Proposed Changes Could Result In Lower Car Insurance Premiums


 Proposed Changes Could Result In Lower Car Insurance Premiums

On January 17th, 2019, the California Insurance Commissioner announced proposed changes to the state's insurance code which could lead to lower car insurance premiums for drivers and companies.

With the rise of housing prices and increases in crime rates, the cost of property insurance has gone up dramatically. The commissioner believes that by lowering rates on auto coverage, these departments would release more funds into other forms of insurance including home and life coverage.

The proposals would also eliminate "bad driver" clauses which mandate higher premiums based on how many citations a driver receives in a year - allowing consumers to choose whether or not they want such clauses in their policy.

The proposal, which is being considered by the Department of Insurance, would remove the price incentive on higher deductibles in order to make it easier for drivers looking for lower rates to select their deductible. Currently, if a driver chooses not to have collision coverage, they will face a high deductible which can be difficult for many drivers. The new proposal would prevent this from occurring.

Even with these regulations that are proposed in California, companies could still pursue certain limits for basic coverage before the state steps in and requires them to pay higher deductibles or accept lower payments for more comprehensive coverage.

If the proposed changes are approved by the Department of Insurance, it could result in lower car insurance premiums and lower deductibles overall. If you have any questions about how these potential changes may affect you or your car insurance premiums, contact us today!


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