premium, you still have a choice about whether you want to keep the policy or not. The premium increase will apply for as long as you keep the policy in force.

And there's more...

Your Electus Insurance standard policy also comes with the following features:

As always, we encourage you to discuss all of our products and services with your licensed agent so you can make an informed decision. Should you reach this web page by searching online, please note that we may not be licensed in your state. Before purchasing life insurance online, please contact us at 866-638-3787 to confirm coverage availability and discuss your needs. As part of our service to you, we will supply a free quote based on your individual information and it is never obligated or binding. Please contact me at 866-638-3787 if your free quote is not received within 24 hours of your initial request and in order to receive one complete quote on our standard 30-year term life insurance plan.

I want more information about this 30 year term life insurance plan from Electus Insurance. Are you licensed in my state? Yes, we are licensed in most states. We do not offer a life insurance product option for residents of Alaska, Hawaii, or Massachusetts. Can I purchase this Policy online? Yes, you can purchase this policy online at Can I purchase this product over the phone or through another licensed independent agent? Yes, you can purchase this policy by calling 1-866-638-3787 during normal business hours or by visiting one of our affiliate offices that are listed on our website at What is the cost of this Policy? You can find the cost of this Policy in your shopping cart. Please know that Electus Insurance charges a fee for all coverage options, including life insurance plans with guaranteed renewable protection against inflation. Are there any different options for Term Life Insurance? Yes, there are many different term life insurance plans available to you for the same price as this plan. For more details on any other plans that may be available for the same cost as this 30-year term life insurance plan from Electus Insurance, please contact your licensed agent. How do I make changes to my Policy? Please read the Summary of Benefits and Coverage for this policy. You can view our current Terms and Conditions by clicking here. When submitting a change of address, you will need to provide a Social Security Number or get one from your employer. You will also need to sign your claims using our electronic signature system. For paper file documents, please call 866-638-3787 for information on how to submit a change of address or e-signature request. You can download the necessary forms by clicking here. Can I change this Policy to a different type of Policy? Yes, you can change this policy to a different type of policy for the same price by calling us at 866-638-3787. You can also switch between plans within the same product family while keeping your rate until your renewal date. As always, changes are subject to underwriting and may not be available in all states. We will never try to sell you overpriced policies or plans that do not meet your needs. If we are unable to approve any requested changes, we will contact you within 3 business days with an explanation and an alternate plan based on your needs at no extra cost to you.


Electus Insurance is a leader in the insurance industry and strives to provide customers peace of mind through the purchase of affordable term life insurance plans. With a host of features that can be included in all of our standard term life insurance plans, Electus is confident that we can offer you the coverage you need at a price that meets your needs. Should you wish to purchase this 30-year term life insurance plan from Electus Insurance, you may do so by calling or emailing us during normal business hours. If we are unable to approve your online quote or application, we will contact you within 3 business days with an explanation and an alternate plan based on your needs at no extra cost to you.

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