The Habit of Daily Creative Expression


  The Habit of Daily Creative Expression

Creative expression is not just for artists or people who study creative writing. Emotionally expressive individuals tend to be happier, less lonely, and more satisfied with their lives. They are also the ones who notice the small pleasures in everyday life that others overlook.

Creative expression can be as little as drawing a picture or writing a poem - anything that helps you release built up emotions or thoughts so you can feel at peace with yourself, your past mistakes, and your future goals. It helps you become true to yourself.
If you are unaware of your creative side, start by finding an activity that truly relaxes you. It could be reading, jogging, drawing, dancing or playing a musical instrument. Do something regularly that helps you feel more in touch with your identity.
Your creative expression doesn't have to be for others. It's a way of getting to know yourself in a special and private way. When it comes to creativity, the author Anne Lamott says " If you're not bleeding all over the place then it's not good art." Don't worry if what you create makes sense or is considered good work by others - that doesn't matter as much as how it makes you feel about yourself and your life experiences.
When you create something new, you will feel a sense of connection to your soul and discover a part of yourself that would otherwise be hidden. When you share this with others, they will better understand what makes you special and unique.
Creative expression is a healing process that allows us to connect with ourselves on a deeper level and overcome difficulties. Many famous people have found that writing poetry or journaling about their feelings has helped them get through difficult times in their lives.
Rarely do we express our authentic selves in the world, simply because it's too dangerous or it feels too vulnerable. But when we conceal ourselves from the world around us, we conceal ourselves from who we really are inside. For example, if you are beautiful inside and out, people won't think much of you.
If you do decide to delve into the world of self-expression, allow yourself to express your passion. Don't be afraid of failure - fear is one of the greatest obstacles in creative expression. Keep in mind that doing something new is a great opportunity to learn about yourself.
So don't be afraid to let go and experience the freedom behind creative expression. It will give you more strength and confidence for the future. It will also help you move on from tragic losses and overcome painful events in your life by helping you heal on a deep emotional level. [END ARTICLE]
Thoughts: I can't take credit for this article, but having used it most of my life. I highlight some of the points above. However, I would like to emphasise the sense of community within those who express themselves creatively. One of the reasons/truths why we all feel so alienated is because we are isolated from each other in our own heads while simultaneously viewing ourselves in a way that makes us feel small and unworthy. It's a paradox, that sense of being both alone and with everyone at the same time. Because we are all part of a social collective, it only makes sense that we share our experiences not as isolated individuals but as part of a greater whole. One way to do this is to create something creative.
I find that expressing myself creatively is one way I feel connected to life itself and at the same time, I feel more in tune with my own unique identity. It's like when I dance or draw or sing, I'm free-falling through reality itself. When I express myself creatively, I don't think about what others may think or how they will judge me for speaking in my "own voice. When I express myself creatively, I don't feel the need to be good or perfect. I just try to be true to my soul, that's all. And when I am thusly expressing myself, the rest of the world feels a part of me too, even if that part is very small and inconsequential in nature. But unlike before when I was so concerned about looking perfect, "right", or how others would interpret me and my actions, now it feels so much more freeing to just let go and enjoy the ride.
I feel so much more at peace with myself now too when I do this. And the results are there for everyone to see. I wrote a blog post that was based on the article above and posted it online. However, I didn't care about how many comments or views or "likes" I got from others, and best of all, there was no specific "audience" for this particular post. It's just something I created out of love with no expectations placed on me by anyone. And today 22 June 2014 , this blog post is a year old; in fact it celebrated its 1st birthday only yesterday (21 June 2014). So I thought I would share this blog post with you all once again to the joy, surprise, and amazement of all of us who do creative expression daily. [ARTICLE START]
I made this blog post on 21 June 2014 . [ARTICLE END]
Thoughts: I like expressing myself creatively because it makes me feel good and I've found that by doing so, it has helped me overcome my past fears associated with expressing myself. Not that my past was as dramatic as what some people have had to go through but we're talking about normal everyday fears that everyone faces at one point or another. [END ARTICLE]
In my younger days, I never expressed myself creatively because I was scared of what others might think or say. Even if I wanted to draw or write or sing for fun, something deep inside me wouldn't let me for fear that people might not like my work. This is what we often refer to as "the fear of failure". It's such a gripping fear that prevents us from doing many things in life, whether it be expressing ourselves creatively, singing karaoke in front of our friends (yes this is something I've always wanted to do), asking a girl out on a date for the first time or even just calling up an old friend we haven't spoken with for some years.
We all fear of failure but fear is a strange creature. It lies in wait just outside our awareness. It teases, it taunts, and it sends out its slithering limbs to entangle us in its sticky web of illusionary thoughts and illusory beliefs. With each passing day, fear tightens the noose so that we feel we are caught in a trap from which there is no escape. This is why fear shackles us entirely as it prevents us from taking positive actions or making positive choices. Fear of the unknown has never been more potent than today as the world moves ever faster along its unpredictable path.

Conclusion: Although I have had my share of tragic losses and pain in my life, I feel that by expressing myself creatively, I have been able to heal myself on an emotional level. And perhaps this is what the Universe was trying to accomplish through these painful experiences. Every time I create something with pure love and joy for life, it's like allowing the "light" back into my heart again. It makes me feel lighter at last and allows me to open up more to others once again.
This is just one example of how creative expression helps us deal with pain and loss but it can be said about all things creative in general.

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