Roadside Eye-Catchers Drive Moterists To Distraction


 Roadside Eye-Catchers Drive Moterists To Distraction

Check out this list of roadside attractions that will make you forget your troubles and blow your mind.

All it takes is a road trip or even just a drive in the car to forget all your problems and experience some amazing sights. There are so many places to see on a road trip, so many things you can do on a journey. One important thing to remember though is don't get distracted by these ingenious roadside eye-catchers because they will distract you from driving safely! Keep in mind that these brilliant creations are meant to catch the attention of those driving past them, not distract them from any other tasks they may be doing while behind the wheel.

So without further ado, here are our top 15 roadside attractions that will make you forget about your problems.

1. "Bethlehem Elephant Tree" In Ohio, the tree is named for its smallest trunk which was a gift from an elephant statue in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania! Not only is this tree uncommon in size and shape but also makes for a great roadside attraction.

2. "Giant Ferris Wheel" In Cleveland Ohio The ferris wheel has been dubbed as the 'world's largest Ferris wheel' and is truly beautiful to behold. The wheel is over 300 feet tall and can hold up to 90,000 pounds of riders at a time. It's a fun ride for all ages and is a must-see for those out on the road.

3. Bailey's Lighthouse On Beach Road In Santa Cruz, California, this lighthouse has it all! It's got great views from both outside the house and inside which also provides visitors with a lot of cool d├ęcor that makes it a great photo-op. You can even dine on their incredible food and have smiling faces everywhere you look while you're there!

4. "Tire Swing" In Indiana This tire swing which is located in Indianapolis, Indiana is truly a cool attraction. The tire swings with an extra long rope make for a great way to cool off and have some fun at the same time. Kids will love it!

5. "Plunge-N-Float" In California Located in San Marcos, California this slide is a real scream! It takes visitors down 400 feet of pure adrenaline as you plunge into the water below. There are even LED lights that dance off the walls while you're there which will give you a good show!

6. "Giant Dolls" In Ohio These dolls are as tall as 6 feet which is quite a feat. They are made out of fiberglass and fiberglass reinforced concrete and were made to stand up to the elements. This is a great attraction for tourists who want to see something different while they're out on the road.

7. "Doll's Head Mountain" In Warwickshire, England Doll's heads are placed on top of trees all over this huge mountain in Warwickshire, England so visitors can climb up and have a great view! Getting up there is not easy though so make sure you bring plenty of time!

8. "Van Dyke's Fountain" In Detroit, Michigan This fountain is over 6 feet tall and extremely impressive. It was created as a tribute to local celebrity, Dick Van Dyke who was born in Detroit during the year 1925. It's very well-known and attracts many visitors to gaze at it and pass some time!

9. "Stonehenge" In Pennsylvania This one may not be so notable but it still makes for a great roadside attraction! The stones used to create this mini Stonehenge monument are made out of concrete and were created by Norman Schwartzkopf who was an eccentric resident of State College back in the 80s.

10. "The World's Largest Six-Pack" In Texas The six-pack is placed on top of a supermarket and is directly visible to the highway and easily spotted. This is definitely a fun thing to see while out on a road trip!

11. "The World's Largest Buffalo" In Kansas The world's largest buffalo was created by an artist in 1989 who used cement to create this massive statue of a buffalo which stands at over 40 feet tall!

12. "Lion King 2" In Oregon This statue is not only an amazing way to attract some attention but also a great test of your driving skills! It's located at the entrance to the Oregon Zoo and is over 20 feet tall and almost 9 feet wide. Like we said, this statue really tests your driving abilities!

13. "The World's Largest Ferris Wheel" In Chicago, Illinois The world's largest ferris wheel measures 150 feet tall! It's located at Navy Pier which is a great tourist destination as well as having the world's largest indoor shopping center. Make sure you check out this awesome ferris wheel while you're there and leave with a smile on your face!

14. "The Biggest Peanut" In North Carolina The world's largest peanut is located in King's Mountain, North Carolina and is a tribute to the peanut. It weighs over 2,000 pounds and stands over 30 feet tall.

15. "World's Largest Rosebush" In Georgia This rosebush is 17 feet tall which makes it the largest in the United States! Not only that but it holds a special place in history as well as creating quite the spectacle for anyone visiting it!

Thanks for visiting these roadside attractions which will make you forget your problems and leave with an amazing experience. These attractions are great additions to your road trip and make for some of the most beautiful things to see while you're out on the road. So why not check out one or two of these roadside attractions while you're on your next excursion? They're sure to make your trip worthwhile!

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The best part about these roadside attractions is that they are all located out in cities and towns where humans are trying to live their lives and get some work done.

Conclusion: These roadside attractions are sure to bring a smile to your face and hopefully get you out of your funk. You'll be able to take some great photos for your photo album or post on social media as well. All of them are great for an hour or two while you're traveling!

Did we miss any that you've seen while on the road? Please share in the comments below so we can check them out! We'd love to know what else is out there that we don't already know about.

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